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Summary: Usagi knows more than she's let on, but the scouts still kick her out of the Sailor Senshi. Queen Serenity alters almost everyones memories, and Sailor Moon is gone. But who are the new Guardians?
Rated: M 15+
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Genre: Drama
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Published: Dec 01 2007 Updated: Dec 02 2007
Story Notes:
This story is the same story posted on Fanfiction.net by Tsukia(me) titled "Usagi's Secret" I have combined some of the chapters to make them a better length but the story hasn't changed. Please let me know what you think.

1. Usagi? Serena? Degree? by Tsukia [Reviews - 1] Liked (412 words)

Disclaimer: I don’t own sailor moon or any of the characters, nor do I own Prince Tranquillity. Katherine Rhea is a creation of Terra_Deearth; Roselyn and Alex (Alec) belong to Steph_chan. All others not included in this disclaimer I have created please ask if you would like to use.

Note: I like some of the English names better than the Japanese ones so the names are mismatched due to my personal preference.

Enjoy the story


2. Usagi's Last Scout Meeting by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (803 words)

Authors Note: Serena is Princess Serenity without her crescent moon and in normal clothing. This will be explained better in later chapters. Usagi and Serena are different forms of the same person.

Travis is Prince Tranquility(not a character of my own creation) and is twin to Serenity and blood brother (blood oath) to Endymion.

3. Queen Serenity’s Part (1/2) by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (747 words)

First off if you are confused I will explain a little bit Usagi, Mamoru and Travis all have different identities. Using these alternate identities Usagi and Mamoru got married as Serenity Moonlight and Endymion Darien Rhea. ( to understand the about the Rhea family read Terra_deearth’s story “Family Ties”)

Disclaimer: No I don’t own sailor moon however much I wish I did.


4. Queen Serenity’s part (part 2) by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (476 words)

Disclaimer: I don’t own sailor moon.

Clarification: Sailor Earth=Darien/ Endymion (Darien is his preferred however Endymion is his legal first name)

Sailor Gaia=Katherine Rhea (year older then Darien [his sister] and Terra_deearth’s creation)

Sailor Terra= Roselyn Chiba ( same age as scouts Darien’s younger sister Steph_chan’s creation)

5. Memories, Guardians and Beginnings by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1717 words)

AN: Queen Serenity had to relocate the three royals to a safe location and chose the millennium ranch( read: Family Ties by Terra Deearth). Eclipse is Darien’s Guardian. The three had to change names and Usagi and Darien’s were changed to Serenity and Endymion, which are their true forms and the forms that they got married in two years previous to my story. They chose to shorten their names so Serena and Darien is how they will be addressed for the most part. Any questions email me so I can clarify them in my next chapter if need be.




6. And the Fun Begins by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1369 words)

7. Generals and Another Child by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1458 words)

8. Nightly affairs of the moon, sun, and earths by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1280 words)

9. Reasons and Rogues by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1730 words)

10. Change of Plans by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (1352 words)

11. Final Battle by Tsukia [Reviews - 0] (612 words)