By Tsukia
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Story Notes:
As with "Usagi's secret some chapters may be combined from this story's sister copy on fanfiction.net however it is the same story.

Chapter One

Serena was running as fast as she could she could hear him behind her. The scouts needed her but she couldn't transform he was too close. Finally she rounded the corner and for the first time in about three hours the footsteps were silent. "Moon cosmic power!"

There on the deserted street in the pitch of night Serena became Sailor Moon and ran toward her friends and comrades ignoring the pain that the monster that she called her father had caused. She arrived at the park and pulled out her septar, “Moon spiral heart attack!"

The monster crumbled to dust before the four scouts. Staring out at the scene and focusing on the adrenaline was all Sailor Moon could do from crumbling herself then it happened. SLAP! “What the hell took you so long? I mean we called you over..." Mars stopped yelling long enough to check the time, "THREE HOURS AGO!"

All Sailor Moon did was just stare dumb founded as the other senshi agreed and voted her out. As Mars reached to take Moon's communicator, locket and crystal the Crystal flared up and Queen Serenity appeared. "These things are my daughter's birth right and if you dare to take them from her then you will feel the punishment of the universe! You can kick her out and choose a new leader but be warned if you loose her without knowing the reasons then that is a punishment in itself." Serenity didn't wait for a response before turning to check on her daughter, who had vanished. The Queen looked sadly at the guard as she too vanished in her own way.

Tuxedo mask had prayed that he would be in time. He had been trying to get to her for several hours but when he got to her house, he had sensed that she was not there anymore. Following the weak bond because she was not transformed, it took him a while. After several hours of hunting he finally felt her transform and raced toward her. Tuxedo mask had arrived in time to see Sailor Mars slap Sailor Moon and for the senshi to kick her out.

Then when Mars reached for the broached he saw his opening and took it. Swooping in the flash of light that the Queen emitted he grabbed her and was back in the trees before anyone saw. Quickly and carefully he made his way to his apartment where he laid her on the bed. Reverting back to Darien, he went to get the medical supplies from the bathroom. Returning he saw her now sitting up still transformed. "Change back, so I can take care of the wounds."

"I can't." she said weakly. "If I do you will not have enough band aids to keep the blood in." her voice getting softer with every word.

"Sere, what happened tonight? I felt you were in danger, not Sailor Moon but you Serena. When I got to your house though you were gone."

Serena just looked at him and broke down crying, “you ... you tried to save me?" Darien due to shock could and couldn't believe that she had to ask; so he nodded. “Thank you, for caring. Darien, I have to get home."

"Sere, you are not going anywhere. Not until you tell me what is going on and change back so I can tend to the wounds."

Serena was going to argue but the look of dread in his eyes she broke down. Changing back to Serena the sad tale began to unravel. "I wasn't at home because the scouts had called but my father caught me sneaking out and pulled me back by my hair and began whipping me with his belt. After about half an hour I was finally able to escape but he charged after me chasing me for the remainder which was about two and a half hours." Her tears freely falling and not all from the sting of the peroxide on the damage done by her father.

"What happened to your leg here?" Darien asked as he noticed the particularly bad gash on her leg. "And does he do this often."

"He threw something at me while I was running and I felt it hit my leg but was to busy running to stop and check it out. He never used to it all started the first time he caught me sneaking out." As Darien finished bandaging up all the physical wounds he laid her down on the bed and told her to rest.

Quietly, he went out to the living room it was almost six am and he had things he needed to do. He called in to work explaining that a relative (future wives count as family, don't they) had been hurt really badly and he needed to take care of them. Then he called the university to tell them that he would be transferring schools because he was called away to deal with some family issues. Finally he called and booked two seats on a plane going to Cambridge, Massachusetts.

After making arrangements for his trust and apartment, he finally went to get Serena up for breakfast as it was nine am. Gently shaking her awake and presenting her with a kiss he made her breakfast and told her his plan. “Sere, I won't let them hurt you again. I am taking you away with me to Harvard it is a university in the United States. There I will take care of you and we will become a family."

"That sounds wonderful, Darien but I have no passport or id, no clothes and eventually I have to go home."

"Sere, I will not let you go back to a place where I am not going to know if you are going to be alive to see me the next day. The senshi made their choice and I have made mine. Between the silver crystal and the golden crystal we can start over, a new life for both of us."


"Serenity, please, agree with me on this. We can we can use the crystals you will be safe I can protect you and we can live out that fairy tale life that we were meant to have a millennia ago. Please, it will be you and me and we can get married and live happily ever after." Darien pleaded not wanting to let her go. "And don't worry about funds my trust fund is almost as much as I had back in the silver millennium."

"Alright, I will run away with you. But what are we going to do who are we going to become?"

"We will use the crystals to make you eighteen and we will go to America to go to university and come back when we are ready to. You can be whoever you want although I have always loved the name Serenity."

Serena smiled and summoned the crystal, Darien following suit.

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