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Chapter One

Domyouji sighed and rested his cheek against his fist, staring down at the uncompleted puzzle on the table. He couldn't stop thinking about Makino. Yesterday, she had told him that even though it was hard not having alot of money, she wouldn't change anything for the world. Her family loved her very much and that was really all she wanted and needed. "It makes you appreciate things more." Her eyes had never left the jacket in the window while she had been saying it. She really wanted it...but didn't dare ask. Domyouji had gone back to buy it for her after she had left for work. After it was wrapped and packed he had decided to go to her work and give it to her. He didn't have the guts to though, and sent Soujiro instead.

He wondered if she was pleased with the jacket, or if she'd wear it anytime soon. Domyouji smiled with himself. He was just too amazing.

He realized then that he wanted to spend more time with Makino. He wanted to atleast try to understand her pauper-ish ways. Rui didn't boast about his fortune around her and she was always smiling with him. He wanted Makino to smile with him too. But how could he... "That's it!" He stood up, grinning. Another 'brilliant' idea had come to mind.. He grabbed a suitcase and began to fill it up with clothing. "It'll be perfect."

“You….you’re going to do what?” Makino exclaimed, eyes widening as she looked up at the curly haired leader of the F4. The cafeteria became silent as all eyes turned up towards the girl eating with the group of four. Makino shifted in her seat, embarrassed then cleared her throat. “Domyouji…”

Tsukasa balled his hands in to fists and rested them at his hips, grinning broadly as though he had done something incredibly great. “What?” he asked. “My mother’s used to having people do as she says when she says. This’ll show her. She’s finally pushed Domyouji Tsukasa to his point.”

“You mean limit?” Soujiro corrected, combing a hand through his dark hair then leaning back in his seat and crossing his arms over his chest. “Anyway, you’ve really done it this time Tsukasa. You’ve made a big mistake.”

“Hai. You’re mother’s a dangerous woman. She won’t take this lying down.” Akira added. “And you know she’s going to blame Makino for this.”

“It’s only for a day. My mother'sgoing to be in New York anyway and I’d never let anything happen to Makino.”

Makino, who had been lost in thought for the past few seconds finally replied, “Why me?”

Domyouji looked at Akira and Soujiro, blankly at first then looked at Makino and asked, “Isn’t it obvious?”

Makino blinked quickly. “Eh?”

“You really are kind of dumb, aren’t you?” Domyouji smirked. “I’m going to stay with you for a day.” He sat down in his seat and continued eating his lunch. The plans in his mind seemed normal enough to him and he saw no way they could fail.

“EH?” From Makino, Soujiro and Akira in unison.

Makino worried. Domyouji Kaede was a dangerous woman with plenty of connections. Could her family somehow be punished for Domyouji’s actions? And what was Domyouji thinking? He knew he couldn’t live the life of poverty, let alone live with Makino and her family. They had no room for him. Things were cramped enough as it is. “Wouldn’t you rather stay with Soujiro or Akira? Or…or one of your other many homes?” It wasn't like Domyouji to decide on something like this...but it was very like Domyouji to do something stupid.

Soujiro drank some tea and glanced casually between Makino and Domyouji. Soujiro was brave and he would always help a friend, but he didn’t want to cross Kaede-san. “We have many important guests this weekend for a tea ceremony, but my doors are always opened to you.” He said casually.

Akira nodded in agreement with what his friend said. “I won’t be home much this weekend, but you can stay.”

“Where will you be?” Soujiro asked with a raised brow.

Akira smiled. “Fujisaki’s husband is away for the weekend. I plan on taking her some place nice.” Fujisaki was Akira’s current interest, wife to a famous filming director. “But Tsukasa, isn’t it more convenient for you to stay at your beach home, if you want to get away for the day? When was the last time you went?”

“Didn’t you guys hear me? I’m staying with Makino.” Domyouji scowled.

Akira and Soujiro chuckled. It was almost as though they didn’t take Tsukasa seriously. This made Tsukasa’s eye twitch.

“Baka….” Makino sighed. What are you thinking? She thought, pressing her lunch box her mother had given her against her lap. “You can’t stay with me. There’s no room!” But Domyouji was off in his own world, peering over at all the other students…who looked back up at him eagerly and with fear at the same time.

“Makino, you know how stubborn Domyouji can be.” Soujiro chuckled.

“Hai…I know.” Makino looked over at the curly haired man and frowned slightly. “But he still can’t stay with me.”

The airport was noisy with the sound of people speaking in different languages, luggage being wheeled across the floor, laughter and people moving about. Rui Hanazawa grabbed his case from the rotating belt and carried it out. He had spent the week in France, visiting Shizuka and even though he had really enjoyed it, he was glad to be home. Mostly, he wanted to check up on what was going on between Makino and Domyouji.

He neared the doors and stopped at a familiar scene.

A pair of well dressed men opened the glass doors and two more entered, escorting a middle aged woman dressed in a dark blue business suit. The woman walked directly towards Rui and stopped before him. “Hanazawa-san.” She said, her voice cold.

“Domyouji-san” he greeted, bowing his head slightly. This satisfied his earlier curiosities. Already, he knew that Tsukasa was in trouble…and it must have been something serious for Kaede to come to the airport personally to see Rui. Kaede had a network in order to gain her information. She knew everythingthat went on with Tsukasa without ever having to approach his friends.He didn't think about it though, since he was sure that Kaede would fill him in on what was going on.

“I need to speak to you about Makino Tsukushi” That was Kaede’s style. Short and straight to the point.

Unlike the others of the F4, Rui did not fear Kaede and he had no problem saying ‘no’ to her. He stared at her for the longest time before replying in his usual quiet and bored tone, “Is something wrong?”

“We’ll speak in a private place” She replied, letting him know that he had no choice but to talk to her.

Rui was jet lagged but that wouldn't be an excuse to get out of Kaede's little meeting, so he sighed silently and waited for Kaede to turn and lead the way out of the airport. One of the men took his luggage and another opened the door for him. He wouldn't say anything to betray Makino's trust or to hurt Domyouji so he knew he'd be doing more listening than speaking. He looked at Kaede as the car pulled away from the airport.

"I want to know more about this pauper that's forced her way in to Domyouji's life"

Rui fought the urge to smile. She was wrong. It wasn't Makino who forced herself in to Domyouji's life...but the other way around! He shifted and listened some more.

"As the future head of the Domyouji financial group, Domyouji has no time for such nonsense or trash. He needs to be with someone pure bred. This pauper is confusing my son and instilling ideas in his mind that we have no need for. Do you realize how catastrophic things will be if Domyouji does not take over the company?"

Rui nodded. "Hai. But this isn't Makino's fault.She doesn't make him do anything..." If anything, Makino didn't really seem to care about alot of what he did.

"You're right. I blame Shizuka-san as well" Kaede replied.

His features tensed and his eyes narrowed.

"That little scene at her party. She defied her parents and got away with it. Now, Domyouji believes he can do the same. I won't allow it."

"Shizuka is not at fault."

Kaede smiled a crude smile, "Now that I have your full attention, let's talk."

Makino took a deep breath and wiped her forehead witht he back of her arm. Yuki had been given the day off so Makino had been taking care of all the customers on her own. Today had felt like one of the shop's busiest days. People had come in wanting to purchase three or four treats at a time. Okami was happy and Makino was happy too. She was just too tired to show it.

Okami came out from the back room and smiled at the empty display case. "This is a sign, Makino-san, a good omen!" The woman crossed anarm over her chest and pressed two fingers from her other hand against her cheek as she tilted her head. Makino knewthis pose well--it was the day-dreaming position. Okami would now tell one of her far fetched stories. She didn't mind the stories but she hated that she never figured out the lesson or meaning behind them until it was too late.

"Expect the unexpected, Makino-san" Okami finished off with a smile, turning her head towards the girl.

“I know it isn’t as good as the things you normally eat, but please, help your self!”

“Have some beer!”

“Oh, you’re so funny!”

Tsukushi closed her eyes and lowered her head to hide the fact that her eye was twitching with each and every compliment her family threw at Domyouji. You’re embarrassing me, she thought. She couldn’t believe this. She had gone on and on about how there wouldn’t be room and how it would be very uncomfortable for him…and here her family was, making him feel like a prince! He’d never leave now! Still, she had to admit (Though she’d never admit it to him), she admired the fact that he was so polite and well mannered.

“Tsukushi, eat your food!” Her mother reached over and swatted her arm.

Tsukushi flinched a little bit, pouted almost unnoticeably then looked at her brother. She frowned this time at the look of admiration on his face as he looked at Domyouji. She sighed and ate the rest of her food.

“It was delicious, Arigatou” Domyouji set his chopsticks on top of the bowl and bowed his head.

“Oh, no no. It’s nothing!” Mama waved her hand at him. “We’re so glad to have you wanting to stay here with our Tsukushi!” She nudged her daughter again. “Our home isn’t very big, but we have a place for you!”

Tsukushi perked to hear what her mother would say next. “What?”

“You’ll take my room and onee-san will share with me!” Susumu smiled broadly.

“Eh?” Makino jumped up out of her seat, only to be grabbed by the arm and yanked back down by her mother. “I didn’t agree to that!”

Domyouji looked at her, smiled, but said nothing. “Arigatou.” He said to them again.

“I’m going to bed” Makino decided, but her mother had other plans.

The two sat down together on a metallic picnic table outside and a few feet away from the apartment complex. They were hidden from the public's eye by large bushes on either side of the table. It made Makino uncomfortable and Domyouji nervous.

"Your family really likes me. You...like the coat I sent you?" He noticed she had burried her hands in to the sleeves and was hugging thejacket around herself to protect herself from the chilly night air. He was proud of himself and smiled. "I got your size right. It...looks nice on you."

"Ano...it's very warm. Arigatou Domyouji." She had made him something as a thank you gift but she'd give them to him later on tonight.

There was an awkward moment of silence before Domyouji began to chuckle. "You were so positive they wouldn't let me stay. Shows how well you know your family, ne?"

Makino smiled a little. She didn't have the heart to tell him that they had only let him stay because of his money. "Baka..."

"Oi!" Domyouji leaned over and nudged her. "Don't call me that!"

"Eh?" Makino nudged him back. She looked up at the sky and exhaled sharply. "Lets go inside before you get sick again.."

Another moment of silence as both thought back to their first date when they had been trapped in the elevator together. Domyouji had gotten sick and Makino had been forced to take care of him while they were there. They were trapped in there all night and the next day...rumors were everywhere. Makino blushed slightly and Domyouji blushed as well. Makino just didn't realize it.

That moment in the elevator...from there...everything between Domyouji and Makino had changed.

Domyouji stood up and shifted his weight from the front of his feet to the back. "There are too many lights here. You can't see the stars too well."

Makino looked up just as a shooting star went by. Domyouji obviously missed it.

Soon, Makino found herself in her little brother’s room, helping Domyouji get settled in. Domyouji was silent but the look on his face said it all. That smirk…

Makino laid out the futon and looked up at him. “What?”

“N-nothing” Domyouji turned his head away. He hadn’t realized that she had been looking at him while he was looking at her. He had dazed off. He looked around the room. This room was about the size of his bathroom…maybe a little smaller. He crossed one leg over the other. “Since your parents gave me dinner, let me treat them to dessert”

Makino sat on her knees and sighed, “Domyouji…is…something wrong?”

“Forget it.” Domyouji replied. “I’m going to bed.”

Makino blinked. Normally, he would have argued with her and somehow forced her to go, but this time he had given up. She nodded and stood up. “Good night.”

Domyouji stood up. “Makino. Tomorrow….we’re going to go see a movie.”

“We are?”

“Hai. Tomorrow at 3:00. Good night.”

Makino waited until she turned around to smile. That was the Domyouji she knew. She was relieved…a little. She leaned against the door then went in to her own room. A few minutes later, her mother came in to her room and handed her some money.

“Go run and see if anything is open! We need to have a wonderful meal for breakfast, in honor of Domyouji’s stay.”

“Mama, it’s late!”

“Tsukushi, we have to reel him in while we have a chance!” She pulled her daughter along to the door, then pushed her out.

As she headed down the road, a car pulled up in front. Makino immediately stopped…recognizing the car. The window rolled down and a familiar face came in to view: Kaede Domyouji…Tsukasa’s mother.

“I don’t have time for this nonsense. Get in. Now.”

Tsukushi looked to the left, to the right, then back towards her home. Akira had been right.

“Hurry it up. You’re wasting my time” The door lock clicked open and a man from the front got out and opened the door for Tsukushi.

She looked at Kaede, processing her words.

The woman nodded her head and the man pushed Tsukushi in to the car. The door closed behind her and pulled away from the side walk. She looked out the window and watched her apartment building to disappear. This was it! Kaede was going to break her down and tear her to shreds then leave her on the side of the road! Makino took a breath and waited.

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