By mistyfur
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Author's Chapter Notes:
Promte 84 - Black

The darkest of nights, wrapped in coldest of silence.

A shadowy figure gazes outward searching for answers from the flashes of lights that speed by. Her body slumped forward, loss weighing down upon her slim shoulders and weariness eroding away her proud visage.

Regrets. Blame. Anger.

Hurtful words spoken in haste but repented in leisure.

The words echoed mockingly at her, painting a vivid picture of their last moments together. Her husky voice uttering her verbal assault, uncaring of how those warm obsidian eyes had flinched from the venomous words that sprung so easily from her lips.

Now she stands alone, watching the doors close behind his retreating figure, to stubborn to call out to him. She falls into a seething pool of guilt that she has created with her carelessness. Without him at her side, she is lost and cast adrift upon the rough seas of their voyage. Trapped in a world of her making, her true voice muted and dulled by the passage of time until only recriminations remain to slip from her lips.

The words coil around her, chaining her in a heavy cloak of doubts, censure and acrimony. Casting shadows unto the brightness that once surrounded her and dimming the light until only the deepest of black remains.

Smothering her under the raging strands and claiming victory over her...

Only to awaken and relive that moment again.

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