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A little about Destiny’s Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives: The Archives were formed with the idea of having Fanfiction that had the ‘Couple’ it was written about having a Happy Ending. Or a romantic encounter. Or something a little more adult in the content. We had in mind ‘Couples’ who were never together or took several Seasons to get together, but we also love Fanfiction we’re the pairing already has an existing relationship. In other words, Fanfiction that does not have the ‘Couple’ ending up with someone else, or die in the end, or a plot that generally ends up miserably. Put whatever you want into the story itself, whether it be violence, angst, adventure, pure fluff or comedy, but the end product in itself is a happy ending for that pairing.

The Archives are completely automated: If you have not already done so, please Register for an account. Once you've logged in, click on Account Information and choose Add Story. The form presented there will allow you to submit your story. DGRFA is a completely automated Archive like Fanfiction.net which means that you, the Author, can upload your own Fanfiction.

How do I select the Categories?

The selection form works by changing each Category and sub-Category with a drop-down. Once a Category is selected, the drop-down options will change. To select a ‘Couple’ for your story, you need to choose a main Category (eg: Anime), wait a second and go back to that same drop-down list, the Category will now have changed into a sub-Category (eg: Sailor Moon), wait another second and go back to the drop-down, it will now display all of the pairings for that Category (eg Usagi And Mamoru). Click on Select to add that Couple to your Fanfiction and it will go into that Category.

[G-PG 13+] All G rated Fanfics become PG 13+ automatically. This is for mild scenes and swearing. Nothing you wouldn't have a little kid read.

[M 15+] This is for action scenes, mild violence and mild sexual situations. NO SEX scenes! If you mention a sexual body part, or one of your Characters are touched on that part, you must also give it this rating.

[NC 17+] If there is a sex scene, then it's definitely this rating, even if the rest of the Fanfic appears to be PG 13+.

[R 18+] This is reserved for Fanfics with rape scenes, child abuse and horrific violence with graphic descriptions of blood and injury. Fanfics with sex scene's that would usually get an NC rating, but contain one of these are given this rating.

1. Your story must be a romance story where the two characters 'Get together', 'Have a romantic encounter' or 'Have adult relations' by the end of the story. In other words, you don’t kill them off, or have them end up with someone else. Feel free to bump of any other Characters. LOL.

2. If one of your Couple does die, but comes back in a Sequel, or they end up together in the Sequel, then your Fanfiction is welcome. Just make sure to already have at least the first Chapter of the Sequel to put up here also, and let the the readers know in your Author's Notes to go to the continuing Fanfic.

3. Original works (Meaning not Fanfiction) need not have our Archive’s main rule apply. It’s not Fanfiction, so have whatever ending you want, happy or not.

4. Spell check all stories and poems, and proofread all entries for grammar and other aspects of writing before submission. Your grammar and spelling need not be perfect, but it needs to have less than one mistake for every 100 words.

5. Please make sure to respect the reviewers as well as the writers. Constructive criticism is always accepted, as well as praise for the Author, but flames are not tolerated in any manner. To flame an Author is in no way an aid to their writings. Members will be banned and the negative reviews deleted.

6. Please put Author's Notes into the box above the ‘Story Text’ where you add in your Fanfiction. You do not need to include disclaimers, as there is one for the entire site at the bottom of each page.

7. You must submit your story with correct formatting. Make sure to have capitals at the beginning of sentences, separate paragraphs, make sure that speech is clearly marked etc. All Chapters are to be clearly marked as such, with a horizontal like above and below the Chapter heading. When the Fanfic is completed, put ‘The End’ and make sure to tick the box in the Submission form If you need a visual reference of the correct formatting, you can refer to one of the Example Fanfics we have set up. You can find a template for completed and unfinished Fanfiction there.

8. Dreams, Flashbacks, letters, songs…please make sure to bold these, so that the reader can tell what’s going on. If you need a visual on what we mean, go to this link: Example Fanfics

9. Fanfics under 1000 words must have the Drabble Genre picked when you fill out the Submission Form.

10. Any Fanfiction at 1000 words with separate Chapters must put all content into the one page. If your Fanfiction has over 20 Chapters, try and condense the Fanfic so the Author won’t have to go to that many pages.

11. No plagiarism. This is absolutely not accepted and your name will be added to our Blacklist if we catch you doing it!

12. We accept html, .doc or text format. All submissions need to be copied and pasted into the text box in the submission page. You can also browse to your computer and upload the Fanfic if it is already in the correct format for submission.

13. No stories that contain statutory rape. (Sibling sex or adults with minors sex.)

14. Secondary characters in the plot cannot dominate the Fanfiction. If you have new Characters, they must be in a secondary and therefore smaller role than the Characters from the Category you're writing for. In other words, have all the secondary characters that you like, but don’t give them a more active role than the pairing you are writing for!

15. No Mary-Sues. No self-insertions. We also will not accept any 'real life' people Fanfics such as writing plots about your favorite band members or movie stars.

16. Plot! Do not under any circumstances submit a Fanfic to the Archives with no plot. If you have a Fanfiction that has an NC 17+ rating, clearly mark as a PWP (Plot? What Plot!).

17. Be sure to add your story in the proper category! This is really important, as it will let your readers know what ‘Couple’ your plot is about.

18. A Fanfic that has been rejected may be resubmitted once the appropriate changes have been made. Unless you have plagiarised, you’re welcome to submit your Fanfiction again once changes to our guidelines have been made, if you happen to inadvertently break a rule.

Failure to follow these guidelines will result in a warning. We operate on a "three-strike" system. After the third warning, you will be banned from uploading for 7-14 days and/or until you clean up your Fanfic and resubmit it correctly. We will absolutely not do everything for you, so make sure everything is correct when you submit your Fanfiction. During a banned period any Fanfiction submitted by you will be deleted from the new submissions queue without being looked at. Admin reserve the right to delete anything they deem unfit at any time. To check on members' banned status, view The Blacklist.

For other questions, please reference our Help Section.

By submitting your story, you are stating that you've fully read and understand these rules and that you understand the consequences of failing to comply with said terms. If you fail to comply, the Admin completely reserve the right to get frisky with you about it.

If you have questions or do not understand something – do not submit your Fanfiction. Email admin@destinysgateway.com and ask us, or get on the site forums and ask us. We are more than happy to help clear things up for you so you can do this properly!