By Tsukia
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Author's Chapter Notes:

Authors Note: Serena is Princess Serenity without her crescent moon and in normal clothing. This will be explained better in later chapters. Usagi and Serena are different forms of the same person.

Travis is Prince Tranquility(not a character of my own creation) and is twin to Serenity and blood brother (blood oath) to Endymion.

Chapter Two

Serena returned to the classroom, which was now empty except for Ms. H. “Ms. H?”

“Oh, Serena. Here is the next…actually last of the assignments for your degree.”

“Thank you, Ms. H. I have the last batch of assignments and the documents from the school. Plus some extra credit work.”

“Serena, why do you hide how smart you are? I mean you are smarter than Ami and yet you won’t let me post your actual grades.”

“Because… because I have enemies that would find me if I did. Which is also why I hand it everything in with the names Tsukia Moonlight or my doctorate was done as Serena Light.”

“Oh, princess. Why don’t you go to the authorities?”

“Ms. H, my loyal friend and tutor. Today’s authorities would not be of any assistance. If anyone could help it would be the terran guards of Gaia and they are no where to be found.”

Serena turned around to leave, “Good-day, Ms. H. I won’t be late tomorrow.” With that said she turned back to Usagi and left, both well aware that she would show up five minutes late as she always did.

The teacher sighed; her best student was also her worst. “Oh, Princess. Be safe.”

Once outside Usagi teleported to the temple and after checking her mind block got comfortably lost in her thoughts. `I can feel it. Soon it will begin. Usagi Tsukino will have to disappear.’

Letting her mind wander back to happier times. She remembered back when Serenity, Tranquility, and Endymion would run playfully through the gardens and how her and her friends had gone mall trawling not even a month ago. Usagi was so lost in her thoughts she did not see her loyal cousin, mina, enter.

“Hey, Usa.”

“Oh, hey, Mina. Sorry, I didn’t here you come in.”

“Day dreaming about that prince of yours again?”

`Actually, I don’t know if he would still be classed as a prince any more than if I would be still classed as a princess.’ She turned to Mina and said, “maybe.”

Mina suddenly went serious, “Serenity, you know that it isn’t safe here anymore. Danger approaches.”

Usagi nodded, “I know, my cousin. That is the reason why I must give you these,” she paused as she placed a necklace and bracelet on her friend. “ They will help you with the coming danger.”

“These are two of your fathers crests I can’t take them.”

“Yes, you can Sailor Venus. They are meant to be yours. Together they are the crest of love and will protect you in any quest you must follow,” Usagi sounded so regal all Mina could do was nod.

Just then the rest of the group entered all looking surprised to see Usagi already there. “What did you do, Mina? Drag her here?”

“Actually, Rei, I did…”

“She got me out of detention, so I wouldn’t be late,” Usagi lied as she nudged Mina to stay quiet.

“Should have known. Usa, you have to learn to be more responsible,” Ami said shaking her head.

“Ami’s right. Usa, even I don’t get detention as much as you and I live on my own,” Lita put in.

“But, girls. I didn’t drag her here, she was here before me,” Mina tried to tell the group.

“It’s no use trying to change your story now, Mina. Usagi, these are exactly the reasons why we unanimous… oh fine. Three to one decided that Sailor Moon should retire for a while and let the rest of us senshi take over.”

“Is what Rei said true? Do you all agree on this?”

Everyone but Mina nodded in agreement. “Usa, it’s just you aren’t strong enough. We get distracted by trying to keep an eye on you.”

“Lita’s right. Mamoru can’t be there all the time.”

“Fine then, I will comply. But be warned you will soon find out the errors of your decision.”

“Yeah, right.” Rei scoft under her breathe.

Turning to her first scout, Ami, “Ami, never forget that logic isn’t the only way to figure something out. Have fun once in a while and let loose.”

Ami turned and looked away as Usagi turned to her third scout, Lita, “Lita, fighting is not your only strength. Never forget that you have many talents that can also help you in life.”

“Loyal Venus, Watch over them in my absence.”

Finally she turned to Rei, “Rei, I knew that we never really got along but I thought of you as one of my best friends. I gave you all I had although now I understand that it may not have been enough.”

“Why are you being so sappy?” Rei snapped.

“Farewell, my scouts. I pray that you will be happy,” with that Usagi left her scouts who were still in shock.

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