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A white figure stood in the field, their black hair swaying in the wind. A pair of sapphire eyes gazed out into the pasture, waiting. Waiting for what she knew would seal her fate. The ground trembled as countless pairs of feet marched across the new land called Japan. Bowing her head, the girl smiled sadly. Tears slithered down her face caressingly. She felt them coming in more and more, seeking to enclose her. To lock her away for eternity.

"Hime." A voice called out coolly.

Turning gently, she faced her persecutor. Kagome inhaled and exhaled slowly as she gazed into those golden eyes.

"TaiYoukai." She whispered back, her blue eyes showing her plea.

Inu Taisho looked into the elvin hime's eyes. Her blue orbs showed her plea for life. His golden eyes closing as if too rid of her beautiful eyes, he sighed. This elvin princess must be locked for eternity. Her power even now caused him, Inu Taisho of the Western Lands, to tremble. He was the greatest youkai of all time and he was afraid of this being. His golden eyes hardening he knew why he must do this. If this girl was to ever fall under any evil or decide to vanquish the world she would be able to do so easily. If he did not do what his Father had told him to do....he would be jeopardizing both youkai and ningen races.

Raising his eyes to hers, he gazed steadily into her heart shaped face. "You know why we have come, Kagome. You understand why we must do as we have decided." He stated firmly.

Kagome hid her eyes beneath her onyx bangs as her tears once again dripped down from her eyes. The tears glowed blue as their contained power glowed with their owner's sadness. Inu Taisho shuddered at the mass of power surrounding the small girl. Stepping forward as he unsheathed his sword, Tessaiga, he raised the fang and leveled it to her eyes.

His army enclosed around the girl, their own swords rose. His amber eyes locking with hers, he shut out any emotion that might rise within him as he gazed into her wet ocean eyes. "Do not fight us Kagome. It would be useless." He ordered softly.

Kagome looked to the ground, smiling sadly. Yes. It would be useless for she would kill them all. They were afraid of her. Raising her head to them, she whispered, "You may lock me away now, Inu Taisho, but I tell you I am not evil or guilty of any heinous crimes to deserve such a fate." The girl whispered.

The smooth caramel of her voice made the youkai men glance at one another uncertainly. Surely not such a charming creature could have done something to deserve her destiny that they were told of? Inu Taisho stepped forward to her, his katana held to her creamy white throat. He watched her eyes widen in fear and once again had to suppress his urge to comfort the gentle creature.

"Midoriko." He commanded.

A figure came from the crowd of armed youkai and glanced into the girl's face. Smiling softly, she raised her hands. As she did, miko purification bounds wrapped around the elf’s wrists, pulling them together tightly.

"Bring her to the Goshinboku." Inu Taisho ordered firmly as he turned from Kagome.

The army began to march again making sure to surround Kagome. Walking with her head held up, she did the only thing she could do. Sing.


"Shine bright morning light,
Now in the air the spring is coming,
Sweet blowing wind,
Singing down the hills and valleys.

Keep your eyes on me,
Now we're on the edge of Hell,
Dear my love, sweet morning light, wait for me you've gone much farther,
Too far. "


The army shuddered at the heavenly tune to the girl's voice. Inu Taisho clenched his jaw. She was a nymph. A muse or something. To drive his mind to such thoughts as to freeing her was ridiculous. Finally the army and its leader halted in front of the large tree.

Kagome glanced up at her jail. Feeling the miko bounds urge her too it, she watched the tree's bark pull away. The tree groaned as it opened large enough for her body to fit in. Turning to the crowd, she smiled softly. "You do not understand what you have done. You can never lock me. I will be free." She murmured to them.

Nodding to Midoriko, Inu Taisho watched the priestess force her powers onto Kagome. Kagome inhaled and exhaled slowly as she allowed her body to be lifted and placed in the ancient tree. Feeling the hard bark against her silken clad back, she looked into the eyes of every soldier there. Smiling at them softly, she watched as the bark slowly covered her vision.

The bark closed until only Kagome's chest was visible. Her eyes soft with remorse, Midoriko raised her bow and arrow. Pulling the taught string back, she glanced at Inu Taisho. The great demon Lord nodded. Closing her eyes, the priestess let loose of her sealing power into the now whizzing arrow.

Kagome gasped in pain as she felt the edge pierce through her heart.

Tears leaking from her eyes, she could only whisper, "Hitotsu....dei.." Until the entombing blackness washed over her.

Watching the tree finally swallow the creature, Inu Taisho sighed. They were safe. For now.

Chapter One

Days turned into months, months turned into years. As the years waned by into decades, the jailed hime was forgotten and only a distant legend. As the decades slowly slid into centuries, all traces or memories of the powerful Elvin hime was forgotten.

Until one day, three centuries after the imprisonment of the elf, Kagome. Fate twisted to another figure. He who was her savior by accident. And possibly her only love.....

A pair of sun golden eyes glanced around the Western forests' coldly. The white figure stood regally in the shadowed bush as if waiting for something. Sesshomaru, Western Lord of Japan, stiffened as he heard it. That voice...

"Irassharu touho, Hanatsu ware..."

His ears twitched as the heavenly voice once again whispered in his mind, the echoing melody hypnotizing his senses. Growling, his amber eyes narrowed angrily. Was this the work of a youkai? Or perhaps a witch?

Turning to the Northeast, Sesshomaru looked frostily before him. The voice was leading him to a place he wished to never have to enter again. InuYasha's forest.

Children danced in the forest, squealing with delight. A little girl giggled as she tripped over a large branch. Blinking, she looked up in awe. The three other boys and girls stopped their run. Standing up shakily, the child felt her little mouth drop open in astonishment.

"Goshinboku.." She whispered.

little boy stepped forward and froze. The tree. It changed? His little heart pumping fast, he slowly brought his hand up to touch the bark. The other children stood behind him quietly, watching in fear and shock as he walked to the ancient tree.
Inhaling and exhaling loudly as adrenaline pumped throughout his body as his fear spiked, the boy stood on a few inches from the mighty tree of time. The children seemed to become frozen as time as they waited. What they were waiting for they didn't know.

A scream pierced the air as the tree began to groan loudly, the bark trying to pull away from the trunk. The children backed away, their eyes wide.

"Hush morning light,
the evening is coming..."

A voice sang softly.

The little girl screamed in fear as the tree pulsed before her dilated eyes. Stumbling back, the group ran back to their village.

Black shoes walked through weeds and tall grasses silently. Sesshomaru continued to stare in front of him coolly, his blank face not portraying any emotion. It seemed that his feet had a mind of their own. They seemed to be carrying him somewhere. Some where in InuYasha's Forests.

His eyes narrowed as a breeze picked up and gently twirled his hair in its invisible fingers. He was growing closer to his destination. His eyes flicking to his sword Tokijin, he nodded with confidence. If this was the work of an enemy, he would be sure to destroy such an annoyance.

Gasp. Pant.

Warmth spread through fingertips up slender arms. The finger tips twitched as the mouth parted as the being began to breathe. The chest of the creature raised and lowered magically as it had not done in so many centuries.

Blue light seeped from the figure in the darkness and seemed to fill all the cracks and indents in the bark, lighting it up in a maze of blue light. She was awakening.

Sesshomaru felt his body stiffen and halt as he stood in a clearing. His eyes slowly assessing the area around him, his eyes were instantly drawn to the massive tree before him. His eyes slanted as he watched the blue light fill the lines between and in the bark. Something was residing in this tree. This anonymous being had called him here. But why?

"Keep your eyes on me, Now that we are on the edge of Hell.."

Sesshomaru froze, his eyes widening a few millimeters. That voice...it was her. She who had brought him here. His face stoic, he glanced at Tokijin. His claw wrapping around the hilt, he unsheathed the ken.

The sound of metal rubbing against the wood sheath filled the sound in the forest. Birds had stopped their delighted chirping and an odd dark shadow had magically been cast upon the woodland.

His amber pools narrowing with suspicion, the TaiYoukai raised his ken in the air and held it to the tree and waited for a response.

He watched the tree pulse in time with the sword. 'This Sesshomaru must see who has such a power to control my own blade.'

Swinging the sword elegantly through the air, he sent a massive bolt of jaki at the tree.

The tree groaned as it was met with the attack and the smell of smoking wood crept up the youkai Lord's acute nose. The dust clearing from his vision, the Lord's eyes widened a bit when he saw the tree.

Chapter Two



Dust blew away from his view, revealing something that made the usually stoic and emotionless TaiYoukai to show his shock. The tiniest widening of his amber eyes told his surprise as the scene was absorbed into his mind. Blue fog now poured from the tree and wisped along the ground, the grass blades softly bending against the powerful aura of the mysterious vapor. The tree pulsed in time with the soft breathing of the thing within the bark. That -thing- is what mesmerized him. The form in the tree was held in place by thick green vines that seemed to have grown inside of the trunk magically; as if to be this individual's bonds. His eyes fixating on the sight, Sesshomaru's eyes narrowed thoughtfully.

The living thing appeared to be a ningen woman but by her ki he could tell this was no ordinary creature.

A black head bowed against the bare chest which was covered by her knee length onyx tresses. Creamy, ivory skin glowed hauntingly as the veins that ran along underneath the skin glowed blue as the creature began to awaken. The fog twirled and hovered closely to the girl. She was breathtaking.

Inspiring. Dangerous.

His blank face back in place, Sesshomaru tightened his left claw on Tokijin's hilt as he prepared to either defend himself against this anonymous personnel or attack. His white haori sleeve gently ruffled in the wind, the noise seeming loud in the silent clearing.

Time froze as he watched impassively as the black-haired head slowly raised from the chest, the hands that were crossed against their owner's chest in an 'x' fashion now slowly pulling away from their stiff position. As those thin arms pulled away, Sesshomaru noticed something was sticking out of the girl's chest.

'An arrow. This girl has been sealed inside of the tree by a miko's arrow.' He thought to himself calculatingly.

Focusing his keen eyes on her now raising head, he watched the black hair fall from the heart shaped face. The youkai Lord's eyes slanted with curiosity and shock. This creature was beyond description.

Beautiful. Gorgeous. Mystical. All those entwined within one tiny form.

Long, fan-like black eyelashes swept against high cheekbones as they began to open. A full, pink mouth was soft and gently parted as it allowed the sweet air that had been deprived from it for so long within. A long, elegant nose graced the middle of the classical, heavenly features.

Sesshomaru watched stiffly as the face now leveled to his sight and the eyes now fully opened. He felt himself go still as he was pinned by those sapphire orbs. Large and deep, they seemed to go on for eternity.

Time and eternity slowly crept as the two beings looked and measured one another. Sesshomaru watched warily as those lips trembled and the beautiful blue eyes widen.

"Inu Taisho?" The soft voice whispered uncertainly.

***Three Hundred Years Ago***

Inu Taisho watched the bark cover the creature from view. Turning on his heel, he raised his head arrogantly with pride. “Move out. We will now return to the Western Lands.” He announced firmly to his troops.


The army muttered and whispered to one another as they reformed into their marching lines. Walking ahead of the army, his golden eyes hard, the TaiYoukai ignored the faint shuffling of bamboo shoes scurrying beside him.

“Doushite?” A soft, gentle voice asked.

Not even baring a glance to the miko beside him, Inu Taisho continued to lead his youkai army back to his Lands. “Midoriko do not ask such a question. I have explained the situation and it’s only answers to you. You know this is the only way to insure both our races existence.” He answered coolly, his tone hard.

The blue eyed priestess stared in front of her sadly, her full lips turning into a frown as her brow creased. What the dog Demon Lord said was true. Kagome, the elvin princess of the Central Lands of the Forest Terumohou, was something to cast into oblivion to ensure the safety of the world. Her people had been banished into the other realm because of their power and growing numbers by all the TaiYoukai’s of Japan.

Kagome, the strongest of her race, ran from her ancestral home and hid from them. When the Lords set out to banish her to the realm of the nothingness, Kagome fought back with her awesome powers, killing three of the Lords and injuring Inu Taisho.

Midoriko smiled sadly. She sensed Kagome’s pain and guilt when she had done such damage even if it was self defense. As a last attempt to right herself, Kagome had allowed them all to entrap her in the Time Tree for they were just not capable to even injure her a significant amount.

Stopping her walk, the supreme miko turned and stared at the tall tree in the distance. Her eyes hardening and her face smoothing it’s wrinkles, she sighed.

‘How long will the Goshinboku hold Kagome?’ She thought to herself.

Her hand clenching around her bow, she righted her quiver of arrows on her left shoulder and continued walking with the youkai army. She had done her duty. As the miko of Japan, she was indebted to do whatever she could to protect ningens. Even if it mean doing something that she was against.

Chapter Three

Sesshomaru stiffened when he heard that quiet, hushed voice call the name of his Father. Looking into those large, ocean orbs, he pondered. How could this creature know whom his Father was? His Father was widely known but this being had obviously been sealed in this tree for centuries. How could she have known Inu Taisho?

He watched silently as the girl slowly drew from her crouched position in the tree. The arrow in her chest glowed blue then suddenly vanished like vapor in the air. A slim, white foot slowly met the dewy grass beneath the tree and when it did so, something happened. Sesshomaru watched in cold puzzlement as flowers slowly burst from the ground as the other foot joined the other. Raising his golden orbs to her bent head, he watched the silent girl remove herself from the bark, her nude form only covered by her thick, glossy black mane.

Her hair just touched the ground, making the blades of grass bend gently. Raising her head slowly, the being clasped gazes with the indifferent TaiYoukai.

"Inu no Taisho? Your aura has changed." She announced softly, her blue eyes gentle.

Sesshomaru glared at her frostily, his patience thin with this enigmatic person. "My name is Sesshomaru. I am the heir of Inu no Taisho." He announced coldly, his golden eyes hardening at the reminder of his pro-creator.

The creature's eyes widened. "Heir? You are his son?"

Sesshomaru turned on his heel, beginning to walk away. This girl held no interest to him.

"Wait, onegai. I do not understand...where is your Otou-san?”

Stopping his fast walk, the demon glanced coolly at the confused girl. “My Father died a long time ago. This Sesshomaru will not go into anymore unwanted details.” He announced frostily before continuing to walk into the forest, intending to return to his home.

Trembling, the girl raised her hand to her face. Was this a dream? Her lips shaking, Kagome smiled as tears leaked from her soft eyes. No. It wasn’t. This was real. She was free. Raising her face to see the white figure gone, she blinked then frowned slightly. Did Inu Taisho’s son not know of her? Surely Inu Taisho would have warned his son, Sesshomaru, of her in the Goshinboku where he himself entrapped her.

Her mind twirling, the girl sighed. No. Sesshomaru obviously did not know of his Otou-san’s previous precautions. Her eyes lighting with a brilliant blue light, she could not repress the smile that bloomed on her full lips.

Sesshomaru did not need to know about the past. She wished to live in the future. And so she would.

His eyes cold, Sesshomaru continued to walk away from the beautiful visage. How did she know his Father? And why was her aura so strong yet alien? His blank face not showing any of his puzzlement, he continued to walk through the Forests’ shadows. That girl was nothing but trouble. His primitive instincts warned him so. Yet….

He felt oddly lured to her.

His eyes narrowing, he stopped his fast walk, his silver hair ceasing it’s sway in the morning breeze. Slightly turning his body to the path that he was leaving on, his eyes narrowed thoughtfully. Should he allow such a powerful that had come out of a tree to walk around during this time? The time of the Warring States, when the youkai and ningens of this time were fighting for domination. Where brothers fought brothers and families were torn.

His feet shuffling silently , he turned and quickly was gone in a flash of white light.

Humming softly, Kagome glanced around her with large eyes. Everything had changed. The flowers seemed more vibrant. The tree’s more ancient. And the morning breeze more sweet then ever before. Giggling, as she skipped excitedly through the tall grasses, until suddenly her eyes widened and her body tensed.

Her breathing became more powerful and her body screamed. Her fingertips twitching, she looked around her. Something…no someone was watching her. Waiting for her. Licking her lips as the anticipation overwhelmed her, the young girl swallowed as her tongue seemed to have become thick and dry.

“What do we have here?” A smooth voice teased.

Turning, Kagome frowned slightly as youkai appeared from the dark creases of the woods surrounding her. Raising a black brow in question, she ignored their hot gazed on her bare body.

“Hai what de we have?” A second youkai questioned huskily, his eyes fixated on her barely concealed chest.

Her lips firmly shut, she glanced around her with awe. The youkai in this time seemed more strong then they had been when Inu Taisho was alive. And there seemed to be more races. Odd.

Feeling a claw clasp her arm, she looked up into the blue eyes of an obvious wolf demon. “You are my woman now.”

Kagome felt her lips part in shock and her eyes widen. Was this wolf youkai mad? Or simply delirious? Her black brows pulling together angrily as she glared at the arrogant man, she pulled her arm out of his tanned claw. “Do not claim me as a simple possession, wolf. I am a hime of the Terumohou Forests’; In the Central Lands. You have no power or right to proclaim me as your mate without my consent.”

Her tone was icy and powerful, shocking the youkai around her. Raising a black brow, the youkai leaned his face down into her small, beautiful one. “I am the Lord of the Eastern Lands; Kouga. You are in the Northeast, near my territory. I have every right and intention to make you mine.” He stated haughtily.

Her tiny jaw jutting out angrily, Kagome fixed her blue eyes on his icy ones. What an arrogant, egocentric idiot! Her eyes flaring, she released some of her concealed powers in the air, letting those around her know her powers and their warning.

Kouga backed away a bit, his eyes confused. This tiny woman had released such a powerful wave of energy? How? His cold, blue eyes locked with her dark, sapphire ones, he smirked. “Don’t try and scare me! I am strong and much more battle trained then a woman like you.”

Kagome raised a brow at this, slightly dazed at the creature before her. He was handsome in a rugged way. And stupid in a imbecile way. My, what a mix.

Sighing, she turned on her bare heel and started to walk away. She yelped in surprise when she bumped into an armored chest. Clenching her jaw, she looked up to see the smirking Kouga again.

“Onegai remove yourself from my path. I will not nor ever will be yours, Kouga of the East. Move before I make you.”

Guffaws of laughter rang at her soft threat, making her even more angry. Was there no respect for people of her status and power anymore? Was this Inu Taisho’s punishment for her birth? To entrap her in a time where she would be ridiculed and taken as nothing more than a dog? Her fists shaking, she pierced Kouga’s eyes with her now glowing one’s.

“Move, ookami. I do not wish to hurt you.” She ordered one last time, her voice soft and musical but taught with suppressed anger.

Smiling and winking at his fellow wolf youkai, he leaned into the girl’s face and blew into it. “Make me.”

Her mind blew as she heard the arrogance and supreme cockiness in his tone. Make him? She would kill him! Her aura spiking around her body, the blue waves of energy flared like a combusted fire.

Birds screamed as her energy filled the air, making the flowers wilt and the grass to lie on the ground. The tree’s groaned in agony as her powers laced the field with a powerful, homicidal power. Kouga backed away, his eyes widening as he felt his body slowly being crushed as he stayed near the creature.

Turning, he saw his men had already ran away, screaming in pain. Swiftly looking at the ragging girl who now raised her white hand in the air to send an attack at him, he froze when he saw a white orb fall to the dead ground in a flash of white energy.

Her eyes widening, Kagome stopped her attack when she saw that youkai. Sesshomaru.

“Cease your attack. This Sesshomaru does not have the patience to deal with you and this lowly youkai.” The TaiYoukai stated coldly as he glared at Kouga.

Huffing, Kagome glared at the arrogant youkai Lord. Just as his Father! Always ordering everyone around and thinking they would obey him without a second thought! The arrogance of dogs!

“You will not order me, Sesshomaru of the West. I am Kagome, hime of the Center. I obey no TaiYoukai.”

Turning to pierce the insufferable girl with his golden eyes, Sesshomaru pondered this. This girl was a princess of the Central Lands? There were no Central lands here in Japan. Only the North, South, East and West. Raising a silver brow at her, his blank face mocked her.

“Do not tell this Sesshomaru false hoods, girl.” He ordered calmly.

Kagome gaped at him, her eyes showing her puzzlement. False hoods? She did not lie! Unless….

Her eyes softening with sadness, Kagome bowed her head. Unless there was no such thing as the central lands anymore. Unless there were no more people of her race. Tears pouring into her eyes, she could on stare at the damaged earth beneath her feet. Her eyes widening in horror, she stepped back. This is why Inu Taisho had locked her away…

Looking around her, she felt pain slice her heart as she heard the cries of fear form the animals and the pain of the tree’s and the plants. Her eyes widening with fear and recognition, she stumbled back. She was a monster. And so were her people. That’s why she had been locked away. That’s why there were no more Central Lands and the Elvin People. They were abominations.

“No….no..” She chanted to herself in whisper voice, her heart beating fast.

“What’s wrong with her?” Kouga asked suddenly, his ice eyes confused.

Without casting a glance to either male, she turned and fled from the scene fast. Sesshomaru glared as he watched the girl run. What she had discovered must have been the reason as to why she was concealed. Glancing around him, his golden eyes narrowed. So far, he had a thought as to why too.

“Do not harass that girl anymore, Ookami. I will kill you.”

Before he could protest, Kouga looked around him to see he was all alone. “Damn dogs.” He muttered before running after the strange girl and the TaiYoukai.


Chapter Four

Tears blurred her vision as the young girl sobbed. Stopping when she noticed she was in a thick forest, Kagome felt her knees give out as she fell to the moss covered ground. Her head bowed, her blue eyes dulled numbly. Everything dear to her was gone. Her family. Her friends. Her people. Inu Taisho and the youkai of Japan had banished them all to another dimension. She too was to be cast away but she had managed to fight back and earn only a sentence of imprisonment.
"Girl rise and look at this Sesshomaru." An arrogant, cold voice ordered smoothly.

Her eyes narrowing, Kagome looked up to see the TaiYoukai she hated most. The son of her enemy. Her eyes slanting as her body shook with her fury, the hime slowly rose from the ground and faced the youkai Lord angrily. "Do not order me, Sesshomaru or I will disintegrate you into nothing but a pile of ashes." She threatened calmly as her blue eyes clouded over with blue energy.

Sesshomaru glared at the girl silently, his angelic feature's blank of any emotion. She dare to threaten him? His thoughts racing, the youkai Lord pondered his next action. This small girl... this elf, was of superior magical powers to him. She was far more advanced and superior in energy attacks while he was more fixated on intelligence and brawn. If he was too attack her, this girl could use her telepathy to freeze him or her spiritual energy to erect a barrier.

Either way he could not pierce her thick hide.

His golden eyes hard with annoyance at the thought of meeting an enemy he could not triumph over, the youkai watched the girl as she stood nude before him, her blue eyes glowing.

A sudden gust of wind interrupted the stare-off and in a flurry of fur and arrogance, Kouga appeared in between the two rivals. Turning to the stiff Kagome, Kouga smiled his most charming smile. "Onegai, forgive me waga hime! I was just over come by your beauty and power that I assumed you would be impressed and captivated as I am if I were to introduce myself!" Kouga stated gallantly as he then bowed on one knee, clasping Kagome's tiny hand in his one large claw.

Kagome stared down at the wolf Prince, her face showing her surprise. Was this wolf ill or simply stupid? Did he not sense the hostility and warning in the air? Or perhaps he was just care-free? Whatever it was, he was annoying and rather endearing at the same time. Her blue eyes slightly softening, Kagome nodded. "I forgive you, Kouga of the East."

Kouga smiled cockily as he stood up, obstructing Sesshomaru's glare from Kagome. Smiling down into her small, perfect face, Kouga grinned toothily. "Would you honor me with your name, my beautiful hime?" He begged politely, his ice blue eyes lighting with adoration.

Smiling gently, Kagome nodded. "My name is Ka-go-me. I..." She paused her face becoming sad, "I was the elvin hime of the Central Lands of Japan." She murmured now, her eyes filling with remorseful tears.

Kouga frowned, feeling a pain hit his heart at the broken look on the beautiful princess' face. Clasping both her hands in his own, he puffed out his chest proudly. "If you have no where to go, Kagome of the Central Lands, then you can abode with myself and my clan in the mountains of the East. I swear under the full moon of the Kami's I will not pursue you if you wish me not to."

Kagome blushed her eyes showing her surprise. This Kouga certainly was odd. Her lips parting as she prepared to thank him a deep voice frostily stated, "No."

Kouga turned to see the silent, impassive youkai stare at him emotionlessly. Snorting at Sesshomaru, Kouga growled. "What do you mean 'no'. I did not ask -you- TaiYoukai Sesshomaru. I asked the beautiful Kagome. I prefer women to dogs." He growled haughtily.

Sesshomaru raised a silver brow at this, the only indication of annoyance with the Ookami. "Do not test my patience Ookami-baka. This Sesshomaru has no tolerance of idiot's such as yourself." He responded coolly, his face blank like paper.

Kouga now turned fully towards Sesshomaru, growling thickly. "Wanna say that again, Inu-teme?"

Kagome watched the exchange in surprise. Sensing the aura's of both males flare, the hime quickly came to the conclusion Kouga had no chance against the youkai Sesshomaru. Walking in front of the snarling Ookami, Kagome glanced at Sesshomaru. "I thank you for your offer, Kouga, but I must try and find my people and my lands." She quietly announced as she graced the dumb-struck wolf with a beautiful smile.

Feeling goose bumps rise on his arms at the perfection and sweetness of those lips, Kouga coughed and nodded. "Then I will leave you, waga Kagome-hime. But if you ever have need for a home or a -real- youkai," Kouga fixed the word with contempt, ignoring Sesshomaru's narrowing glare, "Then you know who to call."

With a wink and smile and a swish of dust, Kouga of the East was gone. Ignoring the silent and beautiful Sesshomaru, the girl turned on her heel and began to walk into the forest. Sesshomaru watched the head-strong girl angrily, trying to keep his cold facade in place. Never had he had the undesired mistake of meeting an arrogant wold he would love to introduce to his poison claw and a girl of ultimate power he would kindly like to beat into submission.

"Where are you going, girl?"

Kagome stopped when that rich, smooth voice made her freeze. Her eyes flashing angrily, she turned and glared at the tall, white figure.


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