By Princess Destiny
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"Bored, bored, bored bored-" Usagi sing-songed under her breath, tracing her slender fingertips over the smooth surface of the table.

"Yes-so you've SAID Odango. So go DO something! You're annoying us all" Rei said through her teeth, eyes flashing with annoyance and irritation. The blonde had been nothing but a drag and a pain since they all met at Motoki's arcade after School. Since the Odango Atama didn't have detention for once!

"Like what?!" Usagi demanded, eyelashes narrowing over the deep blue of her eyes. She was irritated too darn it! Her life was too hectic, she barely had time for a social life-apart from that with the Senshi themselves, and she had no boyfriend to speak of. ["Not to mention that I'm Sailor Moon half the time. Dashing around Juuban at all times of the night"] she thought sourly, flicking a tiny speck of salt in Rei's direction with her nail.

"Hey!" Rei almost yelled, waving her hands around in exaggeration, as if Usagi had thrown a whole packet of salt at her face. "Look here you Odango Atama-!" she went on heatedly.

"Guys please, I'm trying to study!" Ami protested mildly, peering over her book. "Rei, stop yelling. Usagi, go and play a game or something"

"I've played them all" Usagi whined, sinking further down into her chair and pouting.

Makoto, Ami and Rei rolled their eyes expressively, deciding to ignore the blonde. There was just no reasoning with her in that mood.

It took Usagi 5 minutes to figure out that her friend's were acting as if she didn't exist. She pouted some more, then glared around and jumped to her feet. "Fine! I'll see you guys later" she announced.

"Bye" Ami muttered.

"See ya" Makoto said absently.

"Finally" Rei sniped, flicking a glare at her best friend. "Go do something-somewhere ELSE" she stressed.

Usagi stuck her tongue out at Rei and then promptly spun about and flounced from the arcade before the girl could respond. The blonde looked around, frowning heavily. ["NOW what?"] she asked herself unhappily. She was BORED and her friends were being no help at all. Weren't they sick of hiding secret identities all the time? "Even a little?" she asked no one in particular.

"Talking to yourself is a sign of madness, Odango Atama" Mamoru's voice said from her left.

Usagi turned in that direction, stiffening as she saw the older handsome Collage Student walking down the sidewalk towards her. He was wearing a dark blue jumper that went with his eyes and looked cool and composed. It just made Usagi want to knock him down and trample on her worst enemy for a while. "What do YOU want? There are laws against listening into private conversations, you know!" she informed him, crossing her arms.

Mamoru smiled slightly in amusement, stopping a foot from her. "And where does it say that?" he asked her, quirking an eyebrow. His head tilted slightly to the side in speculation. "And I'm pretty darn sure that you've never read up on the law in your life-given your track record with grades" he taunted lightly.

"What would YOU know?" she huffed at him, incensed as usual from his barbs.

Mamoru grinned mockingly at her, walking past to the arcade opening. "I know that you're a brat, lazy, a klutz, bad at School, weird hair-"

"Arrgggggh!" she shrieked at him, stomping away. Usagi waved her arms about furiously, cheeks flushed with anger. "That jerk! That cad! That-that MALE!" she raved. "Ooooh! I wish I could teach that guy a lesson. Dust him with my tiara maybe?" she questioned herself. How would Luna react to her dusting a jerk? How different were they to Youma anyhow?! They were BOTH annoying! "A bane to my existence-Hey!" she yelped as two guys staggered out of a doorway and into her path, almost bowling them all over.

"Sorry 'bout that, little girl" one of them slurred at her, giving her a patronizing pat on the shoulder.

Usagi jerked away, having an unreasonable urge to deck the guy. She blinked. ["I must be way more irritated than I thought if I want to beat up on a drunk guy"] she thought to herself, blushing. The two men were in their thirties-and obviously very drunk. "That's okay!" she said cheerfully, walking around them.

"What a nice girl" the other man said in amazement. He turned to wave at her, almost tripping over his own feet. "Bye, bye!"

Usagi waved hesitantly back, wrinkling her nose at the smell of his breath. "Yeah-sure" she murmured, watching the two as they walked away laughing, arms about each other. "Hmm-they sure looked happy" she said aloud, realizing that she was staring. She slowly turned away, glancing with slight interest into the pub they had exited. On the window was a sign saying that no one under 21 was allowed in the place. Usagi bit a fingernail, an idea half-forming in her mind. "They got drunk and they didn't look bored at ALL" she mused, turning to continued her aimless trek down the block. Her blue eyes brightened. She'd just stumbled across the perfect way to help her boredom! But how to get some alcohol?

Usagi made it all the way to the Juuban Mall before inspiration struck. Ducking between two cars, she hunkered down and reached into her sub-space pocket for the Luna Disguise Pen. She hesitated for a long moment, wincing at the thought of Luna's furious and outraged face if she were to ever find out. Her lips firmed. "I WANT to get drunk! And happy! And-what do they say?" she thought for a moment, perplexed. "Oh yeah-something about drowning your sorrows. And BOY do I have sorrows!" she muttered, aggrieved. Being Sailor Moon was good sometimes. She liked saving innocent lives, stopping the Dark Kingdom from draining energy-and especially being rescued by that dreamy guy Tuxedo Kamen. "What a hunk" her eyes glazed over, before she remembered her mission. Usagi held the Pen over her head, glancing about in a hunted manner to see that she was alone. "Disguise Pen-turn me into an older woman! Umm-40 something and NO high-heels! I hate those things" she finished in a disgusted mutterer, remembering the disaster at the Radio Station. Pink power engulfed her and she felt herself change along wit her clothes. She felt a little different, but nothing major. Doubtfully, Usagi peered down at herself and saw a dark blue dress, flat sandals and even a handbag hanging from one shoulder. Her hair was short and in a bun.

"Now to see if I have any money-how the heck much is alcohol anyhow?" she wondered, straightening from her crouched position. A woman and a stroller gave her a funny look as she popped up from nowhere and Usagi gave her a sweet smile. She opened her purse and her eyes boggled as she saw a neat little stack of bills tucked away in the corner. it had to be at least $100 there! "Huh!" she said in amazement, walking through the car park to where she had once seen an alcohol shop along the side of the Mall. "I should use this Disguise more often" a huge grin spread over her face, giving her an evil look. "I could go shopping till I dropped! Take Naru and-" she halted her conversation as she reached the grog shop and stepped inside. A chime went off, startling her. Usagi felt incredibly guilty about being in the shop and her eyes skittered about nervously.

"Can I help you?" the girl at the counter asked, glancing at Usagi curiously.

Usagi swallowed, tried to remember that she LOOKED like an adult, and plastered a smile on her lips. "Er-yes. That is..." she took a deep breath, blurting out the first thing that came to mind. "I want to get drunk! And quick" she added as an after-thought.

The girl didn't even blink, but gave her a knowing look. "Bad day huh? yeah me too. Well, if you want to get plastered real quick, I recommend good old Vodka" she said conspiringly.

Usagi gave her a blank look. ["Plastered?"] she wondered what that meant. "Sure-I'll take the biggest bottle you have" she announced, taking out the hundred dollars and placing it on the counter.

"The bottles are behind you, on that shelf" the girl said, pointing behind Usagi.

Usagi blinked and turned, uncertain which to pick. There were an awful lot of labels for Vodka! She picked on randomly and spun around to place it on the counter.

"Good choice" the girl said approvingly, taking Usagi's money. She rang it up and handed over the change, placing the Vodka in a brown paper bag. "Have a blast!" she winked.

"I will. Thanks" Usagi said weakly, wondering what the heck Vodka was. She sniffed at the bottle, pulling a face. "It SMELT awful. "Umm-" she glanced about uncertainly. You weren't supposed to drink in public, so were did that leave? It wasn't like she could drink it at home. Her eyes brightened. "The toilets!" Usagi smirked. She could drink it in a toilet stall and be all alone. Then she could spend the rest of the money in her purse in the Mall!

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