Reviews For Knowing You
Reviewer: godloverk Signed Date: Sep 26 2013 07:21 AM Title: Relationship?

This is very well written. You are Abel to take the reader into the story and feel all the emotions that the characters are felling. 

Reviewer: godloverk Signed Date: Sep 25 2013 08:05 PM Title: Six Years Later

Very good

Reviewer: SailorSenshi626 Signed Date: Mar 04 2012 07:18 PM Title: Family Epilogue

loved it. :D

Reviewer: SailorMoon489 Signed Date: May 13 2009 03:56 PM Title: Six Years Later

awww!!!! that was sooo cute!!! this story is starting to get really really really good!!! and Usagi's story is both sad, disturbing and happy (well the ending that is...)


Reviewer: Shiroi Tenshi Signed Date: Jan 27 2008 02:46 AM Title: Best Christmas Present

 Hi!! it's the first tim e i revew but I read everytime you update. I really like your story. Mamoru's gonna find Usagi in time right? right? and Selene is going to slap the one who was supposed to be takin' care of her....by the way,, why wasn't he/she? Ahhh I want answers!! jejeje I hope you can update very soon ;)


Author's Response: hope this is soon enough :)

Reviewer: Megumi-chan Anonymous Date: Jan 01 2008 12:29 AM Title: Six Years Later

this is adorable so far ^^ you did a good job, keep it up!

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