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Welcome to Destiny's Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives [DGRFA], an Australian owned Site! The Fanfiction listed here at the Site are based around the romance between a certain pairing/s in your plot and are choosen from various Anime, Books, Movies, TV Shows, etc. We also cater for Shonen-ai (Yaoi) and shoujo-ai (Yuri) pairings. We are currently featuring a wide variety of couples from various fandoms. For a list of all the featured couples, please click on the 'Categories' link on the menu at the top of this page.

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Site News

Hi everyone,

Sorry I haven't updated the site news in a while. I've been unemployed since September last year, which has caused me a great deal of stress and depression, and also been suffering from some very agonising and debilitating migraines (As well as a medical condition that also causes me regular pain, but I won't be going into that), so I haven't been spending a lot of time on the site or been able to write much. Unfortunately, I have been put on medication for my migraines, but have not been able to afford it.

Due to some lovely people on the site's Facebook group, I did raise enough money to keep the site running till about February of 2015, so you don't need to worry about I shutting down. :-)

Due to the hacker and the spam of a few months ago, I am way behind on any emails sent to the site's email account, but I will get to them. There were hundreds of spam emails sent from my account when the hacker got in, and a lot of them bounced, which has left about 50 pages of emails that I have been attempting to wade through. Some are legit, but I am still locating them. *Sigh* Any fan letters about my Fanfiction have also been lost in the torrent, so please excuse any very late replies.

I've just been given a job offer, so things will change for the best really soon. I will be trying to create some new site skins, probably Hellsing or Supernatural, and add some new categories and features to the site.

Also, we are in the month of Pride for our Lust Month Challenge. I have not had the time, nor drive, to stay on my laptop for an hour or so to alter the banner, but I will do so this weekend. Anyone can write a Fanfic for the Sins Challenge, which is being coordinated from our Facebook page. Feel free to join and talk t everyone, or just click on he rules link for information, and submit your Challenge Response. If you missed out on previous months, like Lust, Greed, and Gluttony, you CAN still write for them.This will be a yearly challenge. Our next one will be writing Fanfiction based on certain Fairy tales. Thank you, everyone, for your continuing support. I know that a lot of you love this site as much as I do!

I am also seriously considering recruiting some site Moderators, to help me with everything.It's really too much for one person to do. I'd need help answering any emails for help, or just queries, for the site. Some people also to help me submit the multitudes of Fanfiction that Authors have given me permission to house on the site. Because we're small and not a lot of people know about Desriny's Gateway, if In spot some quality Fanfics, I will write to the Author and ask permission to house it on the site. Their works remain completely their own and they can add/remove them at any time. I just show them off for people to read and review. But I am way behind on that. I have literally hundreds from the beginning of the year, but no time to upload them and fill out the submission form. The Mods would not have to add categories or design skins, I can still do that. I just need help with the other stuff. Sometimes it's quiet with the emails and submissions, but other times it's totally overwhelming. I have been running the site since 1996 and it's my baby, so I'd like people as passionate about it, and Fanfiction, as I am. Please only apply if you're serious about the site, very friendly, and love Fanfiction. We protect and look after our Authors and those of us on the Facebook group are very close-knit. It's more like a family.

Write me if you'd consider being a Mod: princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com

Or, just join and/or write to me on the Facebook Group, also called Destiny's Gateway. Preferably someone who has been an Author on the site for a while, who is familiar with the submission form, or on the group, and knows how I do things. If you would like to just help me submit Fanfiction, but not be a Mod, I'd love that too.

--Princess Destiny on May 10 2014 06:56 AM
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Site Admin Email Hacked

Hi all,

My host has advised me that my admin email for the site and my Fanfiction has been compromised. It's the princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com account.

So if you received something odd from my addy, especially advertising or an email with an attachment delete it immediately. I'm sure all of us on the net know never to open an attachment when an email is blank and has a file, but you never know...they get sneakier every year.

Passwords have been changed, so he hackers no longer have access. I am running virus/malware scans on my laptop. I wonder if my Nexus tablet is vulnerable? It's Android, so maybe not.

The site itself is fine. The hackers didn't get into there, so we don't have to worry. Site passwords have also been changed, just I case. :-)

--Princess Destiny on Apr 02 2014 08:11 PM
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Lust Month + New Categories

Hi all,

By request, Lust Monthhas beenextended till the end of February, so all entries need to be posted on the site by then. In March, we start Gluttony Month.

Amended SinMonth Dates:

Lust (February 1st-February 28th)
Gluttony (March 1st-March 31st)
Greed (April 1st-April 30th)
Pride May 1st-May 31st)
Sloth (June 1st-June 30th)
Wrath (July 1st-July 31st)
Envy ( August 1st-August 31st)
Despair (Optional eighth Sin - September 1st-September 30th)


Fire Emblem: (Games)

Henry And Robin

Hellsing: (Anime/Manga)

Anderson And Integra

Persona: (Anime/Manga)

Naoto And Yosuke

The Vampire Diaries: (Books)

Damon And Elijah

--Princess Destiny on Feb 23 2014 06:00 AM
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