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I'm redoing this fanfic, practically from the ground up; after re-reading it and comparing it to my other works I couldn't help but find this fic to be severely lacking; terrible by comparison even. I'm going to completely restructure it so as to have a linear flow of time, I'm going to add to and significantly change most of the chapters, others I'm going to condense, compile and join together and others still I'm going to remove outright. I wrote this whole thing stream of consciousness style and never really bothered to re-read or edit it; now taking a look back at it I've realized just how sloppy and poorly put together the whole thing is. It's just littered with incomplete ideas, trains of thought that went nowhere, and concepts I *thought* would work at the time but really didn't pan out the way I intended at all.

So, to all those who have taken a look at this fanfic; consider what you've seen of it thus far a highly subject to change rough draft, at best;, or, at worst; a failed writing experiment I'm now trying to salvage

*End of note/disclaimer*

This is a story I originally uploaded to Narutofic.org. It follows an alternate Naruto timeline and is primarily focused around a GaaraxHinata romance however it features others such as NarutaxSakura and ShikamaruxTemari as well as a few others. Unfortunately there doesn't seem to be a GaaraxHinata option so I hope that stating that, that is the main romance in the summary here will be sufficent.

The story is set in a divergent timeline that begins aproximately six months after the end of the Team Hawk ark which primarily focuses on the new direction the different chains of events takes the world and how this impacts the characters and their romances.

Although this is a romance fic there's a lot more to it then just romance, there's quite bit of plot, intrigue, action sequences and a rather in depth evolving story. There are also some pretty explicit sex scenes between various characters, part of what I'm trying to do with this fic is prove a point that you can have a 'real' romance with all the gritty sexual details in a story without that becoming the focus and derailing the plot.

There seems to be a consensus amongst writers that whenever sex is introduced into a story it is 'immediately' smut and its entire legitamicy is compromised; I disagee with this. With this fic I intend to explore romance and sexuality in all of its in all of its intricacie while at the same time still telling a pretty complex story.

In any event I hope you people here will enjoy this fic

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Published: Jul 25 2009 / Updated: Jul 25 2009