Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Mar 30 2016 05:35 PM Title: Chapter 2

Wow, not even a week and these three are up to all sorts of naughtiness! You know I love AxS, my favourite pairing of all (with SxH coming a close second) all I need in an AxS fic to be happy is these two and Alucard showing genuine emotion for my favourite Draculina. But as he did in Black Butler, Sebastian makes everything better!

Will we get anymore flashback sequences? I would like a few Alucard flashbacks, Seras' even more so, but I just wanna see more of Sebastian's kitty cuteness! Pretty please?

Awesome as always and can't wait for the next chapter ^_^ 

Reviewer: Grand Dragon of Light Signed Date: Mar 30 2016 05:13 PM Title: Chapter 1

How did I miss this fic until now?! Sorry for not honouring this newest Hellsing art sooner!

I never really considered this scenario: I know Integra's father locked up Alucard saying he was 'too powerful a drug to be utilised often', he was right mind but I never once thought Integra would do that to Seras! The only one I feel sorrier for is Sebastian, don't worry Bassy I'll wait for you until the end of time (or the end of the fic haha).

Awesome as always and on to Chapter 2 ^_^ 



Author's Response: Thanks! : )

Reviewer: Shadow Anonymous Date: Mar 10 2016 06:47 AM Title: Chapter 2

OMG love it so far can't wait for more chapters!! XD 

Author's Response: Lol! Thanks! I'm hoping to have the next chapter out soon! : )

Reviewer: Mystical midnight Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2016 10:41 PM Title: Chapter 2

sorry I don't mean to send that review twice!

Author's Response: No problem. As I said before I am editing my older fics. The next one to come  (hopefully) is 'Hell at the Beach'. : )

Reviewer: Mystical Midnight Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2016 10:36 PM Title: Chapter 1

 You said we could voice our opinions so here's mine.  I think your stories would be better if u diled down the sex. Your other stories like Vengeful, Orders, or those stories where seras committed suicide had a lot of story to them. It's fine to have one main or minor sex scenes but to move on or it feels like reading porn. Don't get me wrong I think you have great plot ideas and I would love to continue reading your stuff. So I not dissing you. 

Anyway looking forward to your next update

Reviewer: ayelen rock Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2016 05:44 PM Title: Chapter 2

From now on you will write in the third person?

Author's Response: Yes, I really like writing in third person. I will be doing it more often. : )

Reviewer: Mystical Midnight Anonymous Date: Mar 08 2016 08:20 AM Title: Chapter 1

Well the plot was good but you ask for our opinions and here's mine. I miss more story, like Vengeful, Orders or the stories where they have to survive without seras. I'm trying to say can there be more story and a little less sex? It's fine to have a scene but to move on after.

Looking forward for your next update.

Author's Response:

I understand that. I'm editing my other stories at the moment, sorry for the long wait. But my mind is drawing a blank, which story are you talking about where they have to survive without Seras? Do you mean 'Alucard’s Toy' where Seras commits suicide? Or is there another story you're talking about? 

Sure, more story and less sex. : )


Reviewer: a french girl Anonymous Date: Mar 07 2016 03:05 PM Title: Chapter 2

I'm glad you came back. This story is great. I love your writing style because you capture the attention of your readers since the beginning to the end, good work.

Poor Seras, she locked with Alucard and Sebastian when she was very close to Integra and she's trying to be nice with the others.

Author's Response: Thank you very much! : )

Reviewer: naoko ichigo Signed Date: Mar 06 2016 11:02 PM Title: Chapter 2

Oh boy... that was hot! Good for you Seras. With Alucard and Sebastian, you're a very lucky girl. That is a good way to be busy for a long time, maybe for years. Wait! Integra and Seras! wow... I've to say I like it. Yeah, I like weird couples and after Alucard x Seras the Integra x Seras is one of my favorites. It was an amazing chapter and an amazing story.

Author's Response: Lol! Yeah, I think that was my first story where I gave Integra and Seras a...heated relationhip.
Thanks! I'm hoping to have the next chapter out soon! : )

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