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Reviewer: Mizuho Anonymous Date: Jul 03 2017 08:20 AM Title: Chapter 1

Thank you soooooo very much for chspter 4!!!

Looking forward for chapter 5.

Mosts specially for Chapter 3 for puppy love.

I've finished reading all your 50 chapters under desire.

 AnD i love reading all of them. 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: May 24 2017 02:51 AM Title: Chapter 3

(*big anime eyes*) This was too friggin' Kawaii!!!

Yes drinking is bad (so I'm told), or more accurately to the extent that Seras (and the Boss Lady) did this chapter but the after-effects (up-chucking aside) are too darn funny!

Nawww and the little talk they had was so cute, dammit why'd you have to be drunk Seras?! And the more I think about it the more I think I should watch the Dracula movie (is it the one with Gary Oldman or the one with the old man?)

Oh hurry up and sober up Seras ^3^

Thanks for the funnies this chapter, it was just right!

Awesome as always and see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'squeenbtch Anonymous Date: May 23 2017 12:27 AM Title: Chapter 3

This was my favorite chapter you've ever written! Even before you revised it. Now, it's even better and I really liked the Dracula references! Especially since not a whole lot of people seem to get he wasn't actually in love with Mina. So that's totally refreshing to see in a fic.

Phew. Seras can be such a saucy minx when she wants to be. And super funny too! Kudos for Alucard for not taking advantage of her drunken state and having sex/mate with her. She certainly wasn't making it easy either. 

I could gush a LOT more about how great this was but I should already be asleep by now. I just can't resist from clicking on your stories once I noticed they've been updated.

Reviewer: kisaragiyuki Signed Date: Apr 24 2017 03:49 PM Title: Chapter 1

Yes! Another great chapter of this wonderful story.
No matter how much time passes you are still my favorite. It brings me so many memories.However I can not wait to get to the part where Seras gets drunk.
I certainly can not wait to read the next one.

Reviewer: Mizuho Anonymous Date: Apr 24 2017 09:20 AM Title: Chapter 2

I can't wait for the next Chapter 

Reviewer: Mizuho Anonymous Date: Apr 24 2017 08:44 AM Title: Chapter 2


Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Apr 21 2017 05:58 PM Title: Chapter 2

Hell at the Beach lives again, yay! But Goddammit I'm late again, sorry!!!

Like half of your 'Alucard realising he wants Awras' fics you proved the undead baka can be considerate, maybe even romantic when he wants to be! He got her a teddy bear so that proves his love (in my own version of logic)!

Now we just need him to actually say the words! Maybe with a puppy ... a white wolf puppy! I know here! *offers Chibiterasu*

I'm not feeling too great right now so this was just the pick-me-up I needed, a thousand thank yous Midian Authoress! 

Awesome as always (and super cute) and see you ~next time~ ^_^ 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Apr 21 2017 12:06 AM Title: Chapter 2

It's been 84 years...Well, it felt like it was lol

That was sweet and steamy! And while it was no roller coaster, the ferris wheel part reminded me of that scene in "Fear" starring Reese Witherspoon. 

Ugh. I both love and become irritated when Alucard questions why he is the way he is. Just suck (pun kind of maybe sort of intended) it up and admit to yourself that you deserve to be happy with each other!  

Reviewer: a french girl Anonymous Date: Dec 05 2016 05:54 PM Title: Chapter 1

I'm glad that you update this story again.

Reviewer: Bee Anonymous Date: Nov 25 2016 01:35 AM Title: Chapter 1

Yeah!  A new Alucard and Seras story and very interesting so far, can't wait to see more.

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Nov 21 2016 06:12 PM Title: Chapter 1

Oh my Oprah THANK YOU for resposting this story on Destiny's Gateway! I loved it so much back on FF and am glad to see it return!

I notice the added dream sequence while Alucard and Seras are bunk buddies (minus the bunks)? Just adds to the upcoming snuggle time :)

Are you keeping that 'Seras gets drunk with Integra and Pip' scene? I hope so cos I did find that part funny. Hopefully this is but one of many returns of your awesome fics.

(PLEASE accept my apologies for not seeing this fic sooner, I am so ashamed :p ) 

Awesome as always and see you next chapter ^_^ 

Reviewer: kisaragiyuki Signed Date: Nov 16 2016 08:32 AM Title: Chapter 1

oh how many memories brings this story.  :'D           It was with this story that I came to your fanfiction account, when I had just started seeing hellsing. And it's funny that I read it again when I'm just at the end of my semester. I certainly can not wait to continue with your story. n.n 

Reviewer: Jareth'sQueenBtch Anonymous Date: Nov 14 2016 10:45 PM Title: Chapter 1

I'm so happy you decided to upload this! 

One of my favorite tropes would have to be when monsters meet and unknowingly fall for precious innocent little cinnamon rolls like Seras. I've missed this story's fluff.

And more dirty talking Alucard! Woo hoo. His voice is just so perfect and deep and just so SO nice.  

Reviewer: Shadowpup Anonymous Date: Nov 14 2016 10:45 AM Title: Chapter 1

 Yay I've been waiting for this to be put up again can't wait for another chapter !!! 😃😃😁😁😬😬

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