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The Hunger by Melissa Davis R 18+
Somehow back within the Underground, Sarah Williams is suddenly attacked by...
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Week of the Full Moon by Jubalii R 18+
When Alucard was (supposedly) defeated, he left Seras alone with no forewarning...


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Welcome to Destiny's Gateway Romance Fanfiction Archives [DGRFA], an Australian owned Site! The Fanfiction listed here at the Site are based around the romance between a certain pairing/s in your plot and are choosen from various Anime, Books, Movies, TV Shows, etc. We also cater for Shonen-ai (Yaoi) and shoujo-ai (Yuri) pairings. We are currently featuring a wide variety of couples from various fandoms. For a list of all the featured couples, please click on the 'Categories' link on the menu at the top of this page.

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Site News
Site Admin Email Hacked

Hi all,

My host has advised me that my admin email for the site and my Fanfiction has been compromised. It's the princessdestiny@destinysgateway.com account.

So if you received something odd from my addy, especially advertising or an email with an attachment delete it immediately. I'm sure all of us on the net know never to open an attachment when an email is blank and has a file, but you never know...they get sneakier every year.

Passwords have been changed, so he hackers no longer have access. I am running virus/malware scans on my laptop. I wonder if my Nexus tablet is vulnerable? It's Android, so maybe not.

The site itself is fine. The hackers didn't get into there, so we don't have to worry. Site passwords have also been changed, just I case. :-)

--Princess Destiny on Apr 02 2014 08:11 PM
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Lust Month + New Categories

Hi all,

By request, Lust Monthhas beenextended till the end of February, so all entries need to be posted on the site by then. In March, we start Gluttony Month.

Amended SinMonth Dates:

Lust (February 1st-February 28th)
Gluttony (March 1st-March 31st)
Greed (April 1st-April 30th)
Pride May 1st-May 31st)
Sloth (June 1st-June 30th)
Wrath (July 1st-July 31st)
Envy ( August 1st-August 31st)
Despair (Optional eighth Sin - September 1st-September 30th)


Fire Emblem: (Games)

Henry And Robin

Hellsing: (Anime/Manga)

Anderson And Integra

Persona: (Anime/Manga)

Naoto And Yosuke

The Vampire Diaries: (Books)

Damon And Elijah

--Princess Destiny on Feb 23 2014 06:00 AM
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The Seven Deadly Sins Challenge - Month One - Lust (Updated)


It's already the afternoon of New Years day here in Australia, so our month one has already started for this challenge. Go with the time zone of wherever in the world your're located, when it hits January 1st. That's the beginning of your seven days to post/write your Fanfic/Chapter for the deadly sin Lust.

Rules can be found here:


And instructions on how to add your Fanfic as both a Deadly Sin and the usual Fandom pairing:


Your challenge response Fanfiction is to be submitted on the Destiny's Gateway site and then a link posted to the Facebook group. Have fun everyone! Even if you've never written a thing before, we'll love your entry and give you good feedback on any improvements. We never flame! We support and encourage, so don't be shy. This is meant to be enjoyable.

--Princess Destiny on Jan 01 2014 04:50 AM
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