Of Hellsing and Bloodlines... by Sired22

The challenge is to make a story that has Seras accepting her nature and her powers. The how and why this comes about is from a long term mission.

While on a normal night the Hellsing squad with Seras and Alucard as sent to clear out not a building but a whole club full of vampires. The vampires are not FREAKS or such. They are in fact the type of vampires that come from the game Vampire the masquerade: bloodlines. It would seem that Hellsing and this vampire society have been so secretive that they didn't know each other existed...until now. Alucard of course knew about them and there rules but doesn't follow them. In fact he only considers them a step above freaks because there blood and powers are fragmented and weak. Never the less he never told anyone about it and now has standing orders to seek & destroy this vampire society and drive them into the grave *literally*. Alucard is initially mad about this and views it as a waste of time. He does decide though that it will be amusing to use it as a type of training mission for Seras. Over the long term mission Alucard & Seras draw closer and start actually working together more. Seras also learns more of her powers and perhaps finds out that she doesn't have to sacrifice herself to be a vampire but merely must change. Meanwhile while that is going on the vampires from the game are literally reeking fear and are trying to keep the Alucard and Seras' killings a secret because they have never known of a vampire as strong as Alucard if not kept secret then widespread panic may occur in there ranks. In fact some of them even think that he is an antediluvian come to feast on them not knowing that he is in fact more then likely even stronger then one.

(Some background)

while i have not played the game in a while this is some of what i remember. Also i have only been able to watch the anime and so i don't know the Manga story version.

The vampires from bloodlines are in fact about the same as the FREAK's in the anime.

Vampires in bloodlines cant stand the sunlight.(I think in the anime Alucard and even Seras can stand sunlight as i think i saw her walking around during the day she went to see the child vampire with that detective but I'm not sure)

Bloodline vampires have a set of powers that they can do based on the bloodline that sired them. Alucard on the other hand seems to be able to do them all if you think about it.

bloodline vampires can be taken out with normal bullets if you used enough and while they can and heal it doesn't seem up to snuff so a blessed sliver bullet i would imagine would be very painful even if not shot in a critical area. (A comparison would be when Seras got run though the neck with a silver holy blade or in the OAV where she got stabbed multiple times. while very weak she was still able to survive and in the OAV managed to limp away while pulling the blades out. If bloodlines vampire got stabbed though the neck with the blade they would be toast.)

Also the ghouls in bloodlines differ as well. When a bloodlines vampire share there blood with a human with out turning/killing them they become like an addict needing more and willing to serve for the buzz/high and the other benefits such as faster healing ect ect.

Other differences should be easy to find via google but these are some of the reasons why Alucard scorns there culture and how weak they are. Also why he is using it as a training mission's for Seras. Because while weak they are still spread out and actually have a whole society in the shadows that is hidden and makes the perfect cannon fodder for Seras and Alucard to spend time together for some good alucardXseras goodness. Of course that is not so say they the bloodline vampires are going to take this lying down so i can imagine things like assassins and them using there contacts and spy's. Or that everything will go smooth between Alucard and Seras. (One argument i can see them going at it about is the blood and the reason why she doesn't like it coming out. (Personally i think one of the reasons is that she feels if she gives into the thirst she thinks it will become harder and harder to resist and that she will eventually become like the bloodthirsty animals they hunt. Its wrong of course as just because something is your favorite to drink/eat doesn't mean your going to kill some one over it unless starved like a man in a desert half mad with thirst actually may kill))

Anyway if you plan to do this challenge and/or would like to know more about this idea then contact me at Sired22@gmail.com
I also wouldn't mind reinstalling the game if you need some information from it.

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