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Summary: A few days after "Chase into Space" (Turbo ending), Kim will return and she'll drive to the Power Chamber, not knowing what really happened and that Rocky owns a Dojo near the park. She'll find the Chamber destroyed but will accidentally step on something- a Turbo Morpher next to a Key (Cassie's). Since the Turbo movie's events never really existed, she never saw them morph into the Turbo Rangers and thus, never knew about the Keys, Powers, and Morphers. She also never even got a call from Jason. After he found out about the letter, he just ditched her along with everyone else and she felt pretty bad about it while receiving some hate notes. The day, he found out, he packed and went to see her. That day, Aisha and Trini returned and so, everyone asked him to deliver the messages. Anyways, he threw them at her and exploded. Then, he kept his promise to never be on speaking terms with her again. Soon, Kim will discover all of the Keys and Morphers and will begin to rebuild the Power Chamber. Before the letter, Kim asked Billy to take a picture of their friends standing inside and outside of the Chamber so that way, she can feel at home. Before long, she'll get the whole place up and running again including the Turbo Powers but the name will be changed to this: Turbo Sound Powers. Uniforms will still be like the ones from the t.v. but pink, yellow, blue, green, and red circular waves will beam out of the center of the black circles on the top of their helmets. Kim is the Pink Sound Ranger and her weapon is still the Wind Fire. Zord is still the Wind Chaser with no Rescue Zord but a Wind Charger Turbine (a cycle to replace it). She will also have Cassie's blaster and Pink Turbo Kart. Soon, though, Rocky will be on the way home from his Dojo when Quantrons appear. Space Rangers are next but they are morphed. Kim will also find Cassie's communicator to teleport. She will arrive unmorphed and Rocky will be surprised because of her teleportation. Just kept his morpher and Key so Rocky will tell Aisha first because she's his college dorm's roomate. (Aisha- Yellow Sound Turbo, Star Rock Turbine Cycle/Weapons- Star Chargers, Zord- Dune Star, and Yellow Turbo Kart) (Adam- Green Sound Turbo, Desert Dust Turbine Cycle/Weapon- Thunder Cannon, Zord- Desert Thunder, and Green Turbo Kart) (Tommy-
Red Sound Turbo, Lightning Flamer Turbine Cycle/Weapon- Lightning Sword, Zord- Red Lightning, and Red Turbo Kart) Rocky will use his Zeo Power to help Kim and the Space Rangers (Andros etc.) until they meet up with Adam by accident as they'll see him talk to a depressed Carlos ready to quit. Remember that episode but, in my story, Adam will be the Green Turbo again and will stick around. In a fight with a monster and Quantrons, Kim will give Adam his morpher and Key. A couple of days, Tommy will be caught in a fight with Astronema. Quantrons will appear in front of the mall and Tommy will start fighting. Astronema will watch and interested in him and wanting to invest in his ability as a fighter, she'll try to have him captured only to have Kim, Adam, Rocky, and the Space Rangers take him. Later, T/K will get back together but start off slow and then, on from there as the two will work through the whole breakup fiasco.
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Summary: A bored Machina wonders what the Rangers are up to. You see, she wants his power. She wants to destroy the Zeos, especially that tall pink one. Just as much as Rita hated Kim but it's Kat. Change of plans, she will develop a perfect strategy to defeat the husband she envies and those rangers. A couple of days after she sent the letter to Tommy, she called Zack who supported her because she can't keep calling and running to him when her Coach was constantly calculating her moves. He trained her like a professional Coach and pressured her hard. Kim felt like she was doing Tommy a favor by ending it because of a dream, telling her it was right. In her dream, she watched herself watching Tommy but he was with Kat. She's heavily pregnant with 4 other kids. Kim woke up and promised to end it as soon as possible. Then, she called Zack and he supported her. During the Zeo Episode, "Mondo's Last Stand", Kim will call Zack again to tell him of the bad news of returning to Angle Grove because even, though she was clueless to what they were thinking, she knew deep down that she can't have their trust because of the letter. And she was right. You can post the first chapter with this scene- Because Kim will walk into the Youth Center with Kat being the first to spot their "enemy." So she'll get up, run over, and tries to slap her but Kim will almost grab her hair only to be stunned when the group of angry Zeos and Ernie formulate a protective circle around Kat and will be even more stunned when they push her away from the circle. Hurt, she'll take off only to find a demanding Tommy blocking her way with his arms crossed as if seeking for answers about why she did what she did. She'll shove him away only to take off and that's when a plan will form inside the Machine Queen's head to get even with Mondo, Kat, and the Rangers. Especially Mondo and Kat. Kim will be her favorite person and she'll have some Cogs gather all the information about her by creating this mind reading device to put on her head. Then, the queen will form another plan. Turbo will happen earlier and in a different but same way because Machina made the Key and Morpher for herself. She was going to use it and all things from "Shift into Turbo" down to the finale will remain but with Kim already as the  Pink Ranger so, only Adam, Tanya, Justin, and Tommy will get theirs because Zordon will ask Kim to let Alpha use her Key and Morpher to create Tommy etc.'s. Story will start in the supposed to be "Where in the World is Zeo Ranger 5" but, altered to "Pink is Back" because Kim will be the evil one instead of Tommy and she'll fight the rangers without revealing herself until after she demorphs them in the supposed Episode "King for a Day" or "Behind the mask" as she'll purposely shock them by taking off her helmet after the fight by demorphing them and killing Kat. Yes, she'll die. They will finally break the evil hold on Kim a few days before "Shift into Turbo." They will take away the Evil in her Power so that way, she can still be the Pink Turbo Ranger. Then, Zordon will ask her to give Alpha her Key and Morpher to set up the others (Red and etc.)
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Turbo will happen earlier and differently as it'll take place in the Zeo Episode, Bomber in the Summer but with no Emily. Inquirians are trying to flee Divatox and her Piranhatrons and Dimitria will contact Zordon, asking him for help. Her own robot Alpha 6 already found 2 of the Turbo Keys and Morphers in this cave and is still working to find the Yellow, Blue, and Red. She already has the Green and Pink. Later, a teen from another galaxy will be stranded on Earth (Orpheus) as his entire planet exploded due to their rival Maligore. He'll be the Red Ranger and no the Turbo Movie will not happen but Maligore will be in it and Divatox will soon discover him only to join forces. Before they find the Red Ranger who will accidentally crash his Space Ship near the Power Chamber because of a few Quantrons (Maligore's brother Dark Specter gave him some), they'll find the Yellow and Blue Rangers in Trini and Zack.

The first Rangers to take the powers will be Green (Adam) and Pink (Kimberly teleported from Miami). Adam will be asked to give his Zeonizer and Crystal to someone else like Billy. He and Cestria broke up and Billy still likes Trini. Kim's old communicator will beep and Zordon will transport her to the Power Chamber after he informs her of the decision to be a ranger again. Kim- Pink Turbo, Trini- Yellow, Zack- Blue, Adam- Green, and Orpheus- Red although the Green and Pink's powers are the strongest. Adam is the leader and Kim is his second in command. 

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