By Tsukia
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Story Notes:

I don't own any of the sailor moon characters nor to I pretend to; Some characters are of my own creation and please ask before using them. If you don't read book 1 you may not understand what is going on. Apart from Chapter 1 the other chapters are going to be somewhat long and so updates will be every two weeks to a month :(

Thanks to all who read and reviewed Book 1, I hope you will bear with me and enjoy Book 2.

Chapter One

Usagi had been doing home school for most of her classes in January and starting February she would be going back to school part time until she felt comfortable with her classmates again. Masaki and Naru stood waiting at the gate as Usagi and Mamoru approached. Mamoru and the generals had adopted Masaki into the group and the five although spanning three different grades where becoming close friends. Mamoru, Masaki, and Usagi were all in grade 11 class A; Kenji, Naru, and Ryo were all in grade 9 class C; and Nathan was alone in class B grade 10.

Usagi had been on edge all morning she could feel Luna searching for her and if it hadn't been for Mamoru then she would have hid in her room all day. Naru hugged Usagi and the two entered the grounds Mamoru had arranged for all of them to meet on the roof, including Masaki as Mamoru had a plan for him too. On the roof Ryo had some contraption set up, "This way no one can see what we are doing of talking about."

"Good thinking, Zoi. Now, Usako, the Generals and I have told Masaki about ourselves but have left your position out if you want we can continue to do so but I require his aid to keep the senshi away from you."

Usagi looked around, these were her friends these people had been by her side though a lot. They were her loyal friends, "I am Princess Serenity of the Royal line of Selene, heir to the Universe. I also have the form of the warrior Sailor Moon and Guardian Tsukia, two forms that I can command to protect this world."

Masaki looked at Usagi with sympathy, "All I ever wanted was to be your friend and then I found out about what happened in Kyoto... I used the media to find out no one told me. I wanted to protect you but I couldn't and now I am being given the chance to help. Thank you all for trusting me enough to include me."

At this point Usagi did something no one thought she would be ready to do yet... she hugged Masaki. "Thank you, for being my friend and going the extra mile to be my friend all those years ago."

As the two friends pulled apart Mamoru turned to Usagi, "With Selene's help we have come up with a way to trick Luna and the senshi." Usagi looked around surprised, she knew that they were loyal but she didn't think they would go that far. "Naru has already agreed to be your double of sorts. What we are going to do is mask your aura with mine and mix yours with Naru's. This will make anyone reading aura's think Naru is the one with the moon powers."

"Which she will just not Earth's moon." Selena said coming on to the roof. "She will become Sailor Pheobe of Saturn's moon. Here you go, Naru, just call out P -Moon Power!'"

"Obaa-san..." Usagi said almost in tears at how far this group had gone for her.

"Yes, Usagi. We all know how grateful you are, but we have things to do." The men stood back. "Naru first needs to take a vow of loyalty to Serenity and then we will make you blood-sisters which will mix the auras."

Naru knelt before Usagi, "I, Osaka Naru, swear my life and loyalty to Princess Serenity, heir of the silver millennium whom is also known as Tsukino Usagi. With the new powers of Sailor Pheobe I will forever be in the service of her majesty, my Princess Serenity."

"You do realize what this will do? There is no going back either of you."

The two girls nodded and Naru then held out her wrists toward Usagi. Usagi mirrored her childhood friend. Queen Serenity took a blade made of moon light and cut both girls' wrists; Naru placed her bleeding wrists directly on top of Usagi's. Blood flowed from one to the other and a moon beam appeared joining their auras. The light died down and Usagi hugged Naru until the red-haired girl asked for breath.

As the bell rang calling the teens to class Usagi took Mamoru and Naru's hands knowing that she would no longer have issues coming to school, not with all her friends to protect her.

After school Naru and Usagi were walking toward the crown with Mamoru and Nathan when Usagi shrank into the group. Mamoru, Naru and Nathan all looked around and soon found the reason. A midnight blue cat sat rolling on the ground trying to remove a band aid from it's forehead.

"I'll meet you three there." Naru told them heading to the ally where the cat lay scratching at the band aid. "Come here, kitty. Let me get that off for you."

As Naru pulled of the band aid a bright light shone and the cat jumped from her arms. I sense something about this girl.'Luna thought as she watched the girl wave and walk away.

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