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sailor moon by darkislandprincess
Summary: ok here it is, how about serena gets into a little accident with the crystal. it causes.........multiple personalities........in different bodies. so instead of one Serena and the girls, there is say three each with their own personality e.g evil, shy, sweet, sad, etc. make it up as u go along.  Darien and his generals are torn cause each is vying for ther love's undivided attention. -start there!-
Categories: None Characters: Sailor Moon R
Summary:   UST, embarrassing magazine, spilt drink, plus Challenges #230, 311, 320, 326 and 335.

Categories: One Hour Challenges Characters: None

Angel stumbles across Serena

Categories: Crossovers Characters: None
Summary: Use this sentence in your fanfiction: "Quick we need a diversion!" "Okay I can do diversions. No one panic, we have a tampon emergency!" "You call that a diversion? That's just embarrassing...I DO NOT know you!"
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Summary: Moments of silliness in the lives of our favorite SM couples!  It can be anything from giggly goofs to silly sex to merry moments.  Use your imagination for something off the wall that'll make us laugh.
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Summary: 'Did she just smell me?!' He thought incredously.
Categories: Books > Twilight > Bella And Edward, AnimeManga > Sailor Moon > Usagi And Mamoru > Sailor Moon And Tuxedo Kamen Characters: None