Reviews For A Second Chance
Reviewer: godloverk Signed Date: Feb 03 2018 07:54 PM Title: Chapter 16

Very good I like your interpitation of the story

Reviewer: Paula Anonymous Date: Dec 17 2017 07:35 PM Title: Chapter 13


So I  just found this story and I ABSOLUTELY love this!  This is absolutely amazing!

I've been waiting for someone to go off on Rini for forever!! And to see it was Mina! Oh my gosh! That made my night! I got mad about Rei being a piece of crap but then Rini acting even worse ughhhh

Then, I saw that your last update was almost a month ago and I got even more excited!!

Please update soon! I love this so much! 

Thank you!!! (: 

Reviewer: Eris Nyrea Signed Date: Sep 18 2015 04:32 PM Title: Chapter 8

I was so looking forward to this story to update and I am not disappointed. I really like this story and am really impressed with how Darien and Serena dealt with Raye (though I do think they could have been a little more brutally honest, especially after her lying to Serena's face after being confronted). Either way, I am excited to read to read the next chapters.

Reviewer: Eris Nyrea Signed Date: Jun 17 2015 12:02 PM Title: Chapter 7

I really like this story....I have to say that I have always thought that Rei secretly maintained her crush on Darien and was just hiding it from Serena as she knew she was the better choice for him. I love that you are exploring that Rei honestly didn't see Serena and Darien's relationship as strong and was just biding her time till she saw an opening to get back with him. I like that you have kept that bitchiness about her that I always felt should have been addressed in the anime once Serena became confident in herself and her role. Keep this coming as I can't wait to see how this plays out, especially the conversation between Serena and Rei.

Reviewer: Meeka Anonymous Date: Apr 05 2015 11:22 PM Title: Chapter 1

Thank for a wonderful beginning to you story and a hope to see the end!

Reviewer: Athena Evarinya Signed Date: Oct 19 2014 12:59 AM Title: Chapter 5

BAD RAYE!!!!! I'm not happy with this Raye, however I understand this is important to plot so I won't move on to the next stage of flambeing a certain fire Senshi.


I like how there is a difference between Endymion and Darien. It makes perfect sense neither the past and present have time to merge (sensing the same for Serena and Serenity). Love where this is going and ending this with a face:



Reviewer: Athena Evarinya Signed Date: Oct 18 2014 11:20 PM Title: Chapter 2

So let me just:


Yep freaking about this development in Usagi's current health and Darien embracing his inner Earth Prince. I like the instrospection on his part and how we're really getting to see how much the poor lovers don't seem to catch a break in their romance.

 Also on a writing persepective, on the first scene with the Tsukinos, there's a line that ends "being operated on as we speak." Somehow with the first half of that sentence, it just doesn't flow right to me so you may want to check it out again. And a minor booboo with the spelling for coma. It only has one 'm' and the double 'm' makes it a puncation instead of a medical condition.

 Keep up the good work. 

Reviewer: Athena Evarinya Signed Date: Oct 18 2014 10:50 PM Title: Chapter 1


 I told you on the FB group that you have me crying over this. I'm traumatized by how much Serena has suffered and Darien better make things right, damnit!

 Anyways, I'm hooked. It's well written and I love how you have Usagi coming off as being stronger and more capable then how she is portrayed in teh 90s anime. 

Reviewer: Godloverk Anonymous Date: Oct 04 2014 10:50 AM Title: Chapter 5

This was very good. I am looking for two more to come.

Reviewer: M Anonymous Date: Sep 25 2014 03:53 PM Title: Chapter 5

Omg! I really hope you update this soon. I love the story so far. I hope Darien and Serena have a happy ending. I didn't realize how much I woild dislike Raye for what she tried to do. Please update this soon! Thank you. 

Reviewer: dancingfingers Signed Date: Sep 23 2014 09:30 PM Title: Chapter 5

Weird. I thought I had left review yesterday, but I don't see one :frowns:

Oh, well.


I'm glad that Serena has finally awaken, and ready to settle things with Darien. I'm also delighted to know that Darien is firm with his decision and very determined to fix the messes. :)


Of course, about Raye's behaviour... urgh I just don't see her character here as appealing to me. I thought psychic like her is more likely more attuned to the people's emotions around her... but it doesn't seem so. I'm very disappointed with her, and I hope Serena and Darien won't just forgive or give her excuses any more for her actions, because Raye has crossed the line this time. I dislike her :scowls:


Anyway, thank you for the update. I always anticipate more from you :)

Reviewer: dancingfingers Signed Date: Jul 09 2014 11:39 AM Title: Chapter 3

I love Andrew's response on Darien's relationship with Serena and Rini. He is very lucky to have a friend like Andrew.

On another note, the last line concerns me. A bit. I mean, does  he really love her because of it is Serena, or because they were lovers in the past life? Or, their attraction/affection towards each other only increase because of the knowledge that they are fated to be together? Uh, I don't intend to add another problem to think of, but I'm just curious, that's all.

The last but not least, I note that Rini always acts so mean and rude to her future mother--I doubt that Serenity and Endymion raise her to be a brat, so could it be something else causing her to be like that?

Can't wait for the next chapter :)


Reviewer: Godloverk Anonymous Date: Jul 08 2014 10:54 AM Title: Chapter 3

Very well done.

Reviewer: Godloverk Anonymous Date: Jun 13 2014 10:29 AM Title: Chapter 1

A good start

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