Fanfiction Round Robin Challenge! 18th-25th August, 2006 by Princess Destiny
Summary: Weekly Challeng for 18th-25th August, 2006:  One Hour Challenge #662 by Princess Destiny - Scene:  One of your 'Couple' are cursed into a book/genie bottle, having to do anything that their summoner desires.  The only way they can be freed is if the other of the 'Couple' truely falls in love with them.


About The Challege:  It's LIKE a Round Robin, but we don't all write the same story, even though we're using the same plot.  Anyone can join at any time and do a Response Fanfic within the weekly dates specified in the Challenge Subject line above.

Challenge Time-Frame:  A Challenge will be issued each week, using either old or new One Hour Challenges from up here at the Archives. Since we don't have a Participants List as we did when posting to the Mailing Lists, you aren't obligated to write for the Challenge issued that week.  It would be really nice if we could get a lot of people writing though.

What To Write The Fanfic Challenge Response About?  You write about a 'Couple' in the Archives up here, based on the 'Scene' or 'Sentence' issued in the Challenge.  Just click on 'Respond To The Challenge' under this Challenge and you submit it as you would any Fanfic in this Archive.

Who Issues The Challenges?  For now, myself.  Anyone adding a Challenge without checking with me first will have it deleted.  Anyone wanting to issue the next week's Challenge will need to go to the Archive's Message Board and ask me there.  All questions can also be asked there.

Have fun!
Princess Destiny

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