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  You must write a romance/horror or romance/thriller based on the storyline and
song below. Main focus, of course, must be on your 'Couple'.

Now, for those of you not familiar with Agatha Christie, she was a very popular author-long dead-who has actually sold more copies of her mystery novels than the bible. She wrote a particulary good novel called 'And Then There Were None', which was turned into several movies, and is also called 'Ten Little Indians'. What makes this so great? 10 complete strangers are lured to a remote location by a mysterious letter and one by one, they all start to be murdered. Somewhere
at the remote location are ten little 'indian' dolls, which either disappeared or were decapitated as each victim is murdered-but no one ever sees them taken or mutilated. During the course of their exile, unable to get away from their remote location and all suspecting each other, each person is killed off according to a line from the song 'Ten Little Indians'. They soon discover, after checking every possible place of this remote location, that the murderer is one of THEM.


Ten little Indian boys went out to dine;
One choked his little self and then there were nine.

Nine little Indian boys sat up very late;
One overslept himself and then there were eight.

Ten little Indian boys traveling in Devon;
One said he'd stay there and then there were seven.

Seven little Indian boys chopping up sticks;
One chopped himself in halves and then there were six.

Six little Indian boys playing with a hive;
A bumblebee stung one and then there were five.

Five little Indian boys going in for law;
One got in Chancery and then there were four.

Four little Indian boys going out to sea;
A red herring swallowed one and then there were three.

Three little Indian boys walking in the zoo;
A big bear hugged one of them and then there were two.

Two little Indian boys sitting in the sun;
One got frizzled up and then there was one.

One little Indian boy left all alone;
He went and hanged himself and then there were none.

The lines are very open to interpretation, so you can kill off your people how you like, as long as they stick close to the lines.

TO MURDER OR TO NOT?: Whether your characters REALLY turn out to be murdered or it's just a game is up to you, but you'll need 10 characters in order to write this fanfic.

PLACE OF MURDER: This HAS to be somewhere that no one but those 10 people can get in or out of.  Stranded on a remote island, trapped together in a mall by a storm, locked into the local mall by mistake...it's up to you. This can fit into practically any location.

For more info on the plot go here. This actually gives a summary of the whole book and by what method each 'little indian' is murdered. This is FYI, if you can't figure out some of the lines of the indian song and how someone would be murdered to them:


Use any 'One Hour Challenges' you feel like.

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Summary: You must write a romance Fanfic based around the UL of 'The Hook'. Kill off whoever you like, baring the 'couple' who the romance is based around. Any rating you like. Any length.

THE 'HOOK' LEGEND: A fellow and his date pulled into their favorite “lover’s lane” to listen to the radio and do a little necking. The music was interrupted by an announcer who said there was an escaped convict in the area who had served time for rape and robbery. He was described as having a hook instead of a right hand. The couple became frightened and drove away. When the boy took his girl home, we went around to open the car door for her. Then he saw-a hook on the door handle! Use any 'One Hour Challenges' you feel like.

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