Reviewer: titi Signed Date: Dec 09 2014 08:09 PM Title: Chapter 1

Below is a nice video walk-through (2 videos in total) of HYT's fluid-time technology which, among other details, uses a liquid-filled capillary and bellows. imitation watchesI've also included some photos of HYT watches that I took at Baselworld 2013 earlier this year.
Bringing such unconventional timekeeping technology to market has not been easy for HYT but they have a solid product – functionally and aesthetically – that they continue to improve upon. Keep in mind that this is still a small-scale technology - HYT is shipping around 40 watches per month. As I see it rolex womens watch replica , the opportunity is substantial if larger scale production (and lower price points - current models sell around $45,000 – $50, breitling crosswind 000) can be brought to bear on their fluid-timekeeping methods. I'm here to stay for quite a few more years! Not necessarily in Zurich, it might be in Hong Kong or New York. Watchmaking has this unique particularity that companies founded 230 years ago are still profitable. It's a great symbol, and the watch often stands for the soul of the dead. Feelings, in watchmaking, are very important. ladies rolex watches replica

Reviewer: MilissaRukia Anonymous Date: Dec 15 2013 11:03 PM Title: Chapter 1

This is a sweet story and I love the way that the two come together.  How Chiverlas of Momoru to make sure that Usigi gets home safely even if he has other motives and thoughts.  Her reaction is understandable as was his,  Her mother is just so wonderful and her brother is such a blabber mouth hope that he keeps his mouth shut.

 I was wondering one thing if the Shensi could only change once a day why were the other three still transformed from hours earlier?  If it was that just Sailor Moon could only transform once a day then it would not be so confusing.  Otherwise it was a beautiful and excitingly wonderful read.  Thank you...

Reviewer: Nikki Anonymous Date: Feb 04 2013 06:14 PM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

So entertaining and so hilarious! 

Reviewer: MysteryGirl Signed Date: Jun 07 2012 08:04 AM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

Finally getting around to telling you that I love this story, especially the part where Mamoru's meets Usagi's parents :D Keep grinning each time I read it

Reviewer: Jade_Max Anonymous Date: Jun 10 2008 03:14 AM Title: Chapter 1

This was absoloutely priceless! Freaking hilarious!


A month until she's sixteen - "Close enough" *snicker*I howled when I read that - and the rest of this.


Very belivible - and eeryone's in character. Adored it!  What a fun read!

Reviewer: Starlitwarrior Signed Date: Apr 02 2008 05:54 PM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

Awesome! But there isn't more? Lol. Gob Bless, Destiny! =P

Reviewer: Jess1293 Signed Date: Jan 29 2008 05:55 AM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

Ohh it ended already? squel or somthing or continue on!=D! your stuff is some of the best stuff I've read in ages!!

Reviewer: Megumi-chan Anonymous Date: Dec 31 2007 06:59 PM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

i liked this one a lot ^^ dang every story of yours i read i love!!! i hope that there is a sequel...and hopefully part of it is already out -goes to search through more fanfics-

Reviewer: Dertupio Anonymous Date: Jun 28 2007 02:34 AM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

Nice end for this story will be nice to do a sequel.


What happend with the story 'My daugther the senshi'


I really love that story but you have not update for looooooong 

Reviewer: Jenbunny Signed Date: Jun 06 2007 02:02 PM Title: Chapter 5 - NEW!

Great Job PD! I love this story and I'm glad you finished it! ^_^

Reviewer: Reesepbc Signed Date: Mar 07 2007 03:56 AM Title: Chapter 1

Ack... omg. What happens next...? Very good story. Love it.

Reviewer: daniela Anonymous Date: Feb 26 2007 03:48 PM Title: Chapter 1

finish writing the story please because so far it ROCKS

Reviewer: mimi Anonymous Date: Feb 06 2007 02:04 PM Title: Chapter 1

wow this is great! I really love your stories, and i believe that this one is no exception. It has a really great flow to it, and the character development is very in depth. I hope you will be able to finish this one. Greeat Work!

Reviewer: chrissienuil Anonymous Date: Dec 21 2006 03:18 PM Title: Chapter 1

i sooo loved this

Reviewer: killer demon Signed Date: Nov 17 2006 06:33 PM Title: Chapter 1



Reviewer: Lady Zoro Anonymous Date: Aug 30 2006 05:13 PM Title: Chapter 1

EEE!!! Are you going to post some more :D?!?!?


Reviewer: ShroudedMist Anonymous Date: Jul 27 2006 01:38 AM Title: Chapter 1

Hey, great story, you gonna continue it?

Reviewer: ghetto diva Anonymous Date: Jul 17 2006 03:06 PM Title: Chapter 1

omg i luv this story. it's soo good.please update sooner

Reviewer: Opal Anonymous Date: May 27 2006 01:42 AM Title: Chapter 1

This is wonderful! I do hope you finish it. The emotions and tension is all so wonderful! Good job!

Reviewer: Opal Anonymous Date: May 27 2006 01:41 AM Title: Chapter 1

This is wonderful! I do hope you finish it. The emotions and tension is all so wonderful! Good job!

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