By Tsukia
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Usagi sat staring dreamily out at the moon from her old bedroom balcony. Mamoru was out with Kenji and Rei doing sibling bonding. She would be doing the same but Shingo was out on a date with a childhood friend Mika. Unknown to Usagi she was being watched by two from the roof. "Luna, we shouldn't be here."

"Artemis, quit being a scardie-cat. She asked for a normal life and I am not interfering with that. I just wanted to make sure she was ok." Artemis sat down next to her and nodded.

"I have been worried about them too, but this is what they all wanted." Luna nodded as she noticed something in the sky.

At the same time as Luna was about to go and investigate Artemis screeched and almost fell of the roof. "Ow!" The two cats hid in the gutters and cautiously looked up to see a child around the age of eight or nine standing on the roof rubbing her behind. What surprised them even more was the crescent moon that flashed on her brow. "Thought you had picked a soft lace to land, Plu!" The girl grumbled as she looked around. "Ah. she did something right." Smiled the girl.

"Luna and Artemis come over here it is alright. I am a descendant of Selene. My name is Neo- Princess Small Lady Serenity Gaea."

Luna looked at Artemis and the cautiously approached purring. The girl frowned, "I know you both can speak. Please I need your help."

"How do we know that you aren't from the enemy?"Artemis asked.

"I introduced myself and in the history of my entire line no one has been able to duplicate the royal birthmark." Small Lady was getting irritated, how could they not believe her.

A loud crash interrupted the conversation on the roof as Usagi screamed as she almost fell off the balcony. Luckily Mamoru was just returning for the evening and caught her. Once sure she was safe and uninjured the couple headed to find out what happened. Followed by the two cats and Small Lady.

Most of the Juban district arrived to find a huge crater. Small Lady looked down to the cats, "I think a new enemy has just arrived. Where are the senshi and generals?"

"They asked for normal lives and that is what we are allowing them to do." Artemis answered.

"We will deal with this as best we can without them." Luna said confidently.

"Then let me help you. I am only in-training, but I do have powers. As the daughter of Neo-Queen Serenity and King Endymion I am far from helpless. Even if I can't tell them who I am." This drew both cats into full attention.

"Where will you be staying during your time here?"

"Plu said that I would be needed in two separate eras and that in both I would stay with my parents as Mama's cousin." The young Princess smiled. "In the future I am called Small Lady or Chibi-Usa by some. What do you two think would be a good name for me?"

"Small Lady does sound out of place but Chibi-Usa could work." Luna commented.

"Chibi-Usa is a nice name Small Lady. I believe your mother would approve." A new voice very motherly in tone commented.

Without turning the child turned and raced toward the voice her pink pig-tails flying behind her, "Plu!"

The two stunned cats stuttered at the appearance "Sailor Pluto?"

"Greetings, I have been asked to ensure the Princess' safety in this time. This is her first experience with her powers in actual combat but she has trained along side her father, mother, aunts and uncles. Her identity is to remain a secret as long as possible for time line maintenance." The cats nodded as the Tall senshi faced her Princess. "I have made the proper arrangements and those that I could reveal your identity to have been explained the situation and may come to your aid if needed. They are to approach you not the other way around, understood?"

"Yes, Plu. I am not a baby anymore and this is not my first trip through time you know."

Pluto frowned but then smiled, "I would appreciate the respect that your mother taught you to give to your elders. However you cannot blame me for being concerned for your well being."

"Gomen, Plu."

"It is alright I will not report it to your mother. Take care and keep in touch." Pluto said with a hug. "Oh I almost forgot. Your mother asked me to give you this."

Chibi-Usa was almost in shock as she looked at the gift. "Mama's communicator?"

"No, Chibi-Usa. Yours. Your parents worked very hard to make it as close to your mother's as possible for you. I have to leave now."

"Plu," The elder senshi stopped and faced the youth. "Thank them for me, please." Pluto just smiled as she took her leave.

Chibi-Usa was about to talk to Luna and Artemis when someone called out her name. "Chibi-Usa?! Oh, Mamo-chan, where could she be?"

"We'll find her Usako. She was just with us she couldn't have gone far." As the worried couple looked down the alley and spotted her with the two cats Chibi-Usa found herself lost in a memory.

It was during her first visit to the past, she had fought with her mother and ran off into a storm. Her parents, aunts and uncles had scowered the city for several hours before they found her due to a youma chasing her.

Chibi-usa fell to a fetal position as the fear of that attack although three years in her past still terrified her. Six months in their future they would meet a five year old version of her with no powers and no knowledge of this era. She told her parents that she was over the threat of the dark moon, but they still haunted her dreams.

Mamoru picked up the terrified adolescent, "She seems alright just a scared."

"I would say terrified, Mamo-chan. I thought her parents sent her here to help her get away from the emotional reminders of what happened."

"Trauma at a young age can take years to get over. I was lucky to have lost my memory but it still took me several years to learn to deal with it. Then there is what you went through," He paused. "Don't lie to me I know you still have nightmares about it."

Usagi sighed and nodded as they continued the walk back to the Tsukino's home. "Maybe..."

The Tsukino's had gone away for a while leaving the young couple in charge; so after putting Chibi-usa in bed Usagi and Mamoru sat up talking. Conversation varied from what could have caused the crater to how best to help Chibi-usa.

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