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Reviewer: Amelia Anonymous Date: Mar 10 2006 07:48 AM Title: Chapter 1

Aaaoooooouuuuuuuuwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!! *Droollllllllll!!!!!!!!!!* ^_^ *Floats away on a Sweet, Cute, cloud of Fluff, totally oblivious to the world, Coz of fic induced SHOCK!!!*              

 *Abruptly snaps out of it, when Remembers  hasn't Revieuwd Yet* ^_~                                                        Ehmm....Yes....Well......(That's what u get when you have a person go through so many emotions in such a short succsession of Time!!! Seriously this should should have come with Major (Tissue) Warnings etc. ;-D Like:

"Do NOT Read Unless U Have A WHOLE Box of Tissues Ready"  ^_^                Or

"Read Only IF U R OK With Having EVERYBODY In A 10Mile Radious Know, That U R In Fact UTTERLY INSANE ^_~ 4 This Fic WILL Make You:    

  • Weep Extensively,
  • Laugh Uncontrollably,
  • Giggle Like A Maniac,
  • Only To Then Reduce U To A Heap of Jelly, Producing An UTTERLY, INComprehensible, INCoherent, UNintelligible Clamor(Because By This Time U'll be Experiencing Toooo Many Emotions(/Urges to do all of the above simultaneously), 4 a Human Body To Handle!!!) ^_^

In Short, It WILL AFFIRM Any & ALL Suspitions, people might have had, (before seeing U in this State), that U ARE in Fact: Frenzied, Rabid, Unglued, Unhinged, Unsettled etc.etc. ^_~

*Blinks twice, While Forcing Self to SNAP Out Of IT* ehm...... WeeeeeLLLLLLL.........ahmmmmm.....ehm..... What I'm Actually Trying To Say = That This Was An Extremly Good Fic!!!!!! (I've Yet to incounter a Fic that could make me: laugh, cry, float away on the Utter Fluff and then Cry Again, as Fast & Much as Ur's Has Done;-D ) My Compliments on a Fic Very Well Written!!!! (The ONLY Piece of (constuctive) criticism I'd Like to Offer = Please see that While Trying to Explain What's going through the characters. What The're Thinking/ Feeling, you don't get too repetitive. & Thus The Characters Don't get too Focused, On their selves(Making them slightly ooc) Or seem to self occupied). Please don't consider this as  A Flame!!! I'm only telling U this Coz I'd like to Read More Of Ur Work!!!!!!!! & Coz I Truely Believe That U Have What It Takes To Be A VERY GOOD Professional Writer!!!!!!! Pleas Keep Up The Good Work!!!! & THANK U 4 this Fic!!!!!!!!

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