By Inell
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Willow lifted her head from the desk and yawned. She rubbed her eyes and then glanced at her watch. It was seven in the morning. She looked around the empty library and frowned. She had been researching for Buffy most of the night. She must have fallen asleep while reading. Thankfully, it was a Saturday. She stood and began putting the materials together. She left her notes for Giles, knowing he would be in sometime soon. She really wasn't in a mood to talk to anyone though and she had no intention of waiting. She hoped to get a little sleep before having to come back and do more research.

She hated this. Her Senior year in high school and it was the worst. Angel was back from Hell. Had Buffy told them? No, they'd had to find out by mistake. Xander was still dating Cordelia and the annoying bitch was constantly around. Oz had graduated and gone to college on the east coast. The new slayer had arrived and taken the spot that Willow had occupied a bit too easily. Buffy had replaced her with Faith. Willow never saw her friends anymore unless it was in class or they needed her for research. It had been that way for a little over six weeks now. She hated it.

She had seen them more these past few nights than she had in weeks. There was some demon that was rumored to be coming to Sunnydale to open the Hellmouth. Yet another one. This one had the ability to simply make his intended prey disappear, snap and they were gone. Of course, he had to have a certain hold on them and there were rumors that whatever it was he did was more painful than any torture. She personally had no intention of finding out. So, the group had been trying to find the means necessary to combat the demon when and if he did arrive. She really didn't understand why demons were so damn stupid. They always came to open the Hellmouth and they were always defeated by Buffy and the gang. You'd think they'd have some sort of webpage listing the hellmouths that were safe and not protected by a slayer. Stupid damn things, she thought to herself as she shelved the last book.

She walked into the early morning sunlight and headed home. She thought over her life these last few weeks and almost laughed. What life? She had cleaned her house from top to bottom twice already. Her parents were lecturing in Madrid for another four months and didn't even think they'd be back for graduation. Not that she really cared. She'd rather be alone than deal with them. She had been around her parents less in her life than most of her teachers. She smiled as she watched a squirrel run along the telephone wire. Spring was in the air. She made it home quickly, thankful to be able to get some sleep. She'd drifted off for about three hours at the most and it was finally catching up with her. Let the others be research boys and girls. She was tired of it.

She shut her front door and headed to her room. She stripped her shirt off, pulling her shoes off and leaving them on the stairs. She was exhausted. She'd pick them up later. She walked into her bedroom, her eyes immediately going to her window. She smiled slightly as she saw it. He'd been by again last night. She moved across her room, many emotions wandering through her mind. Fear mixed with wonder, excitement, worry and happiness. She opened her terrace doors and walked onto the balcony. She removed the single white rose and breathed in its scent. She opened the card, reading the words.

'Red, Soon.....You will be mine......'

She again felt the rising fear at the simple words. She moved into her room, sitting on her bed. She placed the rose in a vase along with three dozen others of various colors and maturity. She let her fingers drift over one that was over three weeks old. She felt the petal fall into her hand as she caressed it. She had an admirer. She had no idea who on Earth it could be, but every morning for a little over a month she had been greeted with a rose on her window. In the beginning, they had been accompanied by bits of poetry. Wonderful poetic words of love, desire and lust. Lately, there had been notes. Various words that convinced her that whoever it was was watching her. That scared her, yet, at the same time, it excited her. She had never imagined being the type that someone would want from afar. She wished she knew who it was, but the mystery of it all was part of the romance. She knew he watched her. The last week or so she had been able to sense following her...protecting her from the evils of the night. She felt safe in his presence even as she felt fear. It completely confused her. But, every morning, no matter how bad the previous day had been, she had a rose to remind her that someone loved her. She laid down, her green eyes on the vase of pretty flowers. Someone wanted her.

"Because, you wouldn't enjoy it" Buffy said, speaking to Willow as if she were seven instead of seventeen.

Willow frowned, "Who are you to know what I would or wouldn't enjoy?"

Buffy rolled her eyes and glared at Willow. "I know you Willow. Trust me. You don't want to go. Besides, it's not like you'd have a date."

"Harsh, B" Faith spoke up, glancing at the redhead then back at her fellow slayer.

"Stay out of this Faith" Buffy said, her eyes still on Willow.

"Fine. I can tell when I'm not wanted" Willow said softly, her voice strong but inside her tears already forming.

"Oh great, now we get the little pity party" Cordelia said, rolling her eyes and glancing at Xander.

"Yeah Wills. Buffy is right. You'd be out of place." Xander said. "It's a dance, for couples. You don't date."

"You wouldn't have fun" Buffy said matter of factly. "You can stay here and finish that research."

"Just admit that you don't want me there" Willow said, her eyes on the book in front of her. It had been six days since she had fallen asleep in the library. Friday night and the Bronze was having a Spring Dance for Sunnydale high. For the couples of Sunnydale high, that is.

Buffy took a deep breath, exchanging a glance with Xander and Cordelia. "Fine. You want the truth? You're right. We don't want you around. We want to have fun without you messing it up. You're boring Willow. Face it. You don't have a boyfriend. Hell, the only friends you do have are us. So, just work on that research and then run along home."

Willow closed her eyes, not letting her friend's words get to her. She heard the doors open and close as they all left chattering about the dance. She noticed the book pulled from in front of her and looked up, blinking away the tears. She saw Faith open the book, the brunette not looking at her. "Aren't you going with them?"

"Nah, why would I want to spend time with that bitch?" Faith asked, looking up with a smile. "When I could research with you? Besides, I'm single too. I wouldn't quite fit in with Bitchy and her entourager now would I?"

Willow smiled softly, surprised that it was Faith who had stuck by her. She didn't even think the girl liked her, much less would choose her company over Buffy. She suddenly felt a little better, "Thanks Faith."

Faith nodded, "Not a prob, Red. I hope we can be friends. Out of all of them, you're the only one I can stand."

In the stacks, a shadow smiled slightly before moving back. He felt anger for the damn bimbo slayer and her hurtful words to his Willow. She'd pay. He'd make sure of that. Until then, he had some roses to buy. She needed to be reminded that she was loved.

"I'm finished" Willow said, looking up at Faith. The brunette looked up from her book and smiled.

"Yay." Faith said, slamming her book closed. "Talk about dry and boring."

Willow watched as the slayer stood and stretched. For the past hour the girl had fidgeted in her chair and moved around. Willow knew that the slayer must not be used to spending time in one place. She smiled, "You can leave now. Thanks for staying and keeping me company, in a way."

Faith frowned, "I'm not leaving yet. You still have to get home, Red."

"I'm a big girl. I can walk alone" Willow said, not wanting to mention her protector to the brunette. She still hardly knew Faith and wasn't sure what the other girl would say about her admirer. With Buffy's words still fresh on her mind, she was too worried to share something that personal at the moment.

"Not with me around, you don't" Faith said, her look giving no room for argument.

Willow laughed, "Fine, Miss Bodyguard. You can walk me home."

Faith smiled, "Never realized it was a choice, Red."

"Cocky thing aren't you?" Willow said, her tone light and playful for the first time in months.

"Fuck yes" Faith said. "'sides, I'm not about to have your drained body on my conscience. Get your stuff, little girl. We'll head home."

Willow just rolled at her eyes as she gathered her books. "Yes mother. Come on."

The girls had walked a few blocks from the school before Faith paused, a scowl on her pretty face. Willow looked at her, wondering why they had stopped. They had been talking the entire way, just getting to know each other. She had been surprised by the things they had in common. "What is it Faith?"

"I can feel someone...watching us" Faith said, looking behind them into the shadows.

"Oh...it's nothing I'm sure. Come on. We still have a ways to walk." Willow said, grabbing Faith's hand and dragging the slayer behind her.

Faith still felt the presence behind them. It wasn't threatening. That's what really bothered her. "Red, do you know who is following us?" she finally asked after another couple of blocks.

Willow's face turned red as she blushed. Thankfully, the night was too dark for Faith to see her new color. "Um...not really, but he won't hurt us."

Faith suddenly smiled, "Uh oh....Will's gotta secret....Will's got a secret."

"Faith! Shh" Willow hissed, her eyes darting into the darkness behind them.

"Come on, Red. Spill. Who is it and why is he following us?" Faith asked as they neared Willow's house.

"I told you. I don't know who he is." Willow said, moving to sit on her porch steps. "But, I know he won't hurt us."

Faith sat down too, her dark eyes on the redhead. A dreamy look had crossed the girl's face, giving her green eyes a slight sparkle. Faith realized that the girl was in love. "How do you know?"

Willow shrugged, "Just do. You see, he's been leaving me flowers and poems for the last few weeks. Every night he follows me home to make sure no one gets me. He says the nicest things in his notes."

Faith leaned against the rail, thinking about it. "A secret admirer. You don't even know him do you?"

"No. But, he makes me feel special...he makes me feel loved. What harm is there in that?"

Faith had to smile. She had watched how the girl's so called friends treated her. If this guy was sincere, she was all for the redhead finding love. She hadn't been lying when she told Willow that she was the only one she could stand. The others, Bitchy and the morons, they just pissed her off. Willow she liked. "None that I can see."

Willow smiled, relieved that Faith wasn't going to push it. "Thanks Faith. Oh, and please don't mention anything to Buffy or the others....they probably wouldn't believe it anyway."

"My lips our sealed, Willow. So, you got some soda? It's too early to head home and I don't really want to run into Bitchy and the merry men."

"Sure. Come on inside." Willow said, calling out to Faith as the girls started inside the house.

Faith paused at the door, looking back into the darkness. She smiled slightly, wondering who was watching Willow. She spoke softly, "I can feel you, vampire. Know now, if you hurt Red, I'll kill you. You make her happy," she shrugged, "I forget you're my enemy. Got it?" After giving her warning, she went inside to follow Willow. She wondered if Willow had any idea that it was a vampire following her. If so, Faith had to wonder what vampire had fallen in love with Willow, not that that was hard to believe. She could see the redhead capturing the interest of a vampire. He'd better just not hurt her new friend. Faith was loyal to the end to the few people she considered her friends. Willow was now top of that short list.

Spike moved forward as the door closed, a smile crossing his handsome face. So, the new slayer was threatening him....he liked that. She had done it to protect his Willow. For that, he would protect her. He wondered if she would tell Willow that her admirer was a vampire. From the look on the brunette's face, he didn't think she would unless it became a problem. It wouldn't. He loved Willow...wanted her more than he'd ever wanted anyone. He could see how such an obsession had driven Angelus crazy with Drusilla. The one difference between him and his sire though was that he wanted Willow as she was, not as some nutty insane bitch. He'd get her too. Eventually. He could be patient when it came to something he really wanted. And he really wanted Willow. Whistling, he headed off to grab a bite to eat, knowing the girls would be up for a bit. He had a few more hours until dawn. He could eat and then head back and leave his gifts. Maybe even watch her sleep for an hour before he had to leave. He kept to the shadows, not wanting Slutty or Peaches to know he was in town. He'd managed to elude them for two months now. He had ever intention of keeping that up. No need for them to know he was around until he had Willow by his side, where she was meant to be.

Spike felt the blood of the man slide down his throat. He groaned in satisfaction as he dropped the dead body on the floor. He wiped the blood from his mouth, smiling as he strolled away from the dark corner. He looked at the sky, watching the half moon as the clouds drifted in front of it. Beautiful night. He walked to the floral stand and swiped several roses for Willow. He chose a pretty pale pink color for this day. Almost reminded him of her skin as she blushed. So pretty.

He got half a dozen of them, actually paying the vendor. This man had the most vibrant roses in Sunnydale. Spike couldn't resist keeping such a good supplier alive, for now at least. He was walking down Main Street when a store window caught his eyes. He moved to look at the display. A beautiful antique cameo linked on a silver chain was laying on a purple pillow. It reminded him of Willow. Classic beauty. She should have it, he decided. He glanced around, making sure that no one was watching. He then busted the window, grabbing the necklace and several other baubbles to make it appear just a random robbery. He walked down the street, strolling leaisurely as the police car sped past him to the antique store.

When he was a few blocks from the store, he tossed the jewelry in a dumpster, keeping the necklace in his pocket. This would be the first thing he had given her besides the flowers and poetry. He knew that today was as good a day as any. She really needed a cheering up and he was just the man to do it. He couldn't believe he had come back to Sunnydale and fallen in love with the slayer's little shadow. Of all the things he had ever expected to happen, that had never made the list of possibilities. But, here he was, two months and still lusting after the delicious redhead.

He was worse than his poof of a sire. He was leaving damn poetry for lord's sake. Him, William the Bloody, resorting to wooing the young human like some silly sap. But, it was working. She was already half in love with her admirer...with him. He just had to make sure she was ready to accept him before he made his identity known. He would risk being staked by the damn bitchy slayer if Willow freaked out. At least the other slayer didn't seem to mind him being a vampire. She'd threatened him if he hurt Willow. He honestly couldn't even imagine hurting the girl. He did love her, which in itself amazed him. Vampires weren't suppose to love humans. They were only meant for food. But, this girl was different. She was his. Or soon would be. Smiling, he wrapped the necklace around two of the roses. The cameo looked wonderful and he could imagine how it would look nestled between the valley of her breasts. He snuck up to her balcony and placed the roses against the glass. He caught site of her laying on the bed sleeping. He froze, not able to move. Instead, he crouched down and settled in to watch her beauty for the last few hours before dawn.

Faith moved from under the tree, her eyes on the blonde vampire. He was a hottie. Taking in those cheekbones and piercing blue eyes plus that adorable ass, she rethought that. A major league hottie. Willow was defintely lucky. Faith could sense the power and control he had. This was not some minion or young vamp. This guy gave off as powerful a vibe as Ange did. If anything, it was more threatening...more dangerous. She began to go back to her motel, secure in at least having a face to go with Willow's admirer. She'd keep her eyes open and her mouth shut and see what happened. She'd seen the roses and caught site of the silver hanging from them as he had ascended the balcony. He must not be too bad, for a vampire. Faith kicked at some rocks on her journey, glad that she and the redhead had become friends. She was so sick of Bitchy and the others that it was nice to just relax and enjoy the evening.

Willow smiled as she looked at the pale pink roses. She opened her balcony door and brought the bouquet inside. She saw the flash of silver and her breath caught. It was beautiful. She pulled the locket from the roses, her fingers tracing the cameo of the woman. She unfastened the clasp and put the necklace on. The locket fell to her breasts, resting right between them. She tucked the locket into her sweater, not wanting to answer any question about it. She couldn't believe he had given her something so pretty. His note had simply said, Beauty for Beauty. She had no idea what it meant, but it made her feel good. After her argument of sorts with Buffy the night before, the six roses had cheered her up more than just about anything else could have. She grabbed her bookbag and headed downstairs. She opened her front door and walked into the sunlight, her hand going to hold the locket through her sweater.

Willow went down porch stairs and began the walk to school. She stopped in surprise when Faith came from behind a tree. "Faith, what are you doing here?"

Faith shrugged, "Thought I'd walk to school with you. I told the Gman I'd be in to help research anyway."

"Oh...ok." Willow said, falling into an easy pace beside the brunette slayer.

"So, sleep ok?" Faith asked, a knowing smile crossing her full lips.

"Almost as soon as my head touched the pillow." Willow said, missing the look in Faith's eyes. "Thanks for hanging with me last night. After everything that happened, well it was nice to have a friend."

"No sweat, Red. Wonder if Bitchy is going to be there early" Faith wondered aloud, making a face.

Willow snorted, "Buffy in the library when it is something important to her well being?"

Faith laughed, surprised at the redhead's words. "Wow, Will. Didn't know you had cattyness in you. I like."

"I was just being honest" Willow said, "She tends to be a selfish self centered..."

"Bitch?" Faith offered with a smile.

"Well, I was going to say slayer but bitch works too."

"You know, Red. I think this is the beginning to a beautiful friendship" Faith said.

Willow groaned, "Gawd...corny much? I do love that movie though."

Faith smiled, remembering their evening at Willow's watching Casablanca and listening to tales of the admirer. The blonde she had seen the night before watching Willow sleep. She wondered if Willow knew the vampire or if he had just fallen for the girl from afar. Something in what she had heard and seen had convinced her that they knew each other someway. "It was good. But rather depressing. I had fun with it though."

"I'm glad. Xander has always hated it. Buffy never would watch it" Willow said. Faith heard the pain in the girl's voice. Damn Bitchy and the others for their hurtful words. Well, at least Willow had her now. Plus that undead hottie who was lusting for her. "So, what did Prince Charming from Afar leave today?"

Willow blushed prettily, "Six pink roses and this" she pulled the locket from her sweater and showed Faith.

"Wow...Nice" Faith said, looking at the cameo. "Uh oh, jewelry. This must be getting serious."

"Faith" Willow said, rolling her eyes. "I don't even know who he is. But it is pretty isn't it?"

"Yeah, it is. He chose well. It fits you." Faith said, looking at the antique locket and then at Willow.

Willow smiled as they continued walking towards the school. She tucked it back in her sweater, again feeling it settle between her breasts. "So, Giles blackmailed you into researching huh?"

Faith laughed, "Yeah. That man can guilt trip you with the best of them can't he?"

"I personally think he majored in it at Oxford. How to make teens feel guilty without being obnoxious." Willow said, her tone serious though her eyes twinkled with mischief.

Faith just laughed, "He must have aced that one then. Come on Red. Let's get some doughnuts and surprise the old man."

"Great idea, Faith" Willow said, following the brunette into the shop. She was glad to finally have someone to talk to again. She wondered why it had taken so long for them to start talking. She knew the answer though. Buffy. The blonde was doing everything lately to make Willow the odd man out...had been doing that for the last couple of months. Well, no more. Willow had her admirer and Faith. Buffy could just rot for all she cared. She could survive without the slayer's approval. And Xander could have the bitch and Cordelia both. She no longer cared. She smiled as Faith looked at all the doughnuts in awe. For the first time in months, she laughed on her way to school.

"So, when did you and Willow get so chummy?" Cordelia asked.

"What?" Faith asked, glaring at the cheerleader. "Is it your business?"

Cordelia's mouth twitched as she glared back at Faith. "I was just asking a question."

"God, Faith. You're such a bitch" Buffy said, rolling her eyes. "Cordy? Think about it? Why the hell would Faith be friends with Willow? They are on opposite sides of the universe."

"Yeah. Faith just feels sorry for Willow. She's such a skanky ho noone else will talk to her so she adopted lonely friendless little Willow" Xander added.

"Fuck you Harris" Faith shot back, shaking her head in disgust. She pushed back from the table and stood. "I'm outta here."

"Lovely girl" Cordelia said snidely.

Willow moved from her place in the stacks, her eyes looking at the group of people she had thought were her friends. She reached for her locket, holding onto it for reassurance and counting slowly. She didn't know them anymore. Hell, did she ever know them? They were horrid and viscious. She couldn't believe the things they had been saying about her. Did they think she was that horrible? What had she ever done to them? She walked down the stairs, her eyes on the floor. She sat down and listened as they continued to bad mouth Faith for a few minutes. They then went into a long discussion of the dance the night before and who had done what. She blocked them out, wanting to just finish her research and then find Faith. It had taken all of her determination not to lash out them for what they had said about Faith. But, she was scared. They were all she knew. She couldn't push them away. She didn't have anyone else. Even her friendship with Faith was too new to count in her mental argument.

"Willow, I need to borrow your Lit homework tomorrow. I'm not going to have a chance tonight to get mine done." Buffy said sweetly.

"Fine" Willow said, her voice controlled but soft.

"Cool. I'll look it over too then" Xander said.

"Guess we are Bronzing tonight then" Cordelia said.

"I'll call Angel and tell him to meet us there" Buffy said. "Willow can finish this research and then do our homework. We can go party then I'll patrol."

"Sounds like a good plan" Xander said, standing. "See you tomorrow Wills."

"Bye Willow" Cordelia said, smiling a fake smile.

"Tomorrow Will" Buffy said, waving.

Willow looked up, her eyes wide at their gall. They just thought she'd do their homework and their research and they could go have fun? She looked back at the table, anger running through her. They were starting to piss her off even more. She stood up, leaving the books open on the table. She grabbed her bag and rushed out of the library. She walked outside, stopping and laughing as Faith looked at her from her perch on the brick wall.

"Bout damn time Red" Faith said, laughing as she joined the redhead.

"Sorry...I couldn't get away" Willow said, smiling.

Faith began to walk beside the girl, "I wonder if Bitchy would be considered a supernatural being......"

"Maybe. She's a slayer...that's sort of mystical" Willow said, a look of puzzlement crossing her face.

Faith looked at her and smiled, "Well, see. I can hurt and maim supernatural creatures without feeling guilty."

Willow burst out laughing at that. "You're terrible!"

"Thanks" Faith said, smirking as they walked to Willow's house.

"Besides...Cordelia and Xander aren't supernatural and they deserve a good maiming too" Willow added causing Faith to laugh with her.

Willow thrashed around on her bed. She couldn't sleep. It was too hot. She knew she had a slight fever but this was ridiculous. She stood and moved to her balcony, opening the double doors. She felt a soft breeze and closed her eyes, enjoying it. She turned and walked barefoot back to her bed. She sat down, taking the glass of water and gulping it down. She had gotten a very bad cold that had hit her the previous day. She had missed two days of school so far and if she felt this bad the next day, she'd miss another. She had heard from no one except Faith and her admirer. She stood and decided to take a shower. Maybe that would cool her off. She headed into the bathroom, stepping into the shower.

Spike waited until he heard the shower start before looking into her room. He had been lucky. For a moment there, he'd thought she was going to see him standing on her balcony. He entered her room, thanking her for calling out a general invitation several nights before for the slayer. He'd been standing there so it had included him, unbeknown to Willow. He saw the trashcan littered with kleenex and the bottle of cough medicine laying by the bed. Poor pet. She was sick. He knew he didn't have much time. She'd only be in the shower for a half an hour. She never showered longer than thirty minutes. He hurriedly opened the picnic basket he had had packed. She had been so sick she hadn't been taking care of herself properly. Those so called friends of hers didn't care. Only the slayer had been by to see her.

He cleared her desk off and laid out the bowl. He opened the thermos and poured the chicken noodle soup into the bowl. He then set out the orange juice, hoping she liked orange juice. It was the only healthy beverage he could think of. He put out some crackers along with silverware. He then lit a candle and placed a rose in a pretty vase he had found the night before while hunting. He surveyed the scene and smiled. Maybe this would cheer her up. He hoped it didn't scare her that he had come into her room. Well, at least she had been the one to open the balcony doors. He hadn't had to break in as he'd originally planned. He set out the note beside her bowl and then headed out of her room. He jumped down from her balcony and headed out to feed. He knew she'd look outside for him after her shower. He wanted to see her face when she saw her present but it wasn't worth the risk of getting caught.

Willow dried off, still feeling warm. She looked in the mirror and scowled. God, she looked awful. Her eyes were puffy and watery. Her face was red and her nose was running. She sighed, wondering how long this damn bug was going to last. The only benefit had been not having to see Buffy and the others. No research. That had been nice. Faith had spent the majority of the afternoon over watching cheesy soap operas and talk shows with her. But, other than her, she hadn't heard from anyone except Giles. The watcher had been concerned telling her to drink plenty of liquids and just get better. She left the bathroom, freezing as she took in the site greeting her.

A smile of delight crossed her face. She knew she should be worried that some stranger had been in her room, but she trusted him. The slight fear she had previously had of him had faded. Now, seeing this, she felt more in her heart than she ever thought possible. She moved forward, looking at the soup and orange juice. She read the note and her smile deepened. It simply said, "Get well my sweet." She sat in her desk chair, the aroma of the soup wafting over her. She heard her stomach growl and realized she hadn't eated since the day before. She lifted the spoon to her mouth and began eating. She was already starting to feel better.

"Soup? He brought you soup?" Faith said, clapping. "Man, that's classic!"

"Wasn't it sweet?" Willow asked, smiling.

"Very sweet, considering" Faith commented.

"Considering what?" she asked with a puzzled look.

"Nothing" Faith said, looking at the tombstone and making a face. She'd almost spilled it then.

"Faith....what are you talking about?" Willow asked.

Faith looked at Willow, sighing loudly. "Damn it, Red. I didn't mean anything by it."

Willow studied her new friend. She knew Faith well enough now to know when the brunette was lying. "Faith. Considering what?"

"He's a vampire" Faith said, looking at Willow's surprised face.

She shook her head, "No...he can't be. I mean, he came into my room. He leaves me nice notes and flowers. Vampires kill."

"I felt him that first night, Red. He's the walking dead. But, he seems to love you. Hey, some vampires can be nice. Look at Bitchy's Wimpboy."

"Angel has a soul" Willow said, glaring at Faith. "And don't call him Wimpboy. He isn't that bad."

"Haven't seen him coming around when you were sick" Faith pointed out.

Willow shrugged, "Angel and I don't really know each other very well. He tends to hang with Buffy only. I think I've said a dozen words to him maybe. Of course, he did try to kill me too." She frowned, "I don't think he likes me that much either. Buffy told me that once. Said he thought I was a dopey kid. That he didn't like any of us."

Faith laughed, "Sounds like the perfect man for Bitchy."

"Wait a minute....why are we talking about Angel and Buffy? You think my admirer is a vampire...." Willow said.

"I know he is" Faith said, smiling at the redhead. "But, hey, he brings you soup."

Willow shook her head, "No way...I am not the type that would attract a vampire. Besides, the entire loving from afar thing goes against everything we've learned about vampires."

"Logic never works in love" Faith said with a smug look.

"Just hush" Willow said. "Let's finish patrol. I don't want to risk running into Buffy or the others. I've managed to avoid them since I was sick and I hope to keep it that way."

"Hey Red" Faith said as they began walking.


"There are benefits to having a vampire as a lover" Faith said, her tone amused.

"I do not have a vampire lover" Willow said. She then looked at the brunette thoughtfully, "What benefits?"

"He can go down on you and he won't have to stop to breathe" Faith sang out with a laugh as Willow's face flamed up.

"FAITH!" Willow said, having to laugh as she rolled her eyes. The girls continued to talk about the pros and cons of dating a vampire as they finished patrol.

Willow sat in her desk chair and thought over what she and Faith had talked about the night before. Her admirer was a vampire. She trusted Faith and believed her new friend. She knew she should have locked her doors and taken any precautions necessary, but she couldn't. She wasn't scared of him. He had never done anything that could be taken as a threat. He did seem to care about her. Right now, that was all that really mattered. Someone loved her.

She took the rose that she had received that morning and brought it to her nose. She wondered where he found such lovely flowers. They had the sweetest scent. She could be happy simply laying in their petals for hours. This morning, it had been a rose that was red with white tips. It was fantastic. He had left her a note saying, "Reminded me of you, my love. Fire with ice...." She again wasn't sure exactly what he meant by that, but it was sweet either way. She put the rose up and went back to her make up homework. She had missed three days of school due to being sick. Luckily, she had made it back on Friday and had been able to get her missed work to finish over the weekend. She had avoided the gang, only going in to see Giles to let him know she was still weak but feeling better.

She finished her math homework, glad that she really hadn't missed that much at school. Just some general homework she'd had finished pretty quickly and a small amount that was taking longer. She only had an essay left. She stood, stretching. She went to the bathroom and then went downstairs for a snack. She made a sandwich and poured some soda and then went back upstairs. It was only five o'clock. The sun was still shining and set her room on fire with a blaze of light. She read over her essay topic and started to think of what she should write. Instead, her thoughts drifted to the rose and her admirer.

It had been so many months now that he had left her roses and notes and gifts. She had enjoyed the secrecy in the beginning but now she was finding herself wanting to know who he was....to talk to him....to at least see him or know his name. She found herself dreaming these vivid dreams with the man in them just being a shadow. She could feel his touch but she could never see his face. She hated that...not seeing his face. She had made a big decision the night before after talking to Faith. She was going to stake out her own balcony. She had to see who he was. Tonight, she would find out his identity.

She smiled at how absurb it was....staking her own house out to find out who he was. She went back to her essay. Before she had her name on the paper, the phone rang. She picked it up, "Hello?"

"Willow?" it was Giles.

"Hi Giles" Willow said, wondering why he was calling.

"Willow, I need you. Library. Now."

Willow listened the dial tone and frowned, "Rude much?" she asked the air as she put the phone back down. She sighed, moving to find her coat and keys. She put the essay back in her folder, knowing she would be finishing it sometime the next day. Giles' voice had demanded immediate attention. Either a big evil was brewing or they needed research girl. She almost hoped for the former since things had been so quiet lately. She left the house, knowing that Faith would have been called to. She headed in the direction of the slayer's motel, deciding they could walk together easily.

"You are absolutely sure this is what you saw?" Giles asked.

"Yeah, I told you already. Big ridge things and the spines. That's him." Buffy said, yawning.

"He was ugly" Xander added, helpfully.

"Green and brown with these quills all over his nasty looking skin" Cordelia said.

Giles closed his eyes briefly, listening to them chatter. Were they so stupid they didn't realize what they were facing? He opened his eyes and re-read the passage underneath the demon's picture. He really hoped this information was false. If not, and going with as little research as they had been able to find on it, they were growing to be royally screwed. He could only hope that Willow had been able to find something he himself had missed. As it was, there was very little information on this demon. He did have a way to kill it, but according to all reports, this thing could simply touch you and poof, you were gone. Dead in a whoosh of smoke. How could Buffy get close enough to kill it without getting poofed herself? He glanced at the clock, tuning the insane blabbering of the others out as he waited for Faith and Willow. Maybe Angel would arrive soon and know something. There had to be another way to kill this thing. Hell, maybe the kids had gotten it wrong and this wasn't even who they were facing. Of course, they had been expecting it sooner or later. They were just not prepared. He reached into his desk drawer and removed his bottle of scotch. No time like the present to get snockered, he decided.

Spike looked at the pictures now covering his wall and smiled. The other night when Willow had been out with the nice slayer, he had snuck into her house. After going through her room and taking some things he had wanted to keep to remind himself of her, he had gone through a box in her parent's closet, taking dozens of photos of her. From what he had seen and heard, they weren't around enough to miss them. Now, he had her beauty even during the daylight. He of course had cut the slayer and others out of any of them. No need to ruin the image. He stood and began to pace. He was impatient for the sun to set. He didn't like this...not knowing where she was during the hours of the sun. Never before had he cursed that part of his nature. Of course, he'd never been in love with a human before either.

He was relieved when he finally saw the sun set. He left the house he had taken over and hurried to Willow's. The last few days she had stayed in or patrolled with Faith. No research sessions with the idiot gang at all since her illness. He was surprised to see her house dark. He knew it was too early for patrol so he knew where she was. He headed in the direction of the school, deciding to feed on the way. Knowing his luck, some new evil had arrived and was after the slayer. It seemed every few weeks another stupid demon came to open the hellmouth or to fight the slayer. They always lost. You'd think they'd damn learn by now. But noooo...they had to come in and ruin things. Well, he had no intention of Willow getting hurt in the crossfire so he'd find her and manage to remove her from the gang...keep her safe from the latest threat. Maybe he'd get lucky and this time the slayer would get killed. She bloody well deserved to be. He just wanted to make sure Willow wasn't around when it happened. Wouldn't do for her to witness the gory death of a friend. The thought of the slayer sufferring a gory death made him smile. Now there was a happy thought to start the night off right, he decided.

Willow and Faith walked into the library. Willow was surprised to see the gang actually researching. She smiled at Giles and said, "Hey. Got here as soon as we could."

"Um yes. Good" Giles said. Faith sat down and took a book, waiting to find out what to look up. "The demon has arrived."

"Great" Willow said, sighing as she sat down. "Are we sure?"

"I saw it" Buffy said, her tone irritated.

"OH...then it must be here" Faith said, grimacing.

"Shut up whore" Buffy muttered.

"Excuse me bitch?" Faith asked.

"Go to hell" Buffy shot back.

"Girls!" Giles said, his tone angry.

"Sorry" Faith said, glaring at Buffy. Buffy glared back.

"What do we know about this Hurvint?" Giles asked Willow.

"Not much" Willow answered. "He can be killed pretty easily. A shot through the heart is all it takes."

"That should be simple" Buffy said.

"His heart is in his throat" Willow added, remembering any details she could. "He supposedly can make people evaporate into a poof of smoke if he touches their throats and says this curse...some phrase and they're gone."

"That's what I thought. So, how close must the shot be sent from?" Giles asked.

"Never said. I'd assume a long range would work as well as a short range" Willow said, thinking about it. "But, it won't be that easy to get close to him."

"Why?" Faith asked.

Willow looked at her and replied, "Because he tends to have many people around to protect him. Vampires usually."

"So we get to go fight a bunch of vampires and then shoot this demon" Cordelia said, rolling her eyes. "Lovely way to spend a Friday night. Think we'll have this done by nine? I'd like to make the Bronze if possible."

"We have to find him first" Willow said, disgust in her voice as she exchanged a grimace with Faith.

"He's hiding out at the bluffs" a low voice said from the stacks. Angel walked into the room, having been watching the group for the past few minutes. He nodded at Buffy, before looking at Willow. "You're right. He has at least a dozen vampires guarding him."

"Why did I have to be right this time?" Willow asked dryly. She was surprised that Angel wasn't flirting with Buffy. She saw Buffy cast a glare at Angel before smiling sweetly at the group.

"Aren't you always right, Will?" she said, her tone sarcastic.

"Fuck off Bitchy" Faith said, defending her friend.

"Fuck you whore" Buffy responded back. It was bad enough that Angel was pushing her away constantly but now she was getting attacked by that bitch Faith.

"Buffy, get a weapon and shut up" Giles said, his tone giving no room for argument.

She glanced at him and stood, moving to get something that could shoot from a distance. She personally had no interest in getting close to this demon thing.

"So, we're facing at least a dozen vampires and then this demon too" Willow said, making a face. Great. There went her essay. Maybe she could get it done Saturday night. Not like she'd be doing anything fun. Buffy and the others practically had ignored her all night except to insult her.

"Good. I can finally kick some demon ass" Faith said, shooting Willow a smile. "Then maybe some ice cream afterwards."

"Oh goodie. Demon guts and then chocolate ice cream. Lovely combination." Willow said dryly, smiling at Faith.

"You two are crazy" Xander said, rolling his eyes. "Come on. Let's get this party started."

"Yeah. I want to make it to the Bronze" Cordelia said again, "Hey Buffy, maybe that cute Mike guy will be there tonight."

Buffy beamed, shooting Angel a cocky smile, "He said he would be if I was. Isn't he a hottie?"

Angel rolled his eyes, turning away from the girl he had thought was his soulmate. Why had it taken him so long to see what a self centered brat she was? He looked at Faith and Willow and smiled slightly. The only two of the gang he could stand, though he didn't know Faith very well. She had Willow's approval and to him that was a good enough character recomendation. "Have room for one more on that ice cream run?"

Willow looked at Angel shocked. She had never seen him smile except when he was evil. Now, here he was asking to hang with her and Faith rather than Buffy? She saw Buffy glare at her and she smiled at Angel. "Of course. After we kill this demon."

"Of course" Angel replied, glancing at Faith and catching the brunette watching him with a guarded look. She wasn't sure she liked or trusted him, he realized. She was very protective of Willow. That he had noticed. He wondered what exactly was happening with the gang. It seemed sides had been chosen and he was not on Buffy's.

"Let's go bag a demon" Buffy said sharply, standing and glaring at the gang.

Spike frowned at the idea of his damn sire going out with Willow even if Faith was around. He wasn't threatened that his sire would go after Willow. No, his redhead was safe from that. He knew Angelus had been a bit obsessed with her, but that would be more reason for Angel to avoid anything other than friendship. Besides, Angel wasn't Willow's type either. No, he just hated that his sire would be free to be with her while he was resorting to skullking around in the dark like some silly sap. Damn bloody Peaches, Spike thought racing to follow after Willow. He was going to make sure she wasn't in danger before he went to feed.

Willow fell to the ground as the vampire knocked her off her feet. She heard a groan as Xander was knocked into a tree. She looked up and saw blood dripping from a wound on his face. This was not as easy as they had thought. There were more than just twelve vampires. Willow had counted fifteen at least plus the demon. She looked up and saw the demon just sitting there watching with an arrogant smile on his ugly face. She got to her feet, dusting the dust and leaves from her butt. She saw Faith fighting off three vampires a few feet away. Buffy had dropped the weapon and was fighting off two of her own. Everyone else seemed to be holding their own against their own enemies. Except Xander who was still sitting on his ass.

Willow reached for a twig, facing the vampire that had knocked her down. She gathered her courage and began to fight with him. He tried to knock the stick away as she lunged forward. She heard Buffy's triumphant yell as she staked one of her vampires. Willow fell to her knees, grimacing as she scraped them on some rocks. She watched as the vampire laughed and came towards her. She suddenly was covered in a cloud of dust as Angel offered his hand. She stood, smiling in gratitude. "Thanks."

"No problem" he said, before turning and continuing his fight.

Willow dropped the twig and began to move towards the dropped weapon. Maybe she could shoot the damn thing and this would be over. She was stopped in her tracks as a scaly hand enclosed itself around her neck. She felt fear go through her as she looked up into red eyes that were burning into her. She tried to scream but couldn't get it out.

The others finished with their vampires. Buffy reached for the weapon, her eyes finding the demon. She froze when she saw him holding onto Willow. The redhead was hanging in the air, her feet barely touching the ground underneath her. She was clawing at his hand, kicking at him. The others faced the demon and wore matching surprised expressions. Faith was still fighting two of the vampires off to the side, their fight having moved into a clearing. "Let her go" Buffy said, her voice cracking.

The demon smiled, "Put the weapon down or she dies."

"Buffy" Willow squeaked, clawing at the flesh holding her.

"I can't" Buffy said, aiming the weapon. "You are not opening the hellmouth! Not let her go."

"Put the weapon down or she dies!" he screamed, his eyes flaming red as his grip on Willow tightened. He began to repeat words in a tongue that none of them understood.

Faith finished staking her last vampire, dusting her hands and smiling. She turned towards the others, freezing as her eyes scanned the scene. She saw the demon's mouth moving and saw his hands around Willow's neck. She moved forward, hearing his words. Buffy just aimed her weapon.

"I'm sorry Willow" Buffy said, her finger pulling the trigger.

Faith began to run. She screamed out "Nooooo" as she pushed into Buffy, knocking the slayer onto the ground. The others were watching the slayer's fight as Faith's fist rammed into Buffy's jaw. The brunette slayer's other hand lashed out and she heard the crunch as Buffy's nose broke. She stood up, leaving the broken blonde on the ground as she rushed to the fallen demon and Willow. She stopped, fear going through her as she saw the demon laying on the ground, a cloud of dust in the air around him.

She looked around the area, her eyes searching for WIllow. She fell to her knees by the demon, tears on her face. "Willow! Nooooo...."

Angel moved behind the kneeling slayer, his hands on her shoulders. She looked up at him, her eyes denying what had happened. He was surprised to see tears in her eyes and on her pretty face. "She's gone."

"No..." Faith said, her hands clenching the dirt in front of her. "I'm going to kill Buffy."

"Shh" Angel said softly. "Let me take you home."

Cordelia frowned as she realized that Willow had just been killed by the demon before Buffy could kill it. She then remembered Buffy's words. The slayer had made a choice. She shrugged, helping a dazed Xander to his feet. She assumed that Buffy had made the right decision. If she hadn't killed the demon, he would have opened the hellmouth. So, Willow had to die. She glanced at her watch and smiled. "We still have time to make it to the Bronze."

Spike laid his precious bundle on his bed, anger for the slayer and the others running through his body. They would pay, he vowed. Each and every one of them except for Faith and his damn sire. The fucking poof had saved Willow. For that, he would be spared. Unless he tried to interfere, Spike ammended. He looked at Willow, thankful he had had time to get her away from the demon before the bullet had entered it. He ran a hand over her face, brushing away a drop of blood with his finger. He brought it to his mouth, sucking it inside. He could see the bruises already forming around her neck. If the demon hadn't already been killed, he would have killed him for hurting what was his. He laid on the bed beside her, his arms pulling her unconscious body into his. She would sleep for awhile. When she awoke, they would have to talk. He finally had her in his arms, and he had no intention of letting her go. Ever.

Willow opened her eyes and looked at the ceiling. She felt something cool against her flesh and glanced to her right. Startled, she sat up and looked wide eyed at the vampire beside her. "Spike?"

Spike's blue eyes watched her cautiously. "Shh, luv. You've had a bit of a shock."

"Wh..wh..where am I?" she stuttered, looking around the unfamiliar room.

"Home" he simply said.

"What?" she said, her voice soft. She suddenly saw a vase of flowers and froze. A blush started to creep up her neck and across her cheeks. "You."

Spike just looked at her, his eyes unreadable. "Me."

"But...why me?" she asked softly, glancing at her hands that were holding the sheet tightly.

"I don't bloody well know" he said, looking at her in surprise. She had almost died because her damn friends had allowed it and she wanted to know why he had fallen in love with her? Silly chit.

"I mean....I'm not pretty or the type that would cause lust in a guy like you." She continued, trying to understand why he had chosen her. She felt his fingers brush against her face as he lifted her chin up.

"Yes. You. Are." He said, his lips claiming hers. He heard her gasp as he pulled her against him. This felt right. She belonged to him. He pulled back, his eyes raking over her face. "How do you feel?"

"Good" she said, her voice soft. Suddenly, she understood what he really meant. She felt his hands gently touch her throat. "Buffy let me die!"

"I didn't let you die" he said, his eyes burning into hers.

"No" she said softly, "You didn't."

"He hurt you" Spike said, brushing the bruises.

"Not much" she replied. "Buffy hurt me worse."

"She's a bitch" Spike said.

"I know" Willow said, sighing. She looked at him, wondering why she didn't feel afraid. Instead of fear, she felt desire and love. She licked her lips, her eyes on his lips. She couldn't believe that Spike was her secret admirer. He had watched over her for two months. She felt his fingers brush against the valley between her breasts as he caressed the cameo. Her breathing became ragged as she felt his coolness. She suddenly sniffled, "She was going to let me die....just a sorry Willow. My god...what if you hadn't been there?"

"Shh....don't worry, pet. She can't hurt you now. No one can. I won't let them. You're mine" Spike said, his eyes catching hers.

"It just hurts." She said. "Knowing she didn't care enough to even think about it. My life was so unimportant to her...to them all."

"Get some sleep" Spike said, hating the disappointment and regret her voice held.

"No" she said, shaking her head. "Oh my god, Faith. She thinks I'm dead."

"They all do" Spike said, sighing. "You need some sleep."

"I need to call her....tell her that I'm ok..." Willow added shyly, "Tell her about you."

He grinned at her words, "You can tell her about me later. Right now, you don't need to be talking to anyone. Let Bitchy think she killed you."

Willow smiled at his use of Faith's name for Buffy. He must have been watching them and listening all the time. "You know, you're right. BUT, Faith should know. I don't want her to be worried. She won't tell Buffy. She hardly talks to her anymore."

Spike smiled, "We can tell Faith tomorrow. Right now, you're tired. Hell, woman. You almost died tonight. Can't you think about yourself for once?"

"I didn't die though" she said softly, chewing on her bottom lip. "Someone saved me."

"You're ok with all this?" he asked, amazed that she had accepted it so easily. She hadn't batted an eye when finding out he was her admirer except to wonder why he had chosen her.

"Very ok" she said, bringing her hand up to enclose his and the cameo. "These last few months....you're what got me through."

"Well, don't let it out, ok?" he said gruffly. "Don't want people thinking I've gone soft and all."

She smiled, "I won't tell a soul. Promise. But, it meant alot."

"You're sure you're ok?" he asked again, knowing she should have felt some pain.

"Betrayed and hurt and my throat is sore" she said. "I hope Faith is ok....."

Her words were caught by his mouth as he claimed her for another kiss. He tenderly stroked her bruises, his free hand going behind her back and pulling her towards him. Months of desire overwhelmed them both as the kissed grew deeper and the caresses more heated. Willow felt his hand slide across her stomach as she melted against him. He held onto her tightly, thankful that he had been quick enough to save her. Willow decided that telling Faith could wait. She didn't want to leave his arms.

Faith wiped her eyes, anger still spreading through her. She felt Angel's hand on her back as he walked her down the street. She couldn't believe Willow was gone. She had finally found a friend only to lose her so soon. She looked at the houses they were passing, tears in her eyes. Suddenly, she frowned, "Wait. This isn't the way to my place."

"I know" Angel said softly, still shocked that Willow was dead. It had happened so fast he still hadn't accepted it.

"Where are you taking me?" Faith asked, her voice resigned. She was too upset to fight anyone. Besides, Willow had trusted Angel. To her, that meant a lot.

"My place" Angel said, running a hand through his dark hair. "I didn't think you should be alone tonight and I have the extra rooms."

"Oh" Faith said, strangely touched by his concern. She knew he was suppose to be her enemy, but she just wasn't in the mood to deal with hating anyone but Buffy and her little group of friends. She looked at the house where Angel had stopped. She had never been inside, but she had seen the mansion while out walking with Willow.

"Home sweet home" Angel said dryly, opening the door and letting the slayer walk inside. He followed her to the living room, his eyes watching her warily. He didn't know her very well, but he knew enough to know that she was on edge. He wanted to make sure she didn't fall over that edge.

"I can't believe she's gone" Faith said, her voice thick with emotions she would never speak of.

"It's my fault" Angel said, his eyes guilty.

"What?" Faith demanded, recognizing the broody look Willow spoke of.

"I should have reacted" Angel said. "Damn it. I'm a vampire. What purpose is this speed if I can't even save a friend?"

"I should have gone for Willow instead of Buffy" Faith said softly, looking at her booted feet. "I could have pulled her loose...instead I hit Bitchy...what good did that do?"

"You tried to stop Buffy" Angel said. "I should have used that time to grab Willow. But, I was frozen. I couldn't believe Buffy just let it happen...I expected her to do something...."

Faith leaned back, closing her eyes. "Let's just agree that it was Buffy's fault. We both could have done things differently, but we still might have been too late. Fuck, she's gone."

"I still can't believe it" Angel said softly, surprised by the emotion the slayer was showing him. She didn't strike him as the type to be weak so he felt almost priveleged that she was allowing him to see her true feelings. "If I had only tried..."

Faith started to scold him before she froze. "Wait a minute...you said something about having vampire speed?"

He nodded, "One of the few perks. How do you think we kill so quickly?"

Faith suddenly laughed, the sound surprising him. He looked at her, wondering if she was in shock. "My god....she's ok."

"What? Maybe you should get some sleep" Angel said, worry in his voice.

Faith just laughed, shaking her head. "I'm an idiot. Damn. Why did I think he'd let her just die? There's no way....I just didn't think. I was so upset and angry at Buffy...Don't you get it, Angel?"

"Get that you're going crazy?" Angel asked, completely not following her strange statements.

Faith was too happy to even acknowledge his statement. "Not crazy. Thrilled. Willow isn't dead. She's still alive! She's ok."

"Not going...already there" Angel said, making a face.

Faith took a deep breath, irritated that he wasn't as excited as she was. She started to speak to him as if he were a child, speaking slowly to make sure he was following her. "Willow has a secret admirer. He's been around for a little over two months I think.He's a vampire and he's in love with her. He follows her everywhere and protects her..sort of watches out for her. There is now way in fucking hell that he let that damn demon hurt her. That much I know. He'd fight to the death to save her. So, she's still alive and she must be with him now. Isn't that fantastic?" She smiled as she added, "Now we just have to find them both."

Willow opened her eyes, surprised to still see Spike. She had thought for a moment that she was merely dreaming. During the blonde vampire's previous stay in Sunnydale, despite the tension that Angelus had caused, he had often starred in her daydreams and fantasies. And now here she was, in his arms...in his bed. She still couldn't believe he was her admirer. She saw his eyes watching her face, their depths unsure. She brought a hand up to his face, running her fingertips over the sharp cheekbones. She licked her lip, willing him to make the next move. She was startled as he swept forward, his lips claiming hers completely. She moved into him, her breasts straining against the soft cotton holding them in place. She had never felt so wanted before. Her entire body was on fire. All thoughts of her almost death were pushed from her mind as Spike became her world.

Willow felt the bed behind her back as he gently pushed her down. Her hands clawed at his back, cursing the shirt that covered his cool flesh. She felt him over her, his body looming in a comforting way. She felt his hands on her, one cupping her face as he deepened their kiss, the other moving behind her back and running over its length. She soon felt his cool fingers against the bottom of her back as it drifted over her warm flesh. She whimpered as she felt him deftly unfasten her bra, her breasts freed from its confines. She felt his mouth leave hers and she watched with curious eyes as he began to unfasten her shirt. She saw him watch her as if he were waiting for her to protest. She simply smiled softly, urging him to continue. She lifted up as he removed her shirt and bra. She held her breath as his blue eyes swept over her bare breasts. He was the first person to see her partially naked. Her nipples were rock hard as he smiled, a wicked gleam entering his eyes. She lifted her hips as he pulled her jeans off. She couldn't believe how turned on she was by these simple actions. She felt his hand brush across her body as he moved back up, the smile on his face sending delightful tremors through her body.

She moaned as his head suddenly bent down, his cool mouth engulfing her breast. She arched up, her hands moving to his head. The feel of the denim and cotton of his own clothes against her nude body added to the sensation. She felt his hand move beneath the waist of her panties. She caught his eyes watching her face as he continued to lather her nipple with his tongue and nipping at it with his blunt teeth. She kept her eyes open, her mouth opening as he brushed his finger against her clit. Her head fell back as he again brushed her swollen nub. She felt his mouth move from one breast to the other, his fingers still just barely touching her with soft gentle teasing touches. She cried out in surprise as he bit into her breast gently, the sucking of his cool mouth easing the small tinge of pain.

She had never imagined how erotic it would be to have someone bite her. She suddenly understood why the act was often romanticized in erotic literature. She thrust her pelvis against his blue jeans, urging his hand to caress her. He just chuckled against her breast as he again teased her wetness. She groaned, about to be when his hand covered her mouth. She was surprised as he brushed his fingers against her wet lips. She opened her mouth, sucking one lean finger into her warm mouth. She heard him groan and felt power rush through her. His hardness rested against her thigh, demonstrating exactly how affected he really was by her. She felt his finger slide into her wet folds and reacted by biting down. She tasted the coppery taste of blood and realized she had bitten his finger. She moaned as she began to move against his fingers, their length being the first thing to ever penetrate her depths. She felt his mouth to her other breast as he bit gently into that one also, his tongue running circles over the wound. She sucked his finger as she moved against his hand, her stomach tightening as her world exploded into her first orgasm. She let his hand free as she screamed out his name, her cunt tightening around his hand as she came.

Willow felt Spike move his hand from her cunt. She gasped for breath and watched as he took his wet hand and brought it to his mouth. She felt liquid pooling between her thighs as he sucked each slender finger into his mouth. She saw his tongue run along his fingers licking each one free of her juices. She squirmed underneath his heated gaze.

"Delicious" he said, his voice husky as he continued to lick his fingers clean. He loved the taste of her. It was unique and intoxicating. He needed more.

"Please" she whispered, her body still trembling from her orgasm.

Spike smiled at her as he kissed her again. He tasted blood on her tongue and felt his cock harden even more. He began to kiss his way down her neck, taking her sweaty salty flesh between his blunt teeth. He trailed his mouth down her breasts, taking her rock hard nipples nipples into his cool mouth. He then continued farther down, hearing her breathing quicken as she realized what he intended. He chuckled against her flat stomach, darting his tongue out and licking at her belly button. He brushed soft kisses down her stomach until he reached the soft wet red curls. He enhaled her scent, licking his lips in anticipation of what was awaiting him.

Willow's hands clutched at the sheets as Spike's tongue found her wet center. She moaned as he began to lick her in earnest. She began to move against his face, his nose brushing against her clit. She began to make soft breathy noises as he thrust a finger into her, concentrating his attention on her clit. She gasped as his teeth scraped against her swollen nub, sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. She heard ripping and realized she had torn the sheet. She screamed as her orgasm ripped through her, her muscles tightening around his hand. Her thighs clenched, holding his head in place. He continued to lick and suck at her. She remembered Faith's laughing words about vampires not having to breathe. God, she was dying. She felt the tremors continue as Spike feasted on her juices.

"Please" she hissed, her hips thrusting up and grinding against his face.

"Soon pet" he said, moving his face up and looking at her passion soaked face. Sweat was dripping from her forehead and her eyes were dazed from desire. He licked his lips, moving up her body and claiming her lips. He rubbed his cock against her wet cunt, sliding it against her cleft. He moved his hand down, taking it in his hand as he pushed it against her tight passage. He caught her gasp of pain as he sunk into her, breaking her barrier in one stroke. He could smell the scent of blood as he sank into her, giving her time to adjust to his size. When he felt that she was ready, he began to move. He hissed at the warm tightness that engulfed him.

Willow felt the pain replaced by sheer pleasure as Spike began to move inside her. She was soon thrusting up to meet him, her legs spreading to allow him better access. She tasted herself on his tongue as it swept into her mouth. She moved her mouth from his, moaning as his finger teased her clit. She felt his mouth against her chin moving down to brush kisses down her throat. She felt her muscles clenching again as she screamed out in release. She felt his teeth bite into her neck as he sunk deep, his cold seed spilling into her. She trembled as he lapped at the wound, hearing his whispered "Mine" before she closed her eyes and drifted off to sleep.

Willow sighed in contentment as she snuggled closer to Spike's cool body. Her head rested against his shoulder as his hands lazily wrote the alphabet on her stomach. "Wow."

Spike snorted, "Wow? That's all you can come up with? And here I thought you were the smart one...."

"Would you prefer, that was the most amazing night of my life...I can barely walk I'm so sore...you took me to places I never knew existed....when can we do it again?" Willow asked cheekily.

Spike laughed as he claimed her mouth. Pulling back, he finished the alphabet and began writing names on her flat stomach. "Whenever you feel up to it, luv."

Willow arched an eyebrow, "Didn't think I was the one that had to be 'up' to it."

Spike groaned, "Gawd, that was awful.....feeling better?"

She nodded, "Oh yeah...that was definitely the perfect cure."

He sat up and looked at her throat. She had been with him for a day so far. He didn't really want to let her go, but he knew she had school waiting. "Bruises are healing. Still look rather painful."

She smiled softly, "Already told you, they don't hurt. Now, Buffy and the others? That hurt. I can't believe that bitch just let me die. God, she makes me so mad."

Spike saw the anger and fire in her eyes and smiled, "Her loss is my gain....I don't often get to play the hero."

Willow brought his hand to her mouth and kissed his fingers, "I'm glad in some ways she let me die. Otherwise, who knows how long you'd have kept your identity secret?"

"With that nosy slayer hanging around you? Not long" Spike said, "She would have forced me out in the open if I'd waited much longer."

"That's Faith" Willow said. "But I like her."

"Me too...for a slayer" Spike spat out the last word.

"I still have to call her" Willow remembered, not moving from his embrace.

"Later" Spike said, brushing his lips over the bite on her neck.

"She'll be so happy that I'm not dead...wonder if she kicked Buffy's ass good?" Willow said, a smile on her face at the idea.

"I hope so. Damn Bitchy deserves worse" Spike said, underlying anger in his voice for the woman who had almost killed his Willow.

"Yes, she does" Willow agreed, sighing. "She didn't even hesitate...just let me die. Still has no idea I'm really alive. Probably went to the Bronze afterwards and danced. Some friends...all of them really make me so mad..."

Spike heard the tone of her voice and smiled, "Really pet? What do you plan to do about it?"

Willow smiled, a speculative gleam entering her green eyes. "I'm thinking...."

Faith fidgeted on the chair as she tapped her boot on the floor. She cast another glare at the closed door as she impatiently moved back and forth. "Come on Fang! How long does it take to shower?"

She was thrilled because she knew Willow was alive somewhere. The vampire admirer had been old and strong, that much she had sensed. He had saved Willow, she knew. He had to have, she thought again glaring at the door. Angel had insisted that it was too late for them to look for the redhead the night before. She knew he thought she was crazy. He was just humoring her by agreeing to come along on her search that night. She had wanted to look that afternoon, but he had wanted to come with her. Also, she knew it would be easier to track a vampire at night. So, they had spent the afternoon making conversation and discussing the many wonderful things about Willow. But, now, it was dusk. She wanted to leave and was getting tired of waiting for him. "I'm sure your hair is fine" she said sarcastically, jumping a bit as the door swung open. She drew in her breath as she admired his lean, hard body. He was too damn good looking to be dead, she decided. Pushing those thoughts from her mind, she settled on the mission at hand. Find Willow. Hug Willow. Kick Buffy's ass. In that order. "Bout damn time."

Angel resisted smiling. Faith reminded him of Spike in many ways. Impatient, temperamental and caring. His eyes clouded as he thought of his favorite childe. Shaking his head, he pushed the regrets from his mind as he looked calmly at the bouncing girl. "Sorry. There was no hot water."

Faith flushed a bit, "My bad...sorry. Didn't think you needed it hot."

Angel moved past her, his eyes glancing over his face. He couldn't resist. "I like things hot, slayer."

Faith felt a rush of heat spread over her at his words and the look in those dark eyes. Damn, she knew now what B hadn't been able to resist the man. He knew exactly what buttons to push. "The name is Faith, Fang. Use it."

He cocked an eyebrow, smiling in respect as she stood up to him. He moved closer to her, his mouth by her ear. He could hear her heart racing as he neared her, but she stood solid, her eyes looking at him steadily. He whispered, "Let's go look for Willow, Faith."

Faith let out a ragged breath as he smirked at her and walked to the door. Her brown eyes narrowed as she realized he had just played her. She didn't like losing the upper hand. She smiled, a wicked gleam entering her eyes as she followed him. Fang wanted to play? She could play......

"Hey Willie" Faith said, plopping on a barstool and eyeing the sleazy bartender.

"Hiya Dollface" Willie said, smiling at the slayer he actually liked. Faith had come in several times after patrol, just hanging and playing pool. Not like that other one, the bitchy blonde. "What can I do for you?"

Angel watched curiously from behind Faith as she chatted with the bartender as if they were old friends. Strange company the girl kept. He listened as she finally began to ask the important questions.

"I'm looking for a vamp" she said, staring steadily at Willie.

His eyes glanced behind her at the dark man standing protectively behind her back. "Seems to me you already have one, toots."

Faith's lips curled in a slight smiled, "I need another one. Good looking guy. Old and powerful. He gives off restrained power. Next to my friend here, he's one of the most threatening auras I've felt. Know anyone?"

Willie frowned. "Almost as strong as Angelus? How long he been around?"

Faith shrugged, "At least two months....I haven't seen feeding locally...I think he's keeping hidden for some reason."

"Two months? Hmm...got a description?"

"As I said, yummy looking. About 5'10" I'd say..not that tall but a bit taller than norm. Lean but muscled...blue eyes...bleached blonde hair....Hey" Faith gasped as Angel's hands grabbed her wrist. She glared at him, stopping when she saw the look of recognition in his eyes. "What?"

"Bleach blonde? Cocky and arrogant? Leather duster?" Angel asked, not sure if he was happy or scared of her answer.

"Yeah....you know him?"

Angel nodded, "Good god....he's the one you think has Willow?"

"Yep. I know he does. He wouldn't let her die."

Angel nodded in agreement. "No, he wouldn't. Not if he is truly in love with her. Damn it....why haven't I felt him?"

Faith scowled, "Feel him? Do I want to ask?...."

"He's my childe....my favorite. Damn it. He's been here two months and he hasn't contacted me?" Angel said, running a hand through his dark hair. "He must really hate me."

Faith heard the sad tone in his voice and almost smiled. Something was there, but she decided to ignore it for now. Blondie had her Willow and Angel knew who he was. They were finally getting somewhere. "So, where is he? And who is he?"

"I have no idea where he would take her" Angel said honestly. He then looked into her curious brown eyes and sighed, "His name is Spike."

Faith's eyes widened. "The Spike? As in, almost killed Buffy before your evil self came back and he made an agreement with the bitch to kill you? That Spike? My lordy....Willow has a thing for him....and she didn't even know he was back. Damn, wish I'd been a fly on that wall when she saw him....."

"Willow has a 'thing' for him?" Angel demanded, surprised.

Faith smiled, "What can I say? She likes the bad boys, I guess. Yeah, Red had the major hots for him. I read her diary one day when she was showering and fixing dinner....Wow. Her thoughts about him...steamed up the windows."

"Enough" Angel said, making a face. "Let's go find him. If he does have her, well, I'd like to make sure she hasn't been turned or worse."

"Sure thing, Pops" Faith said, watching his tight ass as he walked towards the door. She slapped a twenty on the bar and smirked at Willie, "See you later, my man."

Willie nodded as she followed the vampire. "Take care, dollface."

Willow cried out as Spike sunk deeper inside. She felt his mouth on her neck, his blunt teeth scraping against her pulse. She arched up, her breasts rubbing against his cold chest. She felt a drop of sweat roll down her face as she panted. She was startled when his hands went behind her, rolling them. She lay on top of him, looking surprised.

Spike chuckled, his hand swatting her ass. "Ride me, luv."

She giggled, "Rather like a carnival ride, aren't you?"

"Reeed" he warned. He groaned as she tightened her cunt muscles. His fingernails dug into her upper thighs as he thrust up into her warmth. He watched as she began to move against him, her breasts bouncing fetchingly in front of him. He leaned forward, catching one in his mouth. Her hands entwined themselves as she rode him. He couldn't believe how wild she was with him. He had known she was passionate but she surprised him. He loved it...loved fucking her. If he were only allowed one activity for eternity, it would be shagging his Red.

She ran her fingernails across his back as she felt his teeth bite into her breast. She moved faster, sinking deeper onto him. She felt her stomach tighten with a familiar tension before she cried out his name. She felt him thrust into her three times before she felt his seed inside her. She collapsed against him, her head on his shoulder as they both came down. She giggled as he laid back, pulling her with him. She squirmed around until she was in a comfortable position, her head on his chest as her body lay across his.

"Still feel ok, luv?" Spike asked, brushing his fingers through her hair.

"Quit asking that" she said, smiling up at him, tenderness in her eyes. "I feel great, fantastic, wonderful."

He laughed, "Ok...ok...I get it. You feel fine. I just hate seeing these bruises."

She swallowed as she felt his cool fingers brush across her neck. She saw the anger enter his eyes and knew he was thinking about Buffy. It made her feel good that he loved her so much he could feel her pain. She began to move her fingers over his chest, calming him. "They'll fade. They don't hurt and that's what matters."

"What matters is that you're alive and here where you belong" Spike said softly.

Willow snuggled closer. She looked up when the door flew open. Surprised, she jumped to her feet, forgetting her nudeness as she squealed and ran into Faith's arms, hugging the girl. "FAITH!"

Angel walked into the room, his eyes finding familiar blue ones watching carefully. He could see the tension in Spike and knew his childe was just waiting, ready to attack to protect Willow if he thought she was going to be taken away from him. He couldn't believe it. Faith had been right all along. Spike was in love with Willow.

"Damn it, Willow. Don't you ever ever scare me like that again!" Faith said, hugging the girl tightly. She was so happy to see that she had been right, that WIllow was still alive. She didn't know what she'd do if Willow had been dead. Well, besides kill Buffy for causing it that was. She pulled back, looking into Willow's green eyes, "If you do, I'll kill you myself. Got it, Red?"

Willow smiled, "Got it, Faith."

Spike just stood, his nude body making her knees weak. She licked her lips as her eyes blazed a trail over his form, watching as he took a sheet and walked towards her, the promise of passion in his eyes. She frowned as he put the sheet around her shoulders. She turned bright red when she realized that she had been standing there as nude as him. "Oh goddess...."

Faith felt Willow move from her and glanced at her friend, her eyes widening as she took in the redhead's body. "Wow Red....where have you been hiding those?"

"Shut up Faith" Willow hissed, mortified that she had been prancing around and hugging people naked as the day she was born. She glanced at Faith and saw her friend laughing with amusement.

"You've spent how long fucking that undead hottie and you blush at us seeing that delectable body?" Faith laughed, "I will so never understand you Red."

"Good. I don't want anyone to understand me. Adds to the mystery" Willow said, glancing at Spike pointedly. "Ahem."

Spike looked at her, his blue eyes shining with mischief as he laid back on the bed, his nude body drawing the attention of the other two. He saw appreciation in the slayer's eyes and froze when he saw familiar desire in his sire's. Frowning, he stood and pulled his jeans on, not wanting to open past feelings between him and Angel. "Happy pet?"

"Extremely" Willow said, having sensed the sudden tension between him and Angel. She licked her lips nervously as she sat beside Spike, taking his hand and looking at her friends. "So...how did you find me?"

"Fang over there finally sensed sonny boy and led us straight here." Faith said taking a seat in one of the spare chairs. She saw Angel glare at her nickname for him and smirked. "Rather like on of those blood hounds you see on tv. You know, the ones that sniff out drugs and shit at the airports. Pretty kick ass to watch."

"Faith" Angel warned, his eyes glinting with supressed emotions. He had no intention of allowing anyone to know just how affected he was by the sight of Willow and Spike so casually nude. Long hidden desires for his William reared their ugly heads, reminding him of the years he had enjoyed his childe completely. Now, Spike hated him. He would never see the love and desire in those blue eyes and it pissed him off. Faith would be the one to take the brunt of his anger if she didn't watch that big mouth.

"Touchy touchy Soul Boy" Faith said, smiling as she suddenly realized the problem. Fang wanted to fuck Blondie. She almost laughed at the image of B's goody goody vamp buggering the other hottie up the ass. Well, not laugh as said image brought a rush of heat over her body. Add to that the image of what she would be doing to Willow at the time and her body was on fire. She had wanted the redhead before, but after seeing her nude body, well, that desire was more a need now. Damn, she needed to find something to fight. She stood abrubtly, "I need to slay something."

"Wait...you just got here" Willow said, wondering what was wrong with Faith.

"Glad you're alive, Red" Faith said, meaning it. "Didn't think I could make it without you. Can't wait to see B's face when you walk into school all breathing and shit."

"You won't" Willow said, her voice determined. She saw the others look at her as Spike's arms tightened their embrace. She smiled up at him, seeing the questionning in them. "That bitch let me die....probably went to the Bronze afterwards not even caring her supposed friend was just killed. So, I'm dead. Fuck her and fuck the others."

"Wouldn't recommend it" Angel said dryly, causing Willow to smile at his humor.

"You mean, you aren't letting them know?" Faith asked, intrigued by the fire she saw in the redhead's eyes.

"Nope." Willow said. She glanced at Angel and then back at Faith. "I actually would like to get back at them....Buffy and the others for what they did. I mean, it really pisses me off you know? I understand if neither of you want involved....."

"Fuck that" Faith said, taking her seat, her attraction to Willow and the others forgotten as she began to imagine various ways of inflicting pain on her fellow slayer for just letting Willow die. "I'm in. Do I get to hit her again?"

"Angel?" Willow asked, not wanting to say anything around him if he was going to side with Buffy. She saw the slight smile cross his face and felt relief flood her.

"I'm in Willow. Just so long as I don't have to kill anyone, I should be fine" he said, smiling at Spike as his childe's surprised eyes found his. "Buffy crossed the line of friendship. I can see revenge being rather justified. I mean, if it hadn't been for Spike, you'd be gone."

Willow smiled at the dark haired vampire, touched that he cared if she died. She laughed softly, "Well, I don't plan any killings...."

"Damn...are you sure?" Faith asked, pouting. "I could really feel the rightness in killing Bitchy...."

"Quit begging, Faith....who knows? Maybe you can kill her someday" Willow said, smiling. "Just not now....I have a few ideas though that should spark your interest."

"Ooooh, baby." Faith said, grinning at her friend. "Spark away...."

Willow watched Faith and Angel, a smile crossing her face. Those two wanted each other, she realized. Somehow, she could see it working. Faith was a good match for Angel. They struck sparks when they argued. She settled back against Spike, amazed at all that had happened in less than a week. She had almost died, been saved by her secret admirer, found out that he was Spike, shagged him like crazy and begun a small plan of attack to get even with Buffy. It wasn't anything that bad. She was pissed, but she wasn't completely crazed. She'd leave the real torture to the demons. She just wanted revenge. Straight and simple.

Faith and Angel had practically moved into the house that Spike had taken over, rarely leaving in the week since Willow's 'death'. Willow had heard about it from Faith and Angel. Buffy and the others had been upset at the funeral but then gone on like nothing happened. Willow had been hurt by this news but expected as much. She had been glad to hear that Giles had been a bit upset, but then Faith had gone on to ruin it by saying he couldn't understand the computer system she had set up. Her parents had not even flown in for her funeral, sending a large display of flowers for the headstone. Since her body had disappeared, they had buried an empty casket. So, officially, Willow Rosenberg was deceased.

"What are you smiling at, Red?" Faith asked, seeing the faint smile on the redhead's lips.

She shrugged, "Nothing much. Just happy."

"Me too" Faith said, smiling. She put her card down, grinning smugly at Angel. "And again, I win."

"Shut up" Angel grumbled, starting to shuffle the cards again.

"Woo hoo, and Peaches loses again" Spike said, laughing.

"Spike" Willow said, scolding him. She laughed as he pouted at her. "Faith, did you get that book for me?"

The brunette nodded, "Yeah Red. Took it while the watcher was in a staff meeting. Not sure why he went....does he ever do anything?"

"What's the book?" Angel asked, putting his card down.

"Just some spells that I'm not suppose to see. A few interesting little things that might help make their lives a bit more miserable." Willow said, smiling innocently.

"Spells? Miserable? I like the sounds of that" Faith said, laughing in triumph as she again best Angel. The dark haired vampire threw the cards down in disgust.

"I'm not playing anymore" he said, glaring at the laughing slayer.

"Uh oh...the big bad is pouting" Spike said, laughing. "Slayer, I think I can stand you."

"Thanks" Faith said, picking up the thrown cards. "So, Red. When do we start the revenge? I want to make sure I'm around for a front row seat to Buffy's fall from grace."

"You will be. Don't worry. I need someone to relay the details to me after all. Since I'm dead, it might be a bit hard for me to be around." Willow said.

"So, Fang...want to patrol with me?" Faith asked, standing and stretching.

Angel glared at her and spat out, "Yes, I'll patrol with you."

Willow watched them leave and smiled at Spike. "They want each other."

"Bad" he agreed, glad that they had left. He still loved his sire, but he hadn't forgiven him for the actions of Angelus. "You're sure his soul is secured?"

"Yep. Did it myself" Willow said.

"Good. One less worry off my mind. So....we're alone. Whatever shall we do?" Spike asked, leaning over and capturing her mouth as his hand crept up her thigh.

"Come on Fang. Kill him already" Faith demanded as she watched Angel repeatedly beat on the last vampire left standing.

"I am working out my aggression" Angel snarled at her before hitting the vampire again.

"Must have a lot" Faith observed with a slight smile as he finally dusted the last vampire.

"Shut up Slayer" he hissed, glaring at her with yellow eyes.

"Oooh...the fangs are making me hot, baby" Faith said, rolling her eyes at his display of strength.

Angel let his features go back to normal, ignoring the slayer. He moved past where she perched on a tombstone, her legs kicking back and forth. "Let's go."

"I'm hungry" Faith whined. "Damn it, don't ignore me Fang."

Angel whipped around and grabbed her, pulling her into his hard body. She gasped in surprise as his mouth claimed hers, his tongue sweeping inside. She felt a rush of desire as he roughly pulled her closer, her legs automatically wrapping around his slender waist. She ripped his shirt from his broad shoulders, her fingernails dragging across his chest. She felt him push her back against the tombstone she was perched on. She realized suddenly why these long full tombstones were fantastic as she felt his large cold hands rip her blouse away and knead her breasts roughly. His thumb and finger twisted her hard nipples as he continued to ravage her mouth. She rubbed against his cloth covered cock, feeling the juices flowing rapidly. She had never felt anything like this before. She wanted nothing more than to fuck him like crazy.

Angel pushed her short skirt up as his hand found the thin lace material of her panties. He ripped them off, feeling himself harden even more at her gasp of surprised pleasure. He felt her fingernails digging into his back and smelled the faintest hint of his own blood. He growled, forcing two fingers into her wet cunt. He was surprised by the tightness but remembered that she was barely seventeen. He reluctantly let her mouth go so that she could breathe, drawing his teeth down her neck and sucking her pulse point into his cool mouth. He felt her tighten even more as she screamed out his name. The air was thick with the scent of flowers and sex. He removed his hand, hurriedly opening his pants. He released his thick cock, brushing the tip of his cock and spreading his precum around. He spread her legs even more, capturing her mouth as he thrust deep into her. He froze in surprise, his eyes finding hers.

Faith cried out as she felt him push past her barrier. She felt him stop and looked at him. She saw the surprise in his eyes and grinned sheepishly before thrusting against him. "Come on, Fang. Fuck me...hard."

Angel saw the challenge in her eyes and accepted it. He began to move inside her, kissing her face as she moved up to meet each thrust. He found her breast and nipped at it with his blunt teeth. She entwined her fingers in his thick hair as they set a rapid rhythm. Too soon, Faith felt her cunt tighten around him as she cried out again. She felt his teeth pierce her flesh as he flooded her with his seed. Her slayer instincts screamed no at him biting her, but it only added to the danger and pleasure.

Her head fell back as she sucked in deep breaths. She felt him move off of her, his cool fingers brushing her face. She looked at him, sure she would see regret and guilt. She saw instead admiration and something else she couldn't describe. She sat up, glancing at the remains of her clothes. All he had left was her skirt which was bunched around her waist. He was wearing only his pants. "Wow."

Angel couldn't believe she had been a virgin. Hell, she'd even let him bite her, urging it in fact. He was amazed by her in a way he had never been with Buffy. He waited, expecting his demon to overtake him as it had the last time he had had sex. It didn't. He smiled, thankful that Willow's binding spell had worked. His soul was permanent. "You might say that."

"Um...can I borrow your shirt?" Faith asked, holding the tattered remains of her own in her hands.

He laughed, surprising her. She looked so damn beautiful standing there half naked with their mixed release dripping slowly down her thighs, her face flushed, his mark on her breast, a satisfied smile on those delectable lips. He felt the urge to kiss her again, knowing that he wasn't going to be content with just one time. He grabbed her arm, pulling her to him as he roughly claimed her mouth. He bit her lip, sucking it into his mouth. Pulling away, he put his forehead against hers, catching her eyes. "Mine" he said simply.

Faith smiled, moving quickly. She bit into his shoulder as deep as she could, tasting the metallic taste of his blood. Pulling away, she looked into deep brown eyes, "Mine."

Angel nodded, picking up his shirt and putting it around her shoulders. "Yours" he agreed, taking her hand and leaving the cemetary.

Willow looked up with a smile as the door opened. She took in Faith's attire and smirked at the slayer, "Slaying must have been tough tonight. You lost your shirt."

"Hardy har har Red" Faith said, not able to keep the grin off of her face.

"Well, I don't see Angelus so I guess that anchoring spell worked wonders, pet" Spike said sarcastically.

"Shut up, boy" Angel warned, taking a seat. He couldn't believe he had just had sex with Faith. In the cemetary no less. And it had been fantastic. She had been fantastic.

"Oooohh....Daddy's getting mad" Spike said, rolling his eyes as he pulled Willow onto his lap.

"Spike, quit playing. I want details!" Willow said, watching in delight as a red flush came over Faith's cheeks. "Wow...it must have been real good."

"Willow!" Faith said, laughing in discomfort. She sat down, smiling suddenly. "Man, it was fuckin' A. Wish you could have been there....."

Willow licked her suddenly dry lips as she mentally imagined what might have happened. She hated to admit it, but she would have liked to watch. She sighed, leaning against Spike as her arousal spread. "Yeah, well, voyeurism isn't my thing really....I'm much more of a hands on type of girl, I've learned the last few weeks."

Angel snorted at her statement. "So we've heard."

"Angel!" Willow said, turning red. She saw Faith's grin and rolled her eyes. "Fine, you got me back. I for one am very happy you two finally found each other. I think you compliment each other in a good way."

"Thanks for the consent" Faith said, taking Angel's hand. She glanced at their interwoven fingers and smiled a happy smile. "I agree."

"Another slayer" Spike said, shaking his head in mock disgust. "Peaches, will you ever learn?"

"No....I mean, I love you still don't I?" Angel said, watching as Spike stiffened. "Some things just don't fade, William. And you have to admit, she's better than the mistake."

Faith brightened at his words. She had mentally wondering if he had just wanted her because she was handy or because he missed Buffy since they had had sex. Now, she could hear in his voice that he didn't regret it. "Don't even think about comparing me to Bitchy, Fang."

"Never could" Angel said, catching her eyes and speaking the truth. "There is no comparison."

"No regrets then?" Faith asked, her eyes and the slight pull of her lower lip between her teeth the only signs that she was uncertain.

Angel shook his head, "None at all" he said, kissing her tenderly.

"I think I may get sick" Spike whispered in Willow's ear. He was ignoring Angel's words, not wanting to know what his sire had meant. His love for Angelus still burned, not dampened by the soul at all. But, he had Willow now. It appeared Angel had Faith. There was nothing to be said.

"Shhh....it's nice. Almost like watching one of those cheesy Hallmark made for TV movies" Willow said, whispering back loudly.

"I heard that" Faith said, glaring at the redhead. She moved forward, catching the girl off guard. They soon tumbled to the floor as Faith tickled Willow, making the other girl beg her to stop. They both laughed as they fought and wrestled each other, the seriousness of the moment broken.

"Spike" Angel started to say, his amused eyes on the giggling girls as he tried to forget how erotic they looked rolling around on the floor together.

"Keep it old man. I don't want to hear anything from you tonight" Spike said, noticing how the slayer's breathing had changed since she began touching Willow. He could smell his mate's arousal and smiled a knowing smile. He looked at Angel and saw the older vampire's eyes watching the girls with desire. "You see it too?"

Angel smiled, catching blue eyes, "Rather like old times isn't it?"

Spike shrugged, not wanting to remember what his sire was speaking of. "Except this time you're shagging the slayer instead of killing her and I'm in love with the human instead of torturing one. But, I can see the slight similarities" he said dryly.

Angel shocked Spike by laughing, "Damn, Spike.....I've missed you."

"Yeah, whatever" Spike muttered, his eyes on Willow's face as she struggled to best Faith. His mate was horny as was he. He stood, stepping between them and tossing a laughing Willow over his shoulder. He slapped her ass and smirked at the other two, "See you crazy kids in the morning. Don't stay up too late now....."

Faith stuck her tongue out at him as he took Willow into the bedroom. She heard Willow's gasp and felt wetness pooling between her thighs as images attacked her mind. She looked at Angel, her gaze unsure. "So....."

Angel smiled, standing. He took her hand. "So....let's get go to bed."

Faith beamed as she followed him into the room, falling onto the bed in his arms. She sighed, listening to the sounds of Willow and Spike making love. She kissed Angel, glad to have someone to hold her finally. She drifted off to sleep in his embrace, happy.

Willow watched her friends, a small smile on her face. It had been a week since Faith and Angel had moved their relationship to the next level and both seemed very happy. She was glad that they had found each other, knowing from experience that life was much easier to deal with if you were loved. She looked up as Spike came into the room, tossing Angel a heated bag of blood. The dark haired vampire caught it, turning his head to feed. She looked at Spike and held her hand out to him, smiling as he sat behind her. "You're back early."

"The slayer and her toys are out. Thought it better to feed quickly and just get back to you" he said, kissing her lightly before sitting against the couch.

For the first time in the almost two months since her 'death', Willow thought of Buffy without getting upset. She frowned slightly, wondering when she had dealt with her friend's betrayal, having not realized it until then. "You didn't kill?"

Spike sighed dramatically, causing Faith and Angel to share a grin. "No, luv. I didn't kill the pathetic whelp. Just fed."

She smiled, kissing him on the side of the mouth, "Good. I'm proud of you."

"I think I may be sick" Faith said, grinning at her friends.

"So, Willow. Where do we go from here?" Angel asked, having wondered what had been delaying the girl's revenge against Buffy.

"Hmmm?" Willow tore her attention from Spike's mouth to look at an amused Angel. "Oh...you mean about Bitchy?"

"Yeah, Red. When do we play?" Faith asked, having not seen the blonde slayer for weeks.

Willow chewed her bottom lip as she thought. She looked at Spike and saw him watching her, a knowing look in his eyes. She smiled, thankful that she had someone that knew her so well. She looked at the others, telling them what they had asked, "We don't."

"What?" Faith asked, surprised. She glanced at Angel and saw a flash of pride in his dark eyes as he looked at his childe's mate. She slowly nodded, understanding Willow finally. She looked at the redhead, "So, what do we do then?"

"Is that all, Red?" Spike asked, loading the last box into the car.

Willow nodded, a small smile on her face. "That's all I want."

He glanced at the three small boxes holding everything that she wanted to take with her. She had snuck into her parent's house, knowing that they probably hadn't been in her room since she had 'died'. She's been right. Things had been dusty, they'd sat so long. She had packed the few things she wanted to take with her into her new life. Mostly things that Spike had left her when he had been courting, as Angel called it. The pretty notes and few other pieces he had left. She had gotten her laptop, knowing that her parents weren't even aware she had made that purchase with her savings the year before. Besides that, she'd gotten some clothes, her diary, the books she wanted to keep, and she had thrown in some memories of her time before Buffy and a few from the time after. The small amount of items filled only a few boxes. Looking back, she almost felt sad that her past fit so easily into those small cardboard cartons. But, that was the past. She could now look forward to the future. She turned and smiled at Faith, asking, "Did you pack everything?"

Faith slung the backpack into the car's trunk, adding a small box. "That's all I need."

"I already put mine in" Angel said softly, coming up behind Faith. His arm snaked around her waist as he kissed her neck. "I left most of it. Too many bad memories."

"Mine is loaded too, pet" Spike said, his own arm around her waist.

"Good. Guess we're ready then." Willow said, smiling at them. "See, isn't this better than revenge?"

"Hell yeah. Getting out of Sunnydale....going with you guys....I'd say this was better than playing with Bitchy. Well, now...if you had allowed the torture" Faith drifted off, grinning at the redhead.

"You and that torture" Angel said, laughing as he moved towards the front of the car.

"Only that bitch" Faith said, winking at Willow and Spike as she followed her lover. "I call shot gun."

"You can bloody well have it" Spike said, shutting the trunk. "I get Willow all to myself in the backseat...."

"Spike!" Willow exclaimed, turning slightly red. "There shall be none of that."

"Go and ruin his fun" Angel said, laughing as he slid into the driver's seat.

"Takes more than that to ruin my fun, Peaches" Spike said, pulling Willow into the backseat.

Faith laughed as she fastened her seatbelt and turned to face them all. "Look out Savannah, hear we come."

"Fasten your seatbelts" Willow said, smiling, "This is going to be a bumpy ride."

"Hey, my driving isn't that bad" Angel defended as they pulled onto the road, ready to leave Sunnydale behind and begin a new future, together.









The End

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