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Summary:   Write a Fanfic based around the Christmas/Hanukkah period. You must of course include your 'Couple' in this. Also feel free to use any of the 'One Hour Challenges'. 
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Summary:   Write a Fanfic based around the Easter period. You must of course include your 'Couple' in this.

Must Include Scene:  #378
Must Include Sentences:  #204, 212, 455, 544 And 548

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Summary:   Write a Fanfic based around/or including an urban legend. You must of course include your 'Couple' in this. Also feel free to use any of the 'One Hour Challenges'.  Surf the net for any of the Official Urban Legends pages and use a Legend from them.

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Summary:   Write a Fanfic based around one or both of your 'Couples' mothers. Whether it
directly involves them or is just about a memory of them. Remember, though it's about Mother's Day, it's still a romance for your 'Couple' so make sure to add both elements, okay?

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Summary: Okay, this takes place before Halloween during season 2, and instead of dressing as a maiden Buffy dresses up as a vampire, not just any vampire, Darla. After she killed the Master she found Darla's bedroom and all her old clothing and (for some reason) her Diarys. Buffy reads threw them (for more info on Angel) and is entranced rather then repulsed. She begins to use Darla's old tecniques on Angel, calling him "Dear Boy" and reminding him of places they (him and Darla) had gone together. Angel is very turned on and after a while begins to mix Darla and Buffy in his mind. (poor thing, the pig blood is getting to him.)

The Scoobys are clueless and rather concerned, especially after she stradles Angel in the library and bites his neck. then Halloween comes and Buffy gets Angel to go as Angelus after buying them both fangs from an amused Ethan Rayne. As expected they change and join up with Dru and Spike for a night, (Cause Ethan thinks this is to funny to tell Giles the cure, instead saying it will wear off.)

Buffy wakes up the next morning curled up naked against Dru and Angel with Spike on Drus other side. She realizes she still has Darla's memorys and her demon (similar to how Xander kept his solder knowlage). She ends up being a mix of Buffy and Darla, Angel and Angelus are kind of mixed, like how he was during Angel season 2. Dru is happy to have her Grandmummy back, and Spike prefers this Darla to the Darla he knew, (she's less bitchy).

Now they have to deal with the Scoobys, Joyce, the watchers council, (Ford in the next episode), and Buffy going back to school. (on the upside, she aces History and French no problem, cause Darla is a practiced linguist).

You can have her evil or not, it's up to you. But extra points if you kill of Snyder.
Categories: TV Series Characters: Buffy/Angel(us)

Spike and Angel compete for Willow by get more and more romantic but when she tells them that she can't chose between them they team up and decied to share rather then lose her altogether

Maybe there could be a little jealousy from one or more of the other characters

and maybe this setence could be used "Are you staring or have you gone in to shock"

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Summary: A few days after "Chase into Space" (Turbo ending), Kim will return and she'll drive to the Power Chamber, not knowing what really happened and that Rocky owns a Dojo near the park. She'll find the Chamber destroyed but will accidentally step on something- a Turbo Morpher next to a Key (Cassie's). Since the Turbo movie's events never really existed, she never saw them morph into the Turbo Rangers and thus, never knew about the Keys, Powers, and Morphers. She also never even got a call from Jason. After he found out about the letter, he just ditched her along with everyone else and she felt pretty bad about it while receiving some hate notes. The day, he found out, he packed and went to see her. That day, Aisha and Trini returned and so, everyone asked him to deliver the messages. Anyways, he threw them at her and exploded. Then, he kept his promise to never be on speaking terms with her again. Soon, Kim will discover all of the Keys and Morphers and will begin to rebuild the Power Chamber. Before the letter, Kim asked Billy to take a picture of their friends standing inside and outside of the Chamber so that way, she can feel at home. Before long, she'll get the whole place up and running again including the Turbo Powers but the name will be changed to this: Turbo Sound Powers. Uniforms will still be like the ones from the t.v. but pink, yellow, blue, green, and red circular waves will beam out of the center of the black circles on the top of their helmets. Kim is the Pink Sound Ranger and her weapon is still the Wind Fire. Zord is still the Wind Chaser with no Rescue Zord but a Wind Charger Turbine (a cycle to replace it). She will also have Cassie's blaster and Pink Turbo Kart. Soon, though, Rocky will be on the way home from his Dojo when Quantrons appear. Space Rangers are next but they are morphed. Kim will also find Cassie's communicator to teleport. She will arrive unmorphed and Rocky will be surprised because of her teleportation. Just kept his morpher and Key so Rocky will tell Aisha first because she's his college dorm's roomate. (Aisha- Yellow Sound Turbo, Star Rock Turbine Cycle/Weapons- Star Chargers, Zord- Dune Star, and Yellow Turbo Kart) (Adam- Green Sound Turbo, Desert Dust Turbine Cycle/Weapon- Thunder Cannon, Zord- Desert Thunder, and Green Turbo Kart) (Tommy-
Red Sound Turbo, Lightning Flamer Turbine Cycle/Weapon- Lightning Sword, Zord- Red Lightning, and Red Turbo Kart) Rocky will use his Zeo Power to help Kim and the Space Rangers (Andros etc.) until they meet up with Adam by accident as they'll see him talk to a depressed Carlos ready to quit. Remember that episode but, in my story, Adam will be the Green Turbo again and will stick around. In a fight with a monster and Quantrons, Kim will give Adam his morpher and Key. A couple of days, Tommy will be caught in a fight with Astronema. Quantrons will appear in front of the mall and Tommy will start fighting. Astronema will watch and interested in him and wanting to invest in his ability as a fighter, she'll try to have him captured only to have Kim, Adam, Rocky, and the Space Rangers take him. Later, T/K will get back together but start off slow and then, on from there as the two will work through the whole breakup fiasco.
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Edward willing hands over Jacob to the Volturi to save Bella knowing full well the imprinted wolf has to do what he wants.

Jacob is abused by the volturi physically or sexually and Edward can fill his pain.The Cullen find out what Edward and Bella (who was in full agreement with Edward)have done and disown them both.They recuse Jacob and bring him home where he finds out that he's been thrown out of his pack and can't step foot in La Push.

Jasper or Emmet becomes very protective and attached to Jacob and him to them.Causing Edward to become possessive and jealous and determind to win back his wolf , his mate.

(Selfish jealous Bella,because nice understanding Bella is sooo boring)

(Finally there must be a Jealous and Possessive Edward)


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I'd like to see a crossover between Twilight and:


  • Buffy / Angel
  • Sailor Moon
  • Labyrinth 
  • Xena / Hercules


 Or any combination of these with Twilight. Any kind of pairings, any story length!

Best of luck! :D 

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