By KimTomPW
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Chapter One

Jason Lee Scott, Billy Cranston, Kimberly Ann Hart, Zachary Taylor, and Trini Kwan were walking through the park after school, unaware of what was about to happen to them.

“Kim, Tommy’s coming still, right,” Jason asked.

Kim turned from Trini to look at Jason.

“He was when I last checked with him. That was right before the beginning of third period.”

Kim sighed and looked down. The painful memory was still there. She wondered if it would ever heal. It had been a couple of weeks since Lord Zedd took Tommy’s powers away from him.

“Man, if it wasn’t for that witch Rita, he would be here with us right now,” Zack said.

Tommy had felt weird around everyone after he had lost his powers. He had been spending less time with them after school. No one saw him around school lately but Kim. She would make sure to run by his locker before the first bell rang in the morning.

“Why did she have to make that damn candle? He’s been sending more time with his Uncle than his own friends,” Zack sighed.

“It’s just going to take some time Zack,” Kim said. “Rita taking his powers were one thing, but Zedd doing it is totally different. I thought he wouldn’t be the same after he lost them the second time. I’m just glad he’s even talking to us. Who knows how he feels.”

“Don’t you know, Kim,” Jason asked.

“Not fully,” Kim admitted. “Reading his mind is very difficult to do.”

The next thing they knew, a man, around thirty-five or so, was stopping them.

“Hello, I’m Walter Jackson. I was wondering if you would be interested in portraying the Power Rangers in my TV show.”

All their hands were spinning. What would their parents say, or more importantly, what would Zordon say? Why would this man ask them to do something like this?

“Um, can we get back to you on that,” Billy asked. “Our parents must first be notified about this.”

“Sure thing, but if you’re not sure about the fighting, we’ll have doubles.”

“Who said we needed doubles,” Trini asked as putties appeared.

Shit, not good,” Jason said to himself.

“Don’t worry Mr. Jackson, we’ll show you we don’t need doubles,” Kim said as she dropped into her fighting position.

“Don’t you think he’s going to question when the Power Rangers are a no show,” Zack whispered to Jason as he took down a putty.

“Oh shit, I didn’t think of that.” Jason realized.

“Good thing there isn’t a lot of them,” Kim said.

“We’ll take them down in to time,” Trini said.

“Well kids, you really showed me what you’re made of. I mean the Power Rangers didn’t even have to come,” Mr. Jackson said.

“I guess in a way that’s good,” Kim said

“Anyway, I really hope you consider this. Take care.”

“Bye, Mr. Jackson,” they all said.

Everyone took a huge sigh. Their cover was not blown. Not yet anyway.

“That was a close one,” Billy said.

As Walter walked away, he bumped into another teen wearing a white under shirt covered by a green jacket.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” said the young man.

“That’s alright son.”

The yelling of the teens name made Walter’s head turn. His eyes were fixed on the longhaired teen.

“Tommy,” the girl in pink yelled.

Kim jumped into his arms and kissed his cheek.

“That’s them,” Walter said with a smile, “that’s my Pink and Green Ranger.”

“Zordon, we’re not going to do this unless you say so,” Jason said.

“Indeed,” Billy added. “This wont work without your permission.”

“This will be a real test on your abilities to keep your identities a secret,” Zordon said.

“Was that a yes,” Kim asked, looking at the rest of the team.

“I think it was,” Trini said.

“Affirmative, Trini,” Billy smiled. “It was.”

As fast as you could say ‘morphin’, they were all intertwined with each other.

“What about Tommy, Zordon? What if they want him as the Green Ranger,” Kim asked.

“That is totally up to him, Kimberly,” Zordon said.

“Do you really think there’ll be a Green Ranger? And if there is, will he even want to relive it,” Zack asked.

“I don’t know. I’m just saying if. I know it’ll be tough for him for sure, but maybe it’ll make him feel a little better,” Kim said.

“I don’t see why there wouldn’t be a Green Ranger,” Billy said. “He was a big part of the team.”

“That would be so awesome if Tommy was able to be with us,” Kim smiled.

The next day after school, everyone went back to the park to meet Mr. Jackson, but Kim stopped somewhere first before going.

Kim took a deep breath as she knocked on the door. The woman that answered it smiled.

“Oh, Kimberly, how are you sweetheart,” Mrs. Oliver asked.

Tommy’s adopted mother was extremely nice, and loved Kim to death.

“I’m fine Mrs. Oliver, and yourself?”

Mrs. Oliver always had a smile on her face. Nothing ever seemed to bring her down.

“I’m doing great.”

“Listen, may I steal your son for just a second,” Kim asked.

“Let me get him,” Mrs. Oliver said.

She turned to the kitchen.

“Thomas, you have a visitor.”

Kim smiled as Tommy came to his mother’s side.

“Hey Kim,” he smiled.

His mom looked at both of them and cleared her throat.

“I’ll leave you two to chat.”

“Well, are you coming,” Kim asked.

“Coming where, Kim?”

Tommy had no clue what Kim was talking about. She could not possibly mean the studio, could she?

“TV show… I got worried when you didn’t say you were coming,” Kim said.

“He said nothing about me… did he,” Tommy asked.

“I’m sure he has your part for you.”

Tommy sighed. Playing something he wasn’t did not go over too well with him.

“It hasn’t been my part in a long time, Kim.”

“But wouldn’t you want to relive it again? Even if it’s like this?”

“You know I’d give anything to be a Power Ranger again, Kimberly, but I don’t see it happening.”

“Please, Tommy, do this for the team. It’ll be fun with the six of us again. Like old times.”

“Alright. I’ll do it.”

“Great,” Kim smiled.

She kissed him on the cheek. Tommy smiled, seeing that Kim was happy for the first time since losing his powers.

“Wait. Your mom said yes?”

“Yes thank God. Now come on.”

“Here’s the thing, I haven’t told my parents cause I had no idea about this,” Tommy said.

Kim rolled her eyes and pushed Tommy in the house.

“Well, you better get your ass in there and ask.”

A few minutes later, Tommy walked back to Kim and closed the door and headed for Kim’s car.

“I’m so happy they said yes Tommy.”

“Me too,” Tommy smiled.

“Hey bro, I thought you weren’t coming,” Jason said as Tommy and Kim walked into the studio.

“Kim had to drag me,” Tommy joked.

Kim laughed as she playfully hit his chest.

“Great, are we all here,” Mr. Jackson asked.

Walter then noticed Tommy was also there.

“Oh Mr. Oliver, you’re here.”

“I’ll leave if you want me to.”

Tommy began walking towards the door.

“Don’t be silly boy, I was hoping you would be here.”

He turned and tilted his head a little.

“Really,” Tommy asked.

“Told you,” Kim whispered in Tommy’s ear.

“Yeah. As I was saying, is everyone here,” Walter asked.

“All accounted for,” Billy said.

“Good. Now for casting what Ranger you will be.”

They all looked at each other. Kim bit her lower lip. What color was he going to pick for them?

“Mr. Scott, you have the most leader qualities. You’re the Red Ranger.”

“Can we just pick our own color,” Zack asked.

“If you want I guess.”

Everyone tried to act like they had no clue what color they were.

“I call black,” Zack quickly said.

“No fair, I wanted to be the Black Ranger,” Tommy teased.

“Dude, no way. Green’s more you,” Jason said.

“Alright, I guess I’ll be the Green Ranger.”

Kim gave Tommy a puppy dog look.

“I don’t know what Ranger I want to be. What do you think,” Kim asked.

“Pink looks hot on you.”

“Pink’s so your color,” Trini said.

“I guess that means you’re the Yellow Ranger, and I’m the Blue Ranger,” Billy said.

“One thing,” Mr. Jackson said. “The Pink and Green Ranger’s are dating.”

Kim and Tommy looked at each other that said ‘How the hell is he coming up with this shit?

“That’s fine,” Kim said.

“Let me guess, Tommy’s appearance in the show is later, right,” Zack asked.

The fact that he wanted the Pink and Green Ranger’s dating was hitting too close to home for Zack.

“Later in the first episode.”


“Zack, what the hell are you trying to do, blow our identities,” Trini whispered.

“Sorry, that was just weird. What if he is working for Rita,” Zack asked.

“He isn’t,” Billy said. “I thought it was a bit weird at first myself, asking us to do this out of the blue and everything, but I did research. He’s a producer of many kid shows.”

“Happy, Zack?”

“Very, Trini.”

“Alright people. Filming starts in a week at studio 6 at eight in the morning.”

“We’ll be there,” Jason said.

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