A Guide To Writing A One Hour Challenge by Princess Destiny

History:   The One Hour Challenges were created by me in early 2002.  I thought it would be fun to write your Fanfiction around actual Scenes or Sentences that were thought up.  It turned out to be very popular!  :)

How to play:   You pick a Challenge from the list of Scenes or Sentences on the Challenges page, a pairing from the Archives and then you have one hour to write as much Fanfiction as you can!  All Fanfiction also goes into the Archives.  Challenges are posted whenever possible by myself.


  1. You must post all 'Challenge Responses' to the 'One Hour Challenge' Community here, as well as the Site.  As it (And the old list) was created especially for the Challenges, it's only fair to post it both places for the other writer's to read and learn from!

  2. If you are submitting to the site, your Fanfics must be a [HE] or [UE] Rating in the Subject line of your email to the List.  To find out what these Ratings mean, go here.  UE Ratings will not be put up in the Archives.  If you're submitting directly to the site, then you'll just submit as per usual without the code above.

  3. You can use more than One Challenge for each Fanfic.  In fact, many of us use a dozen or more.

  4. You do not have to write the Challenge Responses in order of Challenges posted to the Community or how they appear on on the Site.

  5. You may also do Crossovers, as long as both lots of main Characters in each show are 'Couples' from the Archives.

  6. If you decide that your Fanfic is going too well to finish it in an hour, you can send it to the Community/site it as a Multi-Part and post any further Chapters to the here also :)  Only the first Chapter need have taken an hour.  Additional Chapters have no time limit on them.

  7. You may also post a Series, but each Fanfic must use a Challenge from the OHC's.

  8. All One Hour Challenges Reponse Fanfics go into the One Hour Challenges Archives here at our site.  As the Challenges were made specifically for Destiny's Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives, it's only polite to have them up at the site for everyone to read.  Please do not use the Challenges and post them elsewhere without posting them to the Community or to the Archives.   It's very rude and it's not acknowledging that you used idea's from this site for your stories.

  9. Anyone is free to submit a 'Scene' or 'Sentence' to me to post up to this site and theOHC List for everyone to use.  Please do not add them to the Challenges page on the Site without permission.  They all have specific numbers.  The Challenges cannot be too adult, as minors will be reading them and taking the Challenges also.  Please send it to:    princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com

  10. As per the Community and Site Rules, you can post a Fanfic of any pairing up at the Site and any rating.  If you write for a pairing or show that hasn't been added to the site, don't worry, we'll be happy to add it in for you so that you can submit your Fanfics there.  :)


A Sentence must be included in your Fanfic, spoken by someone.  (Exactly as read.  Do not change the words around, or break it up to be spoken by different people.)

A Scene is what must be included within the Fanfic, or have the storyline based on.

Posting Format:

All Challenges must be posted with the following Format in the summary of your Fanfic submission with your usual Fanfic details:  One Hour Challenge #?:  (Please put here the Number of the Challenge you are using)   Eg:  'One Hour Challenge' #657: Response Fanfic. Add Summary...

Where Are The Challenges??

There are currently over 600 One Hour Challenges for this Site, and they can be found here You will know they are an official Challenge for this site by the following details.  Official site Challenges have a number in them.

EG:  One Hour Challenge #1 by Princess Destiny
Summary:   Sentence: "Why did you say you wanted me to take my top off again?"

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Characters: None