By Areswarrior
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Twenty-years have passed since Xena and Gabrielle had died. Twenty-five long years and still the God of War mourned the loss of his chosen one, the memory of Gabrielle still lingered in his mind. Her face haunted his dreams. Never would he have hope that she would ever live again. But he would soon find that out.

He was in the arena in Rome with his new warrior Livia testing her skills. She was good, very good and would lead his armies well, but she would never be his chosen one, no that spot belonged to his amazon queen. Even in death no one would ever take her place. Though Livia had other plans for that.

While testing her skill and congratulating her in his own way, he heard a familiar whizzzzzzzzzzz. He looked up just in time to see Xena's chakram whiz past them. He mouth hung open when he saw Xena alive and well, and very pissed. She had learned that Livia was really her daughter Eve and that Ares had seduced her into becoming a butcher for Rome.

He couldn't believe that Xena was actually standing in front of him. He walked up to her, staring right at her in disbelif. He moved to kiss her, determined to find out if she was really there or just an illusion. He soon found out that she was indeed alive when Livia stepped in between them and watched while she and Xena had it out. He stopped Livia as Xena cursed him and swore she would be back. "Give it time Livia, we will fight another day," he told her knowing that she was ready to go after Xena. Livia backed off reluctantly and went back to the palace.

Ares returned to his temple. Sitting on his throne he began thinking, "If Xena was alive then that meant Gabrielle must be too." He leaped off his throne and disappeared in a flash of blue light. Reappearing near a spot where Xena and Gabrielle had decided to camp, looking around he soon spotted his chosen one. Gabrielle was alone waiting anxiously for Xena to return. She felt an familiar presence, like she was being watched. Looking around, she shook it off and went back to her work.

Ares stood there watching her, "How beautiful she was, she still looks the same way she did twenty-five years ago," he thought to himself, "how I have missed you." He fought the urge to go to her and sweep her in his arms. "No, not yet but soon my love soon."

He spotted Xena coming up the road, traveling with her was Joxer and his son Virgil. Ares, thinking this would not be a good time to confront Gabrielle or Xena for that matter disappeared knowing that he would see her again, very soon.

Back at his temple he was planning on how to get to Gabrielle and how to deal with Xena. He knew that she was already a time bomb waiting to explode because of Livia, she would definitely worse if he made a move on Gabrielle. But all that had to wait he had more pressing matters to attend to. The taking over of Rome.






The End

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