The Halloween Buffy/Angel(us) challange by Catriona
Summary: Okay, this takes place before Halloween during season 2, and instead of dressing as a maiden Buffy dresses up as a vampire, not just any vampire, Darla. After she killed the Master she found Darla's bedroom and all her old clothing and (for some reason) her Diarys. Buffy reads threw them (for more info on Angel) and is entranced rather then repulsed. She begins to use Darla's old tecniques on Angel, calling him "Dear Boy" and reminding him of places they (him and Darla) had gone together. Angel is very turned on and after a while begins to mix Darla and Buffy in his mind. (poor thing, the pig blood is getting to him.)

The Scoobys are clueless and rather concerned, especially after she stradles Angel in the library and bites his neck. then Halloween comes and Buffy gets Angel to go as Angelus after buying them both fangs from an amused Ethan Rayne. As expected they change and join up with Dru and Spike for a night, (Cause Ethan thinks this is to funny to tell Giles the cure, instead saying it will wear off.)

Buffy wakes up the next morning curled up naked against Dru and Angel with Spike on Drus other side. She realizes she still has Darla's memorys and her demon (similar to how Xander kept his solder knowlage). She ends up being a mix of Buffy and Darla, Angel and Angelus are kind of mixed, like how he was during Angel season 2. Dru is happy to have her Grandmummy back, and Spike prefers this Darla to the Darla he knew, (she's less bitchy).

Now they have to deal with the Scoobys, Joyce, the watchers council, (Ford in the next episode), and Buffy going back to school. (on the upside, she aces History and French no problem, cause Darla is a practiced linguist).

You can have her evil or not, it's up to you. But extra points if you kill of Snyder.
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Characters: Buffy/Angel(us)
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