By Princess Destiny
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Chapter One

Usagi’s eyes opened slowly, filled with tiredness. She was so very weary and only wished to go back to sleep. But something nagged at the back of her mind-the night before. The blonde shot up in bed, eyes staring wide and at nothing. “Last night. I was naked and there was darkness and pain…” Her voice trailed off weakly. Usagi slowly looked down, not wanting to see anything. She was still naked-so it had NOT been a dream. She had really woken up in the night and stumbled home naked. And then, there had been that strange dream. She still recalled seeing the Earth up in the darkness of the sky.

“It was no dream. I can still smell roses” She whispered,. It was true. The man who had handed her the rose at the ball was still fresh in her mind. The way he looked, his deep blue eyes. And even the dew on the blood-red rose. Usagi’s eyes fell from the wall to her cat. Luna was still sleeping. “And Luna said that it was a dram?” She whispered, staring intently at the black guardian. [“What am I to believe now? The world is going crazy on me!”] Her eyes narrowed further. “And now I am talking like that girl from last night! Stop it!” She hissed at herself.

Usagi threw the covers fully from her naked body, then she slipped from the sheets. As her feet touched the floor, she was reminded that she was naked. She quickly reached for her robe on a chair and threw it on. As Usagi was going to close the robe, she halted, staring down at her body with shock. They were gone! She frantically felt over her chest, stomach and legs. “All of the scratches and cuts are gone!” She whispered in fear. Usagi looked closer. Her skin was as smooth and white as ever-with no mark marring it at all-but for a faint scar on her upper thigh.

Blinking in bewilderment, she hesitantly slipped the sleeve from her shoulder and looked at the wound there. The wolf-Youma had left a very nasty wound on her shoulder that resembled 4 claw marks. Usagi had been utterly horrified when she had first de-transformed and seen the wound. There had even been muscle visible. And so, so much blood! She had fainted, after telling Luna about the battle and the cat had thought that she was merely exhausted. Usagi kept her wound from her guardian AND the other Senshi. And now-Usagi looked at the angry-looking scar now. It-actually didn’t look too bad. “In fact” She murmured, staring with shock. “It looks much healed”

The thought scared her, as much as the knowledge of her increased sight and hearing. She was changing-and so fast too. Usagi sighed, looking at the clock to see how much time she had to get ready before School. The red numbers flashed 7:30 at her. “What?!” The word broke from her mouth, almost a screech of fright. “I’m UP an hour early? No way!”

“Wha? Usagi? Mmptm-” Luna’s startled words trailed off into a mutter as she almost woke up, but then settled into a deeper sleep.

For that, Usagi was grateful. She quickly closed her robe and belted it, heading towards her bedroom door. But then halted and headed back for a small golden object, before turning again for the door. She wrapped her fingers around the coolness of the knob, then hesitated, glancing back at Luna. The cat was her adviser and guardian until they found the Princess and Usagi had a duty to tell Luna about her injury and changes. The others had already noticed SOMETHING. Usagi sighed, opening the door. She stepped out into the hall and gently closed the door behind her, releasing the knob. “It’s probably nothing and Luna doesn’t need any more troubles” Usagi whispered to herself.

She turned and began to walk slowly down the hall, lost deeply in thought. The fact that she was even UP was shocking enough for her system. An hour early. Rei would have laughed in her face if she ever told the girl about this occurrence. And Mamoru-Usagi’s eyes widened, then narrowed, face going white. What was it between them lately? Nothing seemed to be the same any more. She was so-felt so much when he was around her. And he had CHANGED. He seemed darker, for one. And infinitely more dangerous. That incident with Motoki at the arcade had been shocking and frightening-yet thrilling and exciting. Mamoru…Had almost seemed dangerously jealous. But that was not possible-was it? And did she CARE?

“I HATE that bastard” She suddenly hissed, facing the bathroom door. Usagi slowly entered, then closed the door behind her. Everything was so crazy!

“But what do I care?” Usagi heard Shingo say clearly. She spun around to stare at the closed bathroom door. “But-I heard him like he was standing right behind me!” She protested, eyes wide and bewildered. Wouldn't his voice have sounded muffled through the door? Usagi listened carefully and heard someone moving down the hall. “He WAS outside” She whispered, chilled. Yet another display of her enhanced abilities as Sailor Moon. Or was that a lie? Ami had guessed. Only guessed. And none of them were changing. Saying that they had not gained abilities like her because they had not been Senshi as long-was not such a reassurance any more.

“Sailor Moon” She said tonelessly. There was only one way to find out if her transformation had anything to do with her abilities. But it was dangerous with her family so close. [“Perhaps I can heal a little more as Sailor Moon, before going to School?” She reached up for her robe, letting it slid down her body to puddle at her feet. Usagi turned and reached for a fresh towel, carefully wrapping it around herself. She tucked it in under her arms and then raised her face to stare at her reflection. Usagi cautiously picked up the moon broach from the basin, where she had set it.

But before she looked at it, her slender finger clenched tight around the object. Sometimes she really HATED that broach. Being Sailor Moon. Getting hurt and seeing her friends get hurt. Motoki and Reika could have been seriously hurt by that Youma. “Which is why I am, who I am” She whispered to herself, tears filling her eyes. She was sailor Moon-because no one else could be. Usagi opened her hand again and stared down at the broach. [“This is who I am now”] She thought sadly. But one thing was undeniable. The feelings that she felt in transforming always filled her with indescribably joy. And that had to count for something.

"Moon Prism Power!" She cried out, thrusting her hand into the air. The broach glinted gold in the bright light from above, then the power surged-in response to Usagi's call.

So engrossed by the wonderful feeling of the transformation, Usagi failed to see that the bathroom door behind her was stealthily opening. But then, the powers consumed her and her world turned into a feeling of ecstasy and bright pink light. A moment later, she sensed him. Smelt him. Her brother Shingo. He was back-and in the room. But by then-it was far too late. And then…She was consumed by wave after wave of emotions. Some not her own…

“Ugh! I hate School” Shingo groaned, opening his door. He saw something moving ghost-like down the hall and into the bathroom, long golden hair trailing behind. The bathroom door closed, leaving Shingo with the feeling he had just seen a ghost. But it had not been-just something he had NOT expected to see so early. His sister, Usagi. [“Boy! She looked terrible”] Shingo thought, walking across the hall to stand outside the bathroom door. In passing so slowly, he’d witnessed Usagi’s-almost haunted look.

“But what do I care?” He muttered, stomping away. He walked to the end of the hall, then down the stairs before it really hit him. His SISTER, the ditz had been UP! “Mom! Come here!” He called out frantically, eyes wide. “You aren’t going to believe who’s up!”

“I’m in here, Shingo” Ikuko called back.

He followed his Mother’s voice into the kitchen, where she was setting up the table. Cereal for him, as well as juice and coffee for his Father, who was seated already and reading a paper.

“What was that?” Kenji mumbled, hardly glancing up.

“Usagi” Shingo hovered near the table, excitedly. “She’s UP!”

Kenji dropped his paper, the pieces scattering all over the table.

Ikuko and he looked at Shingo in acute shock.

“Are you sure?” Ikuko asked faintly, fanning herself with her hand.

“Yep” Shingo nodded, rocking on his heels. “She looked sorta pale too” He added.

“Probably the shock of forcing herself out of bed” Kenji muttered uncharitably, collecting the pieces of his paper from the table.

“Kenji!” Ikuko scolded. “Don’t say that. This is an untold event!”

“Boy is it! Hurricane Usagi won’t be late today” Shingo muttered in shock.

“Go up and tell her that breakfast is ready, young man” Ikuko instructed. “Oh and see if she’s feeling all right?” She added worriedly, flushing.

Shingo smirked, understanding their reactions. Usagi up at THAT hour-had NEVER happened in all of her life. It was like, a comet hitting the earth. The dinosaurs getting extinct. Just-NOT a common occurrence! “Suuuuure, mom” He said gleefully, dashing out of the room. Before going upstairs, he went into the laundry and grabbed a bucket. Then, he filled it with icy-cold water from the tap and headed upstairs. “Usagi is in for a big shock!” He whispered grinning like a maniac. “This will teach her for shocking everyone!”

It was perfect. With the misted glass on the doors to the shower/bath, Usagi would NEVER see him coming. And what more-he could throw the entire bucket over the top and make his get-away before she could scream. “Perfect” he crowed. Shingo opened the door stealthily, peeking through cautiously with one eye. Usagi was standing before the mirror, staring at herself strangely. Then, she opened her hand and looked down at something in it.

"Darn!" He grumbled, setting the bucket down quickly beside the door in the hall. If Usagi caught him with it now, she'd kill him before he could run! Even if she was distracted. What an opportunity wasted!

"Moon-" Usagi began, her voice clear.

"Hey, Odango Atama" He began simultaneously, thrusting open the door wide. "Mom-"

"-Prism Power!"

Immediately, light exploded in the small confined space in the bathroom. Shingo stumbled back, eyes impossibly wide as his bathroom-and his sister disappeared completely from sight, beneath an enormous surge of pink and silver power. He stumbled back, all the way across the hall and crashed into the far wall. He never noticed as his head hit the wall, or his arm whacking the knob of his closed door painfully. Shingo flushed as he looked through the light and saw the NAKED shape of his sister. He looked away, then peeked back, relieved to see that she was now wearing a white bodysuit. He gaped as the blue skirt formed and he abruptly realized what he was seeing. Sailor Moon! His SISTER, the klutz Usagi-was the pretty suited Sailor solider and heroine of all Tokyo!

Usagi finished her transformation as her tiara and earrings formed and she made a pose that Shingo was so familiar with. All the Sailor Moon dolls did it! "No way!" He shouted, eyes wide and voice filled with incredulity.

Immediately, Sailor Moon whirled, her eyes equally wide. She dropped her hands from her pose and darted swiftly into the hall, WAY faster than Shingo could ever have thought possible. In fact, she was SO fast, that she was almost a blur. He flinched as he felt something grasp his t-shirt over his chest-and then he was yanked bodily from the wall and into the bathroom. He blinked, feeling slight nauseous at the speed with-which is had happened. One moment, he'd been in the hall-and the next, he was being flung into the wall beside the open bathroom door.

Sailor Moon flung the door closed, locked it firmly and then turned to face him slowly, every movement graceful. She had moved with a liquid grace that Shingo had NEVER seen his sister possess. "Umm-" He stuttered, staring at her with wide blue eyes. They trailed over her unfamiliar face, down over her collar, bodice, bow, skirt and then her boots. Involuntarily, he looked back to her face. His sister no longer looked familiar to him. Her face was somehow different. Ageless. And her eyes-He shuddered at the look in them. They were burning into him with a blue fire. There was such a look of menace and cold calculation in them that it chilled his soul. She was looking him over as if he were a stranger-and that he was…trespassing on her?

Shingo had the strangest feeling that Sailor Moon was thinking what to do to him-and that they were NOT nice thoughts. For a second-it looked as if Sailor Moon had wanted to hurt him...But then, the deep blue softened. She walked a few steps closer, eyes locked with his and Shingo found that he could not look away. Her eyes were suddenly compelling and he could not have moved if he had wanted.

"Shingo" She said quietly, voice gentle. It seemed to caress him. Wrapping around him with calm and serenity. He’d never felt anything like it. And he felt it merely-by looking into her blue eyes. What had he been thinking? It was Usagi, his sister. She would never hurt him willingly, despite their constant fights. He was sure of it.

No, it definitely not his sister. Even the voice was different. No whining. No anger at him. No WONDER no one had ever been able to find out who the Senshi really were. They looked NOTHING like their real selves. Shingo had no idea whether to be afraid or proud. This girl was a stranger-but she was also his hero. And underneath that veneer of strength and power-lay his sister.

"What have you done?" She finished, voice filled with fear, strength, accusation, relief and anger.

Shingo swallowed, still pressed against the cold tiles of the bathroom wall. Faced with her almost accusing gaze-the bathroom seemed WAY too small for the two of them.

Sailor Moon bathed in the after-math of her transformation, arms still poised above her head. Somehow, it had been different-but indefinably so. It was almost like-increased joy. And there had been a strange echo, from an unknown source. She gasped out-loud, blue eyes wide and bewildered. Electricity swum through her whole body like a caress. [“What is happening?”] She thought, panting lightly. It was like-an unknown thing had surrounded her, during her transformation and clung to her, filing her with too many emotions to recall. Sailor Moon felt both exhilarated and frightened by the experience.

“No way!”

The shout had come from the hallway. Sailor Moon immediately turned herself in that direction, eyes narrowing. All emotions were forgotten as she focused on one point. Shingo. She had completely forgotten about her brother and his intrusion. The transformation had been near overwhelming. Sailor Moon made a split-second decision-and instinctively acted. She ran swiftly into the hall and grabbed him with one gloved hand. Just one. Then equally as fast, she re-entered the bathroom and flung him easily-and with unintentional roughness-to the bathroom wall. She could not help it! She was furious! Betrayed. [“How could he?”] She wondered fiercely, turning to fling the door shut.

With a resolute, controlled move, she locked the door and turned to face him. For a moment, she feels an irrational anger towards him. He invaded her privacy. And how he knew her deepest secret. But then, she felt a strange emotion-affection. This was her BROTHER and it was far too late to change the past.

Usagi felt a sadness rush over her, at the thought of alienating Shingo-now that he knew her secret. Sailor Moon was NOT his sister, really. Not Usagi the ditz. And with her changes lately, she was even LESS so. All of this made her tone gentle as she spoke. Sailor Moon tried to extend her senses towards the frightened boy, desperately trying to make him feel calm. To make him see that she would NEVER hurt him. “Shingo” For a moment, it seemed to work. His eyes calmed and he slumped slightly-but then, he stiffened again, seeming to shake off his calm and bury himself in the fear.

As she see saw the almost desolated and scared look in his eyes, that had not been lessened-despite her tone-she felt all her emotions come to the fore. He had betrayed her-though not knowingly. Would be keep her secret? What would she have to do if he did not? And what COULD she possibly do to one that she loved. [“If he does not keep my secret-then there is absolutely nothing I can do”] Sailor Moon thought inwardly, eyes locking with Shingo’s. Over all, she could not believe that he now knew-and that the consequences would be great. "What have you done?" She winced mentally at how accusing the words had sounded. But this was not something that she could hide!

"I-I-" Shingo stuttered, eyes wide.

Sailor Moon noted the way that he was pressed against the cold white tiles of the bathroom wall, and reluctantly remembered the force she had instinctively used. Unnecessary force for such a young boy. [“He’s so scared-of ME!”] Sailor Moon was horrified. Where was the heroine that Shingo had so admired? She could have seriously hurt him. Sailor Moon closed her eyes in acute pain, her heart clenching in her chest. She lowered her head, long golden streams of her hair sliding over her shoulders to almost touch the ground. She felt-shame, fear and bewilderment.

Shame-because she had could have hurt her bother badly. Her increased strength as sailor Moon had even increased over the last few days, as well as her hearing and sight. Fear-not only because she could have hurt him, but because now he knew her secret-and she did not honestly know what to do or who to tell. And lastly-bewilderment. Why and how had she acted so quickly, without even thinking about it? Even she had noticed just how fast she had moved to reach Shingo before he could run or scream for their mother.

It had been like that day with Mamoru, outside the arcade. Everything had blurred. Her vision had shifted and she could see all the details of Shingo’s face-right down to his freckles and frightened eyes. Yes, he'd been afraid as she had grabbed him swiftly, hands a blur. Sailor Moon felt a rush of sadness again. She'd frightened her little brother. "I'm so sorry, Shingo" Sailor Moon said, voice partially muffled. She raised her face, gazing at him with agonized blue eyes. "I'm so sorry" She repeated, voice a mere whisper.

"For what?" Shingo said, sounding scared and baffled. He looked back at her, eyes vulnerable. He didn't know what to do any more than SHE did. But all the same, he was frightened-and now confused at her words.

"For scaring you" She gave a half-laugh, almost hysterical. "I-" Sailor Moon looked down, raising her white-gloved hands to her face. She stared at them as if they were not her own. "Sometimes-lately-I don't even know myself"

"That's okay Usagi-Sailor Moon" Shingo hastily corrected.

At her hushed words, she saw the fear fade away in Shingo's eyes. It relieved her-yet she was still ashamed. As he pulled away from the wall, she turned away and looked into the mirror. Sailor Moon looked as if she had walked through fire. Her eyes-were so pained. She was in pain-for hurting him? She shook her head, noting as Shingo came up right behind her. She was so ashamed! "No-it's NOT okay!" She told him fiercely, fists clenching. She was him step back a pace, eyes frightened again and forced herself to relax. In order not to scare him further, she remained facing towards the mirror. "Forgive me?" She pleaded again.

"I do. But-how are you Sailor Moon?" He said, looking bewildered, He abruptly looked far younger than he actually was. His hair fell over his eyes in a charming way and Shingo was biting his lower lip.

Sailor Moon smiled. "Thank you. It means a lot, Shingo" She finally turned, making sure to turn very slowly and not startle him. But she did not anyway. His eyes were filled with curiosity-all fear now gone at her apology.

"How?" He said plaintively, frowning at her suddenly. "My sister-a super hero"

"It's a long story" Sailor Moon said, frowning back as she caught the faint scent of cereal on Shingo's clothes. "Is breakfast ready?" She queried, eyes intent. It was a test. To see if she were really changing-or imagining it. "Cereal, orange juice-" She smelt the air delicately. "Coffee. Dad is up?"

"HOW did you know that?!" Shingo almost shouted, eyes wide with disbelief. "You just described everything on the table!"

["Then it's true"] Sailor Moon thought, a chill sweeping over her. Not only was her sight and hearing changing, but also her sense of smell. What was happening to her?

“Are you okay, Sis?" Shingo inquired, staring at her intently.

Sailor Moon started slightly, staring back. Then a smile curved her lips. He had called her Sis. ["Which means that he has accepted me as Sailor Moon. Thank Selene"] Once again, she frowned, but this time in thought. "Selene?" She queried out-loud, earning a bewildered look from her little brother. ["Since when have I spoken of Selene? I must be hanging around Luna far too much"]

"Are you IN there, Usagi? Now THIS is the scatter-brained sister I know" Shingo said mischievously.

Sailor Moon mock-glared at Shingo, crossing her gloved arms over her chest. "Watch it, squirt" She said ominously. She uncrossed her arms and pointed a finger significantly to the golden tiara on her brow. "This tiara isn't just for looks, you know" She teased.

Shingo's face relaxed into a familiar scowl. "Sure, sure, Odango Atama" he said airily, waving a hand around. "Like you're going to use it on your own Brother!"

"I MIGHT-If he becomes a big pain" She grinned at him, a brow rising. Then, sailor Moon sighed. "No, I'm just kidding. The last people on earth I'd hurt is my family" She rolled her blue eyes, which were filled with exasperation. "Besides, I think this thing only works on the monsters-and Zoisite"

"Zoisite?" Shingo said, eyes abruptly filled with excitement. He took a step forward, bringing them close together. "How is she?" He hissed urgently. "Quick, before mom comes looking for me! Give me a run-down?"

"Too much, Shingo" She whispered back, rolling her eyes skywards again. ["What IS it with little brothers anyway?"] She wondered silently. Then, Sailor Moon stiffened. She'd heard-and quick clearly-the sound of someone walking down the hall purposefully. Her mom? "Someone is coming!" She told Shingo urgently.

"You can HEAR them?" He whispered back, eyes admiring. "I'm impressed"

"Never-mind" She said under her breath, waiting. She wasn't about to tell Shingo that Sailor Moon DIDN'T usually come with increased hearing! This was something new-and frightening for her. None of the others possessed it.

"Psst! You're still Sailor Moon, Usagi!" Shingo hissed in a frightened tone. Sailor Moon started in shock, then silently commanded her transformation to reverse-and not a moment too soon.

"Usagi? Shingo?" Ikuko opened the bathroom door and gazed at her children with a scolding expression. "What is going on here?" She demanded.

Usagi cast a look at her brother sideways, realizing that she had not told him to keep her secret from their mother. "Oh-nothing much"

"Nothing at all" Shingo eagerly agreed, looking terribly guilty.

Usagi stared at him, eyes worried. He LOOKED as if he were lying-and their mother knew it!

"Don't tell me that, young man" Ikuko glared at Shingo, then turned her head to stare at Usagi, as of remembering something. "And what are you doing up so early dear?"

"I-couldn't sleep" Usagi said with difficulty. Casually, she turned her head so that one of her long lengths of hair fell over the incriminating scars from the Youma. If their mom saw the marks, she'd HAVE to tell her and their dad that she was Sailor Moon. "And THIS brat-" She pointed at Shingo, "Came bursting in here!"

"What?" Shingo gaped in her direction incredulously. His eyes were silently asking her if she'd lost her mind.

"Usagi cast around in her mind for something that sounded creditable. Not that she wanted her brother in trouble-now that he knew and was obviously willing to hide her secret-but they DID have to act normal. Usagi abruptly remembered her swift dash into the hall to grab Shingo. As she had turned back, there had been a bucket of water outside the door. Usagi blinked and focused on her mothers face. She slowly turned her face to cast Shingo an evil look. "He was going to throw a bucket of cold water over me!" Usagi announced, making herself sound angry and outraged.

"Shingo!" Ikuko scolded.

"But mom!" Shingo gaped from his sister to their mother. He stared at Usagi as if she had grown two heads-and she couldn't blame him! She'd just recalled something-that she shouldn't have even been ABLE to see or remember. it had happened all too fast. Usagi blanched a the thought. [What did Ami call it?"] She thought silently, watching as their mother escorted Shingo firmly from the bathroom, fingers wrapped around his arm.

"Come with me young man" Ikuko said crossly. "And you finish having your shower dear" She told Usagi. "Having you up this early is an event! We can't waste your day, now that you've finally made the effort!"

Usagi was not sure whether to be insulted or not.

"It was a joke!" Shingo protested, as he was dragged from the room, managing to throw Usagi an incredulous look over his shoulder before the door was closed.

Usagi leant against the basin, listening intently to her mother and Shingo talk. They were moving down the hall and Usagi could even hear the sound of their shoes on the thick carpet. She nibbled on her bottom lip with her white teeth, ears straining.

"What have I told you about playing jokes on your sister, young man?"

"But moooom!" he whined, sounding remarkably like Usagi. "It was a joke! Really!"

"You're going to get that bucket, after your sister is gone, and scrub the kitchen floor with it"

"WHAT? No way! I don't believe this!"

"And not only that. You've still got 40 minutes before school-"

That was when Usagi blocked off her senses from them both. She slumped back into the basin wearily, blue eyes wide with fear and shock. Usagi was quite certain that they had been walking down the stairs at the far end of the hall, when she had blocked them out. The thought had been so scary to her-that she could no longer stand it. The blonde slowly straightened, then turned. She never felt the coolness of the tiles beneath her bare feet, nor the draft that she ought to have felt from only wearing a thin white towel.

"What is happening to me?" She whispered, eyes filling with helpless tears. She was changing-and somehow-deep inside-she KNEW that it was not because she was Sailor Moon. Usagi glanced at her shoulder in the mirror, then her eyes widened. The scar-was almost completely gone! "Was it-because I was transformed? Or something else?" She could not think. There were just too many thoughts and questions going through her head. As she studied her smooth white skin and the faint traces of pink scar, another thought occurred to her. She raised her leg up to the basin's height and pulled up the towel slightly. A month ago, a Youma had gotten too close before Tuxedo Mask could rescue her-and she had sustained a nasty scar about a fingers length on her upper thigh.

Usagi stared mutely at the smooth white skin of her leg. The scar-was completely gone. Nothing remained at all to show that she had ever been injured. It was just not possible! She shook her head, backing away from the mirror. Usagi spun and undid her towel with frantic fingers, almost throwing herself into the shower stall. She sank into the empty shower/bath and reached out for the knobs. Usagi slowly turned the hot and cold water on, then sat back against the back of the bath numbly. ["It's not possible"] She whispered mentally, eyes blank.

Another thought occurred to her and she remembered her thoughts of earlier. "Perfect recall" Usagi murmured, finally remembering what Ami had called it. To remember things with perfect clarity-even only in passing, was called perfect recall. And now, Usagi had it. She stared bleakly at the white tub, filing with water-but not really seeing it. If she so chose, she was certain that she could remember anything she wanted-and for a frightening distance back in time. "What is happening to me?" Usagi whispered despairingly. A pair of deep blue eyes with silver flecks filled her mind. With perfect clarity, she could remember the look that he had given her outside the arcade that day. Hunger and longing. "And what-" She said with sudden desperation. "Does it have to do with my worst enemy?"

Usagi's deep blue eyes became intent, lashes falling over them to give her a slightly menacing look. ["HE has changed too. I can feel it"] She reached for the bath knobs, turning them off tightly. Then, Usagi sank back into the water thoughtfully. Perhaps-though they hated the sight of each other and she was deathly afraid of the feelings that he aroused inside her-it was time for them to talk? Or was that suggestion even more dangerous than she could imagine? For Usagi had NO doubt-that Mamoru Chiba was possibly the most dangerous person in Tokyo...

At least-to her.

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