By Princess Destiny
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Author's Chapter Notes:

I'm sure that title grabbed you interest! *Giggles* I had this idea last night, when I had insomnia, but I'm writing it this morning, since I thought I should at least have tried to sleep. It didn't work, so here I am all bleary-eyed at 1 in the afternoon.

I am working on 'Feel Your Way', but I needed to get this one out. Hopefully, it will inspire some of you to try an OHC, since not many Fanfics come through the List anymore! *Sad look* For decency's sake, let's say that Usagi is almost 16 and just a month from legal age. This is M rated, so if you're too young to read adult themes, then bail now!

Enjoy the Fanfic!

Princess Destiny

Chapter One

"-and then you'll do your homework." Luna finished severely, staring at her charge from disapproving red eyes. Usagi had been slacking off on School so much lately and going to the Arcade to play games, or shop with the other Senshi.

"But Luna!" Usagi said, wiggling out of her underpants. The blonde reached for her shirt, blue eyes exasperated and voice almost a whine. Why did Luna have to be so hard on her? Why did being a Senshi mean the rest of her life was over? Why was School being rammed down her throat constantly by every person and their dog?!

Even that creep, Mamoru was being more cutting about her tests...but okay, so twelve percent was even more worse than usual and she already felt very bad about that.

The girl threw her shirt to the side and unhooked her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

"And tidy up your room!" The cat yowled, staring at the mess on the floor. Usagi lived in a pig-sty sometimes and it was just bewildering to the cat why she had been stuck with such a Senshi. Why couldn't she have found Mercury first? She really had no idea why she had found Sailor Moon, why she had the locket and knew exactly what to do when the Dark Kingdom attached the Osap...and why she had given Queen Serenity's Moon Wand to such a klutz. She was sure there was some reason, but it was more compulsion than anything else. She had felt compelled to do all this-and at time like now, she wondered if being kept in stasis for a thousand years might have left her with, not only an incomplete memory, but perhaps brain damage.

Luna sighed and covered her eyes with one paw as Usagi moved naked about the room in agitation, trying to find her favorite pink dress.

"Oh, where is it!" Usagi wailed, wringing her hands. She turned to her cat, eyes appealing. "Have you seen it, Luna?"

"Get some other dress before you catch a cold!" The cat retorted, laying down on the bed. Sitting up and yelling was giving her a real headache, especially when the blonde's nightmares were keeping her awake. Usagi woke up during the night, screaming someone's name, but when morning came, neither could recall just what name she had screamed. And the girl never remembered much of her dream either. Something about fire and people dying. More bewilderingly, the Senshi of the Moon seemed to think that this had something to do with her past life. But why she said that, they could never figure out.

"I'm cold already!" Usagi moaned, covering her chest with her hands and shivering. She looked around the clothes on the floor and then her opened wardrobe, but could not spot the pink material of her dress.

"Of course you're cold, it's winter," Luna said, calming. She smiled slightly as Usagi crouched on the floor, flinging clothes around left and right. She just looked so funny like that, all naked and distraught. The cat snickered as the blonde began to move around on hands and knees, eyes getting more and more irritated.

"That's it! I'll wear the white skirt and blue shirt!" The blonde yelled, throwing her hands up in frustration. But before she could move, a familiar beeping filled the room and the cat and the girl both looked hurriedly to the dressing table, where Usagi's pink communicator was flashing. "I've got it!" she said, scrambling up from the floor and rushing to the dresser. She picked it up and pressed the glowing symbol for Mars. "Usagi here!" she said cheerfully. A Youma wasn't something they couldn't handle, after all!

Rei's face came onto the screen, looking urgent. "Youma in a bookstore, draining people!" The raven-haired girls said. She turned her face away for a moment and when she looked back, her eyes widened in surprise. "Usagi-are you naked?" she gasped.

Usagi flushed bright red as she remembered her state. She hastily, drew the communicator closer to her face so that her friend wasn't getting an eyeful. "Umm-I was changing." The blonde muttered, giggling nervously.

"You really threw me off! I thought you were shopping today," The Miko-in-training muttered, flushing also. "Anyway, get your butt over here!" she snapped out, disappearing from the screen.

Usagi hastily shoved the communicator into her sub-space pocket and whirled, expression harassed. What the hell was she going to wear?! "I don't know what to wear!" she shouted, jumping from foot to foot in agitation.

"Just throw something on!" Luna told her, frowning. This was not the time to be looking like a fashion plate! There was a Youma loose.

"Arrggggh!" Usagi shrieked, then she dashed back to the dresser and grabbed her Moon Broach. "No time!" she told the cat, holding the golden broach over her head. "Moon Prism Power!"

Luna had no time to protest as the girl transformed into Sailor Moon, then grabbed her and leapt towards the open window. "Usagi! Your clothes!" The cat yowled, closing her eyes as they plummeted out the window.

The blonde landed hard and winced, stumbling. She dropped Luna and they both bolted from the property and down the street. Hopefully they'd make it in time and Luna would remember to tell her charge not to de-transform before getting home!

"Eeew, eeew! Very gross," Sailor Moon said, wiping the slime from her neck, cringing as her white gloved were coated. The Youma had managed to slime each of the Senshi before Sailor Moon had dusted it with her tiara.

Surprisingly, the Youma was not a Rainbow carrier and it had confused Luna greatly. Was the Dark Kingdom now collecting energy at the same time as searching for the Rainbow Crystals? "I don't like it." The cat said to Mercury, red eyes narrowed.

"Me either," Mercury sighed, trying to brush the gunk from her blue hair. It wouldn't come out and she sighed. "Well, at least the fuku's clean themselves when we de-transform." she said helpfully.

"Think our hair will be clean too?" Mars asked in disgust, folding her arms and refusing to soil her gloved with the slime coating the front of her bodice.

"It's yuck." Sailor Jupiter moaned, bringing her ponytail to the side. Her green eyes widened as she saw the green slime in her hair and she sighed mournfully. "Okay, if that doesn't come out with our transformation, I'm in for a couple of hours of shampooing"

"Me too," Mars and Moon chorused. Mercury smiled, pleased that her hair was do short and easy to clean.

Sailor Moon suddenly looked around. "Hey, did Tuxedo Kamen go already?" she said in disappointment. The store was empty, but for a huge mess and a cowering employee, who had locked herself in the ladies toilets when the Senshi arrived.

"As usual!" Mars said, frowning. "I wish that guy would stick around for once and tell us his intentions."

"We know his intentions!" Mercury said darkly. "He wants the Rainbow Crystals for his own purpose."

"I'm sure he's not a bad guy," Sailor Moon said tentatively. She felt it in her heart that Tuxedo Kamen was not the enemy. But proving that was next to impossible. The guy was a ghost! The blonde looked up at the sun and groaned. Only a few hours to shop before the sun went down. "I have to go shopping!" she said, eagerly looking at the other three.

"Why not?" Mercury said with a slight smile. "I need to just finish off some homework first though." she added.

"Admirable!" Luna said proudly, throwing a pointed look at Sailor Moon.

"Luna!" Sailor Moon groaned. "Lay off me, will you?"

"I know how you feel, girl!" Jupiter said, nodding. "Umm-I'll come too, but I left some cookies baking, so I have to go home first." her green eyes abruptly widened and her mouth fell open in horror. "My cookies!" she wailed, turning and sprinting towards the door.

"I need to do some more chores, but I'm almost done," Sailor Mars said, grinning after the rapidly-disappearing form of the Senshi of Jupiter. The brunette bolted out the door and was gone. "So, meet at the Mall in an hour?" Sailor Moon said happily, bouncing on the balls of her feet. Just what she needed; some shopping to take her mind off her troubles. It was back to School the next day.

"Mercury, I'd like to talk to you about something." Luna said, casting her charge a surreptitious look.

Mercury caught the look, even if Mars and Moon didn't. "Sure, Luna," she nodded and carefully stepped over some books, as she made her way to the front of the store. She frowned around angrily at the mess and then she and the cat exited the door.

"Okay," Mars said, grinning at the blonde. "So, I'll see you in an hour?" she asked.

The two exited the broken door and stood on the street, ignoring the looks they were drawing from the crowd outside. The people had obviously stayed around to see that the Youma was killed, but were unwilling to leave until they saw the Senshi go.

"An hour!" Sailor Moon said, turning at running down the sidewalk quickly. People tried to follow her and she took to the rooftops to loose them. "I swear, Zoisite is really annoying me!" she groused, leaping from one roof to another. A few blocks from her home and at the edge of the shopping district, the Senshi jumped down into an alley and de-transformed.

That's when she remembered her naked state.

She also abruptly recalled that the Moon Broach and the Heshin Wands could only handle one transformation a day. Usagi looked down at her bare breasts in horror, then she did what any girl would have done in the same situation-

She screamed bloody murder.

Mamoru was coming out of the dry-cleaners, getting his favorite green jacket cleaned, when he heard a piecing scream. He swiftly looked around, but he could see no one in danger. Everyone else around either was ignoring the scream-which infuriated Mamoru no end. They obviously thought it was a Youma attacking and wanted nothing to do with it-or they had not heard it. But Mamoru had heard it clearly.

After hurrying down the sidewalk for a few meters, his eyes alert, he spotted an alley between two shops a few more meters down. "There!" he said, breaking into a run.

Some people watched curiously as the handsome upper-classman rushed into the dark alley, fists clenched, but they went on their way. Screaming in Juuban wasn't an uncommon occurrence those days, since they were constantly attacked by monsters. And most people didn't want to get involved. It didn't even occur to them that something else had caused the horrendous shriek.

Namely, a very naked and freaked-out young girl.

The dark haired man entered the alley, blue eyes blazing and fists at the ready. At first, the darkness, where the sun could not reach, made it impossible to see what was going on, but then his pupils grew larger as his eyes adjusted to the dim light and what he was made him stop dead, completely poleaxed.

His worst enemy, Tsukino Usagi, was standing next to a pile of garbage, naked as the day she was born.

Usagi looked up from her scream when she heard someone rush into the alley and she was too taken by surprise to even cover herself, as her nemesis Chiba Mamoru stood there, gaping at her in stunned belief. He gaped at her and she gaped back-then she opened her mouth and screamed her lungs out for the second time in as many minutes.

"Us-Usagi?!" Mamoru managed, eyes going over her young body, shock keeping him frozen to the ground a few meters from her. She was very naked, very scared and embarrassed and...where the bloody hell were her clothes?!

"Don't look! Don't look!" The blonde shrieked at him, belatedly covering her breasts with her hands and crouching down behind a pile of garbage. Oh god, she could just die! Her worst enemy had just seen her naked! She was so hideously embarrassed she wished the ground would open up and swallow her.

"Usagi?!" Mamoru said again, mouth working silently as he stared at her face, then her naked shoulders above the garbage pile. She was naked. Very naked. His mouth snapped shut. He also could not get the image of her perfect body from his mind. Beautiful breasts, long legs and a flat stomach...

"Why are you naked, Usagi?!" he demanded, taking a step forward. He could worry about his lack of disinterest over his nemesis' body at a later time, Usagi looked like she'd been attacked. "Who did this to you?" he growled, face darkening in rage. Someone had attacked the little Odango Atama and robbed her...my god, what if she'd been...he paled, eyes going to her face searchingly.

"I don't want to talk about it!" The blonde yelled, knowing her face was as red as a tomato. Of all the people to come running to her horrified scream, why it have to me Mamoru?! And why the heck couldn't she have held her tongue instead of drawing attention to her nakedness? She moaned, rubbing her hands along her shoulders for comfort.

"Usagi," Mamoru said in a hushed tone, body stiff. "You weren't...weren't..." he stumbled over the word, but it had to be said. "Attacked?" he amended the word. She was, after all, only a fourteen year old girl who might be traumatized. His thoughts took an about-face as the girl gaped at him, then rapidly shook her head, face flushing even brighter.

"No! No one attacked me-oh god, why did it have to be you?!" she wailed, hands going to her cheeks. She accidentally flashed Mamoru, who's mouth fell open. "Don't look, pervert!" she snapped at him, hands flying down to cover herself again. She hunkered even further down in the trash, glaring at him balefully.

"Okay, so much for that theory." Mamoru said, charitable thoughts flying out the window. She'd obviously not been...touched by anyone, but the fact remained that she had no clothes on. "How the hell did you end up in an alley naked?" he shouted at her in disbelief.

"I said I don't want to talk about it!" she shouted back, anger filling her. "Go away!" she ordered him, eyes skittering around the alley wildly for an escape.

"Don't be stupid, Odango Atama!" Mamoru said scornfully, crossing his arms. He was beginning to calm and think more rationally. He looked upwards, as if expecting to see her School uniform hanging from something above. If she'd been on the room and fallen, her clothes catching on something and ripping off. His blue eyes widened as his heart began to speed up and the memory of her naked body filled his mind. What the hell was he thinking about her that way for and at a time like this? "I'm not leaving" he said adamantly, refusing to budge.

Usagi's blue eyes narrowed dangerously. He was such a jerk! "I should have known you'd gloat over my nakedness!" she growled at him.

"Do you see me gloating?" Mamoru said, rolling his eyes. She was still fighting with him, as per usual, even when she was naked and helpless in the middle of Juuban? He smiled slyly. "But now that you mention it," he allowed himself a moment of gloating and then he became serious again. Maybe she had just been robbed and the person did hurt her, just took her clothes. That would account for her embarrassment...

"Fine! Then get me some clothes!" she wailed at him, the situation hitting her hard again. Mamoru could be her only hope. She had no way of getting home or to one of her friend's homes without someone spotting her. It was broad daylight!

"Wait here and I'll go home and grab some clothes," Mamoru said, backing off hurriedly. He could go to his apartment and grab something. As if he didn't have enough troubles, he now had to deal with a naked teenager, who had probably been attacked and robbed...though she hadn't looked bruised or anything...he coughed in embarrassment, tripping over a bin as he backed away. In fact, Usagi looked good. Really good. Especially for a girl of her age. His rapid thoughts were interrupted as his nemesis shrieked her lungs out.

"Nooooo!" Usagi scuttled forward to peer over the top of a pile of garbage, hiding her nakedness with her legs and arms. "You can't just leave me here!"

"Okay, okay." Mamoru said, halting. She was probably right. Leaving such a young girl in a vulnerable state wouldn't be a good idea. Who knew what pervert would come along? His expression darkened. "I'll try and find a shop and buy you some clothes!" he told her, backing up again.

Usagi shrieked, blue eyes becoming tearful. "You can't leave me here at all!"

"How am I supposed to help you if I can't get you any clothes!?" Mamoru roared back, at his wit's end. Sobbing greeted him and he sighed, calming.

"Give me your shirt!" Usagi suddenly said, extending a hand in his direction.

"What?" The upper-classman said in surprise, blinking at her. Give her his shirt? That was an absolutely brilliant idea-but unfortunately, he had a very good reason for keeping his shirt on. He had several nasty-looking gashes across his torso from the Youma that had attacked a few days ago. If Usagi saw that, she'd freak! And he couldn't tell her he was Tuxedo Kamen. "No, no," he said hastily, running a hand through his dark hair in a harassed way. "We'll think of something else."

"What?!" The blonde practically screamed at him, forgetting her nakedness and leaping to her feet, wrath in her blue eyes.


Chapter End Notes:
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I know! I know! I wasn't supposed to start any more Fanfics till I finished 'Feel Your Way' and I honestly meant this to be an OHC. Look what happened! Arrggh! I'm diving right into the second part and you'll get it in two days. @@;; I should have known I couldn't write a oneshot! Grrr! I'm thinking this will be two or three parts.

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Princess Destiny
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