By Tsukia
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Story Notes:
This story is the same story posted on Fanfiction.net by Tsukia(me) titled "Usagi's Secret" I have combined some of the chapters to make them a better length but the story hasn't changed. Please let me know what you think.
Author's Chapter Notes:

Disclaimer: I don’t own sailor moon or any of the characters, nor do I own Prince Tranquillity. Katherine Rhea is a creation of Terra_Deearth; Roselyn and Alex (Alec) belong to Steph_chan. All others not included in this disclaimer I have created please ask if you would like to use.

Note: I like some of the English names better than the Japanese ones so the names are mismatched due to my personal preference.

Enjoy the story


Chapter One

Usagi sat in a tree watching and listening to her so called friends, her guardians. She didn’t need her ears to know what they were saying, she could sense it. It was happening again, they were turning against her.

“Come on, she’s a whiner, a wimp.”

“Rei, she’s our friend,” loyal Mina said.

“But her fighting skills are … well not that great.”

“Lita, she is a princess not a scout.”

“However, Mina, your statement agrees with us. A princess shouldn’t fight. So, we’re helping her,” logical Ami using logic to solve everything.

“Whatever, do as you want but, I refuse to be apart of it. Sailor V shall do her duty to protect the moon royalty, alone. For love and justice I serve my princess,” and with that Mina left the group.

At this point Usagi teleported back to class, she would find out after school the fate of Sailor moon’s role with the senshi. The bell rang and students filed in. The last class felt like minutes to everyone but Usagi who sat watching the clock. Soon the class was emptying out as everyone packed to go home.

Mina having slipped out early, stood at the gate waiting. Soon the familiar red sports car belonging to the prince pulled up. She had started to worry when she couldn’t change the scout’s minds at lunch and called him to meet her. A slightly worried prince stepped out of the car and came around to face Mina. “What is going on, Mina?”

“Mamoru, I think the scouts are going to kick Usa out, today. If so, I think she’ll need you.”

“Temple meeting?” Mina nodded.

Usagi sat atop the wall listening, “My two loyal friends.”

Travis Watson saw his twin watching silently as he, himself, sat in Mamoru’s car. Mentally he asked her :What is going on?:

:Never mind, Travis. You will find out later.: With that she closed the link and teleported away.

Mamoru got back in, “Everything alright, bro?”

“For now, Endy. For now…”

“Travis, you know you can tell me if something is up.”

“ I know but just not now. What did Mina want?”

“She thinks your sister might need some family support after the scout meeting today. Want to join me?”

“You know that I would be there in a second if I knew Sere was in danger or needed me. Did you have to ask?” With that the boys headed up to the temple.

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